Ashland County Commissioners met Thursday morning to discuss hiring an Ag Program Assistant among other topics.

ASHLAND -- The Ashland County Commissioners aim to fill a key county position for agriculture and natural resource programming in congruence with OSU Extension.

At their Thursday morning meeting, the commissioners expressed their interest in hiring an Ashland County resident who has experience with the agriculture community as a program assistant.

The position is currently funded for one-year and would be dependent future funds for its continuance.  

Commissioners Mike Welch and Denny Bittle elucidated details regarding the timing of this employment search.  

"We've had several positions in the past where we’ve end up having to cut funding, so those positions went away," said Welch.

"So now, we're trying to bring back some of those because funding is in a better situation," Bittle added. "We believe there will be plenty of utilization from the program if we get it back in."

Interested parties are encouraged to monitor the OSU Extension website and the County Commissioners Facebook page for the next few weeks for the position to be posted with instructions on how to apply.  Applicants should have a Bachelor's degree and an abundance of agricultural experience.

The program assistant will be expected to work 20 hours a week and will be given a space at the Ashland County Extension Offices.

“The advantage would be that you’re going to have somebody in the Ashland County office,” said Kathy Blackford, OSU Extension Educator. "It just makes sense to me to have somebody from Ashland County that is connected with the Ag community, that knows your community and can really best service your community.”

Thursday's meeting also included the commissioners' approval to enter into contract with The Seckel Group to add an additional five cells at the county jail.  They also approved to add new cameras at the jail to cover areas that weren't able to be seen.

Additionally, the Commissioner's meeting space is soon expected to be revamped. More on the updated look will be discussed in the coming weeks.

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