ASHLAND -- Ashland County residents selected representatives for city and village councils, township board of trustees and school boards and determined the fate of various ballot issues in Tuesday night's election.

Election results are posted below. Winners are denoted in italics when possible. The results below only reflect Ashland County votes. 


Ashland City Finance Director

Larry D. Paxton: 1,944 


Ashland City Law Director

Richard P. Wolfe: 1,851 


Ashland City Council-At-Large

Sandra L. Bally: 916 

Dan Lawson: 1,280


Ashland City Ward 1 Council

Duane R. Fishpaw: 470 

Steve N. Workman: 521 


Bailey Lakes Village Mayor

John R. Benshoff: 43 


Bailey Lakes Village Council (2) 

Cynthia A. Gaubatz: 33 

Tina Killion: 23 

Jeffrey D. Ling: 39 

Randy Ramsthaler: 33 

According to unofficial election results, it appears Gaubatz and Ramsthaler have tied. One of them will take the second available council seat. 


Hayesville Village Mayor

Robert Vinsack: 97 


Hayesville Village Council

Alisa K. Tankersley: 87 


Jeromesville Village Mayor

Randy Spade: 88 


Jeromesville Village Council (2)

No Valid Petition Filed

Kevin T. Sockwell (write-in): 4 


Loudonville Village Mayor

Steve Stricklen: 397

Thomas A. Young: 231 


Loudonville Village Council

Brandon T. Biddinger: 315 

Michael Robinson: 120 

Bill Welsh: 331

Matthew F. Young: 368 


Mifflin Village Mayor

Freddie L. Craig: 22 

Victoria Shultz: 38 


Mifflin Village Council (2)

Joyce C. Amos: 35 

Jillian DeLaRosa: 26 

Connor N. Wilson: 38 

Philene L. Craig (write-in): 14 


Perrysville Village Mayor

Jonas R. Bush: 41 

Heather A. Mullinnex: 96 


Perrysville Village Council

Melissa Eggerton: 102


Perrysville Village Board of Public Affairs (2)

Tanya A. Bilger: 79 

Joe Eggerton: 97 


Polk Village Mayor

Donald Foster, III (write-in): 42 


Polk Village Council (1) 

No Valid Petition Filed.

Zero votes were cast to fill this position. 


Polk Village Board of Public Affairs

No Valid Petition Filed.

Zero votes were cast to fill this position. 


Savannah Village Mayor

Thomas G. Kruse: 65 


Savannah Village Council (2)

Holly Farr: 61 

Sarah J. McBride: 59 


Savannah Village Board of Public Affairs

No Valid Petition Filed.

Zero votes were cast to fill this position. 

Clear Creek Twp Trustee

David A. Shoup: 247 


Clear Creek Twp Fiscal Officer

Kelly I. Bracken: 120 

Leighanna Cawrse: 42 

Nicholas J. Stuart: 147


Green Twp Trustee

Richard W. Kline: 561 


Green Twp Fiscal Officer

Andi Purcell: 539 


Hanover Twp Trustee

Tim Mowery:  499


Hanover Twp Fiscal Officer

Rita K. Henley: 354 

Kim Rush: 171 


Jackson Twp Trustee

Jonathon S. Markley: 356 


Jackson Twp Fiscal Officer

Christine M. Galazka: 204 

Cheryl Welch: 246 


Lake Twp Trustee

Lewis E. Morris, Jr.: 126


Lake Twp Fiscal Officer

Liz Schaffer: 124 


Mifflin Twp Trustee

Timothy E. Echelberger: 264


Mifflin Twp Fiscal Officer

David L. Seiss: 249 


Milton Twp Trustee

Richard Kamenik: 150 

Deb Wertz: 312 


Milton Twp Fiscal Officer

Jeanne Saner: 364 


Mohican Twp Trustee

John A. Baldner: 54 

Steve D. Moffett: 310 

Michael Mutchler: 201 


Mohican Twp Fiscal Officer

Jason Grimwood: 483 


Montgomery Twp Trustee

Trudy Bates: 77 

Joshua S. Boley: 285 

Daniel Kamburoff: 125 


Montgomery Twp Fiscal Officer

Andrea M. Wertz: 397 


Orange Twp Trustee

Brian Canfield: 209


Orange Twp Fiscal Officer

Betsie Krumlaw: 195 


Perry Twp Trustee

Kent McGovern: 242 


Perry Twp Fiscal Officer

Valerie K. Hall: 235 


Ruggles Twp Trustee

George Ashton: 87 


Ruggles Twp Fiscal Officer

Michelle Ropp: 93


Sullivan Twp Trustee

Tab Bloom: 169 

Suzanne Fayak: 111 

Walker Hartman: 190


Sullivan Twp Fiscal Officer

Anna Gibson: 326 


Troy Twp Trustee

Rusty Callihan: 153 


Troy Twp Fiscal Officer

Fred Lowery: 147 


Vermillion Twp Trustee

Samuel L. Yeater: 528 


Vermillion Twp Fiscal Officer

Amy L. Pickering: 545


Ashland City School Board of Education Full Term (2)

Zackery N. Truax: 1,885 

Brandon Wells: 2,067 


Ashland City School Board of Education Unexpired Term

Dustin Kruty: 2,673 


Hillsdale LSD Ren CE 20.1m

For The Tax Levy: 1,205 

Against The Tax Levy: 518 


Hillsdale LSD Ren PI 1.4m

For The Tax Levy: 1,215 

Against The Tax Levy: 496 


Ashland Co. General Health District Rep & Inc CE .45m

For The Tax Levy: 3,293 

Against The Tax Levy: 2,599 


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