Tranformation House

Dan Phillips, President and Founder of the Transformation Network, spoke at the unveiling of the Transformation House on Thursday.

ASHLAND -- Ashland’s Transformation Network announced Thursday it is repurposing the Almond Tree Inn from a motel into a transitional living facility. 

The Almond Tree Inn will be renamed the Transformation House as part of the process.

The non-profit organization aims to assist individuals facing life challenges who are looking for a second chance and a guiding hand. By partnering with local businesses and organizations such as Associated Charities, Appleseed, Salvation Army and St. Vincent DePaul Society among others, the Transformation Network provides opportunities to individuals.

Dan Phillip, Founder and President of the Transformation Network, spoke to these issues at the unveiling of the Transformation House.

“Our name changes and change in the use of property will allow us the opportunities to help transform lives in a way that we weren’t able to do as a motel," Phillip said.  "It gives us more freedom to do the things we want to do. "

By encouraging positive work ethics, a healthy lifestyle and providing connections to hone individual skills, the Transformation Network strives to give Ashland community members who are affected by issues with drugs, alcohol, depression and job security an avenue to manifest their own success.

Individuals will adhere to strict guidelines and follow a 4-step process to rehabilitate their personal lives including finding and maintaining stability, developing skills and a mindset for applied living, creative work opportunities, as well as volunteering and serving the community in other ways.

This program is not designed for permanent residence and the goal is that individuals will eventually be secure enough to live on their own.

“All of us, including the residents at the Transformation Networks, are a broken people,” said Wayne Mullet, Director of Ministries at the Transformation Network. “Whether residents seek to get their driver’s license, GED, a victory over their past, a job or even a home of their own, we believe with the help of community organizations and our great God there is hope for each and every one (of us).”

To qualify for residency at the Transformation House, a candidate must have taken some positive steps in their own life towards success and desire a better life for themselves. They must also go through a background check, an interview process, follow a developed action plan and be held accountable through random drug tests, bible study worksheets and room checks.

“The name Transformation Network came from Romans 12:2,” Phillip said. “It still describes who we are to this day."

"Our mission at the Transformation Network is to inspire individuals to fulfill their purpose as God’s masterpiece. That’s why we’re here.”

The Almond Tree Inn was originally purchased in 2008 by the Transformation Network. It was originally named the Ashland Motel.

The Transformation Network has a staff of 15 people located in four office locations including Ashland, Mansfield, Clyde, Ohio and Louisville, Kentucky.

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