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Above are the Ashland County Community Foundation's Women’s Fund Committee members Jody Ford Watson, Kathy Conery, Brenda Uselton, Kristi Kirtland, Marcy Myers and Connie Marble. They are posing with the wedding dress worn by Edna Armstrong Garber in 1914. The dress will be on display at the Sept. 24 event.

ASHLAND --  The Ashland County Community Foundation will host a multi-generational celebration of women in honor of their Women’s Fund’s 15th anniversary on Sept. 24, from 6 to 8 p.m.

“Our theme of Celebrating the Past, Envisioning the Future is all about celebrating Ashland County women, having fun and empowering women of all ages,” said Kristin Aspin, the foundation’s chief program officer.

The evening’s program is focused on women, philanthropy and community impact.

“There will be a social time, dinner and a wonderful program. Our committee has been working hard to plan a fun, celebratory evening that highlights the efforts of historic women. We want to recognize the efforts of those before us – how they’ve paved the way for today’s women," Aspin said.

"For example, one of our living history vignettes will feature Judge Mildred Myers, the first Ashland County woman to hold an elected public office, which occurred in the 1940s. It’s exciting to see and hear how women of the past have influenced current and future women, personally, professionally and in serving their communities.

“We’ll also have dress and other items of Ashland women on display from different eras that will be of interest to many. One such item is Edna Armstrong Garber’s wedding dress from the early 1900s. We’ve partnered with the Ashland County Historical Society for this event and they’ve been so gracious,” Aspin said.

The Women’s Fund will also be presenting the Dr. Lucille G. Ford "Freedom from Selfishness" Award to a woman in the community who exemplifies a lifetime of philanthropy and achievement without boundaries, a giving of self without reservation.

“Of course, one of the greatest examples of a lifetime of dedicated, committed service to our community is our very own Dr. Lucille G. Ford. This award is named in her honor and recognition of her being a trailblazer,” Aspin said.

The evening's program will include a plated dinner, living history vignettes featuring historic Ashland women, remarks by Dr. JoAnn Ford Watson, grant testimonials and presentation of the Dr. Lucille G. Ford "Freedom from Selfishness" Award.

The public is invited and encouraged to enjoy the evening with their moms, daughters, sisters and friends in celebrating and empowering women.

Reservations may be made at Contact the Ashland County Community Foundation with any questions at 419-281-4733 or

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