city of Ashland Municipal building

City of Ashland Municipal Building.

ASHLAND -- Ashland City Council amended a former resolution Tuesday night that provided Rex Holdings Company with a tax incentive.

In 2019, the company (otherwise known as Primary Colors and Eco-Flow Products) requested a tax incentive to be applied to its new 104,000 square-foot facility on Commerce Parkway.

“As things were unfolding and the project was underway, a lot changed in the world. Not only did COVID come to us, but there was also a change in the tariff situation with some of the foreign companies that this company deals with,” Mayor Matt Miller said. “As a result, they made the decision to, at this time, only go forward with the Primary Colors portion and postpone the portion of the (project) that would be for Eco-Flo Products.”

Council plans to alter the tax incentive to only include the Primary Colors portion. The original 2019 agreement was for 10 years with a 75% percent tax reduction on the construction value. The company, which consists of approximately two dozen full-time employees, can reapply for another tax incentive in the future.

City council also approved a liquor license transfer to the new owners of Wagon Wheel in Ashland. The bar recently received a new makeover under its new ownership.

Several members of council acknowledged the success of Labor Day weekend's "Make Ashland Sparkle" event. More than 130 volunteers showed up to complete city projects such as painting fire hydrants, mulching and aesthetically refurbishing street curbs.

"It’s good to see young people care about their city like that," said councilman Robert Valentine.

Plans are underway to establish "Make Ashland Sparkle" as an annual community affair. Next year's event is scheduled for April 24, 2021.

“It was a wonderful day; a wonderful opportunity for the community to take pride in the city of Ashland," said Lee Peters of the Ashland Rotary club. "I want to thank the city and especially Amanda Patterson for the efforts that they put in.

"We hope everybody joins us next year.”

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