213 Vine

ASHLAND -- Ashland City Council voted unanimously to take ownership of a property on Vine Street property at its regular Tuesday meeting. 

The city is to acquire 213 Vine Street for $4,500 and "any reasonable closing costs." 

"The opportunity arose for the city to acquire this property at a very reasonable price and we believe it serves the city's interest to do so," said assistant law director Andrew Bush. 

The ordinance was passed on its first reading, which Mayor Matt Miller attributed to a public health issue. 

When asked about why the city should acquire the property rather than the Ashland County Land Bank, Bush said the legislation accelerates action. 

"Really in the interest in time. We have the ability to act much more quickly on this -- not to say that the land bank wouldn't act quickly -- but we take the matter into our own hands, we can ensure it moves quickly," Bush said. 

Later, the Land Bank could become involved in plans for the property, he later continued when prompted by Ashland resident, Ben Bowman. 

"It's not a vacant house, but it's still one that the city still wants to acquire because there's some issues with the owner," Bush said. 

"I think the city will likely demolish the property," he continued. 

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