city of Ashland Municipal building

City of Ashland Municipal Building.

ASHLAND -- Ashland City Council met Thursday afternoon to ensure its remaining CARES Act funds were not lost due to an impending deadline. 

The city's remaining $286,372.31 in COVID-19 relief was transferred to a fund where it will offset the Ashland Police Division and Ashland Fire Department's pandemic-related costs.

The city had to allocate the money before 4 p.m. Thursday afternoon, Director of Finance Larry Paxton said. 

"We have to spend it, encumber it or transfer it. If we do not do any of that today, we have to write a check back to the county returning these funds back to the county auditor by 4 p.m. today," Paxton said. 

In total, the city of Ashland received $1,204,674.83 in CARES Act funding. Paxton said Thursday that the city initially received approximately $400,000 and later received approximately $804,000 in additional funds. 

Much of this money was spent at an October meeting. The more than $770,000 in purchases included several new vehicles to enhance social distancing efforts and a new ventilation system for the third floor of the municipal building.

It was money designated to be specifically used for the health and safety of the city's citizens and employees.

Early into the pandemic, the city also offered a grant program to local businesses. Through the COVID-19 Business Relief Program, the city gave away approximately $200,000 to Ashland businesses. 

Businesses that applied and qualified received up to $5,000. Forty-two local businesses received these grants. All but three received the full $5,000.

Ashland Source will publish a more detailed breakdown of expenses in the coming week. 

Also at Thursday's meeting: 

- Council accepted the plat of commerce parkway subdivision phase 2 extension from its owner, Rex Holdings LLC.

The area of land is located between Primary Colors at 1191 Commerce Parkway and a dead-end cul-de-sac.  The land is features public improvements, including the street, waterlines and storm and sanitary sewers.  

According to the ordinance, the public improvements were completed in accordance with City standards and specifications. 

- Council authorized the purchase of equipment for the sanitation department.

The city bought a 2020 Transit-350 Cab Chassis 2-wheel-drive vehicle for $34,354.75 to replace another truck currently used by the sanitation department. 

The city has four recycling trucks. The new truck will replace a 2002. 

"It's had a lot of use over the years and is starting to rust out," Mayor Matt Miller said. 

This is to be purchased with money from the sanitation department's budget. 

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