Ashland City Council met Tuesday evening to discuss the latest matters in the community including the construction of pickleball courts and future grants for the city.

ASHLAND -- Ashland City Council approved ordinance Tuesday night allowing Mayor Matt Miller to seek bids for the construction of the Cahn Grove Pickleball Courts.

“The Pickleball Association has raised more than $150,000 in private donations, and we expect and anticipate those donations to cover the cost of the project," said Council President Steve Workman.

Council also addressed the potential rezoning of 1821 Mifflin Avenue, which is currently owned by Ashland City Schools. The rezoning request would change zoning from a single-family residential property to a single-family plus other usage property.

Council set a date for that hearing to June 1 at 7:10 p.m.

In addition, the city also had a hearing for the Community Development Block Grant program, which introduced several grants that could be in Ashland's future.

"The purpose of this first public hearing is to inform and foster communication with citizens and other community stakeholders such as neighborhood groups, regional planning and community improvement agencies, downtown organizations and community action agencies to assist the city with identifying and prioritizing potential funding opportunities through the Ohio Development Services agency’s Community Development Block Grant program," said City Engineer Shane Kremser.

Following is a list of grants the city could potentially be awarded if they find suitable projects to fulfill them:

- The city is estimated to receive more than $150,000 over a biannual program cycle through the direct allocation grant program, which can be used for a maximum of three qualifying projects.

- The neighborhood revitalization program offers a grant with a cap of $750,000 to cover public facility improvements and rehabilitating public infrastructure. Program applications must include three activities within a specified location.

- The downtown revitalization target of opportunity grant offers a grant with a ceiling of $250,000 aimed to provide financial assistance to revitalize buildings within a specific business district.

- The critical infrastructure grant, which has a limit of $500,000, anticipated to assist communities in funding projects that primarily benefit residential areas. The economic development loan program has a funding ceiling of $500,000 for direct loans.

- The economic development public infrastructure grant program has a cap of $500,000 for offsite, industrial projects related to expanding a particular business.

“This is not a blanket grant," Workman said. "It has to be for a specific purpose and applied for. We may or may not receive anything or all of this money; it may be a portion.

"We want to encourage community members and stakeholders and invite you to come and provide your input for this grant money if you have a need or a use for it that would benefit the city in a low-to-moderate income way.  We welcome that.”

A separate community development implementation strategy meeting will be held on April 27 at 4 p.m. in the City of Ashland’s council chambers.

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