The founders of The Visual Bucket List Foundation are Steven and Christine Myers.

ASHLAND -- Tickets are now on sale for The Visual Bucket List Foundation’s Dining in the Dark experience on Saturday, Feb. 22 at The Kehoe Center in Shelby.

Attendees are invited to enjoy a unique night out featuring dinner catered by The Cabin in Ashland — but they will dine blindfolded.

According to Christine Myers, VBLF co-founder, the experience of eating while blindfolded not only provides a taste of the challenges the children we serve experience on a daily basis, but it also enhances the sensory experience of the meal, encouraging diners to enjoy the smell, taste, and texture of the food before them.

"Every year we’ve held the event, attendees have fun working together to pass bread and butter or find their utensils — simple tasks that sighted individuals take for granted,” Myers said.

Dinner will be followed by music, dancing, and a silent auction. Wine, beer, and specialty cocktails will be served by guest bartenders throughout the evening.

All funds raised will support The Visual Bucket List’s mission of providing unique “bucket list” visual memories that will last a lifetime for children with a visual impairment diagnosis.

Last year’s Dining in the Dark raised $14,500 and enabled The Visual Bucket List Foundation to send a child with Usher’s Syndrome, which causes vision loss beginning in early adolescence, on a trip to South Dakota to experience a dinosaur dig with his family and a behind the scenes tour of Mount Rushmore.

They were also able to send another child with Optic Nerve Apathy to Florida where he spent the day with the Blue Angels, sitting in the cockpit and watching the show from the command center. This year the organization is faced with their biggest request yet.

“We are looking to provide a unique experience for a family of nine, three of which suffer from progressive vision loss,” Myers stated. “We are also looking into helping a family cover medical expenses for a surgery that would save their daughter’s vision, providing her with a lifetime of visual memories.”

For that reason, the VBLF is hoping to see an increase in funds raised this year and have moved to a larger space, as the event has sold out previously.

To purchase tickets for Dining in the Dark or to learn more about The Visual Bucket List Foundation, visit the website at:

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