Real estate transfers

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The following is a list of the latest Ashland County property transfers from the Ashland County Auditor's office. 

City of Ashland 

220 Ferrell Ave.; Christine L. Deily to Carson R. Musgrove; $82,000.

1250 Franklin Ave.; Virginia L. Stehle to Midwest Estates LLC; $78,000. 

19 W. 13th St.; Zackery Hershey to Charles A. Tiliske Jr.; $64,000. 

Lot 4421 Cottonwood Ct.; LH Leasing LLC to Roger L. Amos and Mary Jane Amos; $38,000. 

10 Delafield Ave.; Mindy A. Barnhart and Gregory A. Taylor, co-trustees to Stephen J. and Vikki L. Leasure; $66,000. 

125 Fairview Dr.; Michael L. Lang to Patrick Lastocy and Nancy Lastocy; $147,000.

2713 Silver Fox Trail; Steven Hill and Kasey Hill to Brad T. Cerveny and Caleigh E. Sullivan; $196,000.

359 Cleveland Ave.; David Finley, trustee to Mark and Bubb Hyatt; $6,000. 

622 Evergreen St.; Karen Killian, executrix to Keri L. Mosley and Peyton Smith; $80,000.

33 Leawood Ave.; Bernice B. Zehner, trustee to Douglas H. Clark; $140,000.

1311 Cleveland Ave.; Michael W. Deaton to R&I Realty LLC; $75,000.

220 East 8th St.; Jack E. Harrison to Garrett K. Searl; $63,000. 

31 Delafield Ave.; Linda J. Hines et al to Deborah K. Morrison; $52,000. 

808 Cottage St., 221 Ohio St.; John G. Barr to R.A. Smith Property LLC; $225,000.

608 Marlo Ave.; Robin L. Hofer to Stephanie A. Starkey; $25,000. 

1041 Westview Ave.; Kyle Walker and Miranda Walker to Justina S. Fabich; $137,500. 

115 Samaritan Ave.; Suzann W. Miller, trustee to Hunter IV Investments LLC; $305,000. 

1050 Dauch Dr.; Hospice of North Central Ohio to The Inn at Ashland Woods Limited; $3.2 million. 

Vacant land on Mifflin Ave.; Ashland Brethren in Christ Church to The Inn at Ashland Woods Limited; $25,000. 

137 W. Main St.; The William E. Snook II and Beverly K. Snook Revocable Living Trust to Justin Singleton; $140,000. 

217 Lee Ave.; Sonya L. Williams to Steven Andrew Davis; $13,000. 

21 E. 9th St.; U.S. Bank National Association, as trustee, to ADLOU Ltd.; $21,300. 

78 Delafield Road; Timothy D. Stevens to ATAP Investing LLC; $18,061.29.

863 Bank Street; Jason R. Hildenbrand and Jennia Hildenbrand to Andrew Scott Fain; $161,500. 

2210 Ridgewood Court; David E. Langdon and Dawn L. Langdon to Manfred L. Daniels; $209,000. 

561 Bank St.; Joseph S. Simone to Sherrie E. Noble and Mark A. Marshall; $127,000. 

243 Ashland Ave.; Estate of Erika Pustal to Timothy R. Workman; $38,000. 

1907 Stone Ridge Drive; Todd P. Biddle and Sherri L. Biddle to Joshua Keeler and Dina Keeler; $247,500. 

624 Keen Ave.; Jami A. Sanderson aka Jami A. Hughes to Julia Anne Chereson; $129,900. 

950 Oakbrook Dr.; Judith McMillen Mudd et al to Cloyd S. McNaull and Mary Ann McNaull; $186,500. 

843 Avalon Dr.; Shirley Ann Hickey to Glen N. Kramer; $120,000. 

347 W. Main St.; Jason A. Wentworth to Sydra A. Wentworth; $56,250. 

1250 Middle Rowsburg Road; KBZ Electric Inc. to SANIJUL Ltd.; $110,000. 

3.431 Acres Commerce Parkway; ECR Rush LLC to Flagship Designs LLC; $200,000. 

930 Avalon Dr.; William E. Snook, Jr., successor trustee to Alice P. Farnam, trustee; $120,000. 

1307 Park Street; Karla K. Kerr to Jimmie E. Reef and Melinda A. Reef; $169,900. 

1026 Union St.; Kenneth D. Dudte, successor trustee to Paula Watts; $40,000. 

Lot split; Sarah J. Moritz to Gail Jarvis, Libby Jarvis, Tyler Jarvis and Jamie Jarvis; $1,500. 

103 Samaritan Ave.; Jason S. and Heather D. Oblinger to Melissa D. James; $143,500. 

2533 Mifflin Ave.; The Robert O. Schneider and Dorothy A. Schneider Trust; $162,000. 

1318 Eastern Ave.; C. Thomas and DeLee banbury to Aaron R. Wolfe and Amanda J. Wolfe; $189,000. 

622 E. 10th St.; Robert E. Bachelder to John E. Blubaugh; $48,500. 

1522 Edgewood Dr.; Joe Nemith and Stacey L. Nemith to James E. Dove and Wynette D. Dove; $180,000. 

706 E. 7th St.; Edna Van Driest and Tina Kiplinger to Duane E. Lacy and Diane S. Lacy; $5,000. 

241 College Ave. rear lot 283-B; Vincent John Bon to George Gommermann and Georgette Gommerman; $1. 

1339 Blossom Lane; Cloyd S. and Mary Ann McNaull to Holly S. Norris; $248,500. 

241 College Ave. lot 283-A; Vincent John Bon to George Gommermann and Georgette Gommerman; $77,000. 

525 W. Walnut St.; Richard P. Wolfe III to James R. and Susan Amstutz; $42,000. 

943 King Ridge Dr.; Terry B. Irwin to Kimberly A. Mercer; $159,100. 

1024 Smith Road; Sally A. Carr and Concenttina J. Matlick to Michelle J. Trukovich and Ronald C. Trukovich; $174,000. 

214 Ferrell Ave.; Jeffrey D. and Merrily L. Sprague to Vanessa Sanders; $83,000. 

937 Overlook Dr.; Linda L. Ransom to Roger R. and Mary Jo Horn, trustees; $89,000. 

1633 Southwood Dr.; Matthew S. Chandler and Caroline E. Chandler to Ryan A. Beeching and Meghann C. Beeching; $275,000.

311 W. Liberty St.; Ryan A. Meghann C. Beeching to Hannalore and Theodore Masaitis; $97,000. 

1112 Cooper Dr.; Mark A. Genders and Heather A. Genders to Christopher Gilbert and Allison P. Gilbert; $232,500. 

325 Cleveland Ave.; Carl Richert and Laura Richert to City of Ashland; $36,000. 

1046 Foxmoor Ln.; Sharon C. Etzweiler to Brad A. Long and Kathryn B. Long; $141,500. 

Shady Lane two lots; AAA Real Estate of Ashland to Thomas L. Morehead and Beckie L. Morehead; $92,000. 

1130 E. Main St.; Welco Properties LLC to Bull Market Properties LLC; $230,000. 

2226 Ridgewood Ct.; brenda Andress, trustee to Ross S. Repp and Natasha E. Repp; $220,000. 

423 Virginia Ave.; Jeremy Bowersock and Olivia Bowersock to Tricia Lea Dilliard; $63,000. 

4.815 acres Eagle Way; Baker-Ashland Ltd. t Montgomery Crossing Limited Partnership; $350,000. 

234 Sloan Ave.; Judy McClenathan and Linda Derr to Crystal Coffman and Rory hales; $85,000. 

Village of Bailey Lakes

1218 Center Road Route 5; U.S. Bank Trust to Terry McCormick and Robyn McCormick; $37,000. 

Four Lots; Gerald E. Hohler and kelly S. Hohler to Raymond Rhoades and Courtney Rhoades; $10,000. 

Village of Loudonville

501 E. Campbell St.; FL Wilson Estate Group LLC to Ronald D. Fetzer; $150,000. 

127 S. Jefferson St.; Jay I and Molly A. Kern to Matthew Brown; $95,000. 

606 N. Market St.; Teresa Derr to Holly A. Kromer-Fawcett and Craig E. Fawcett; $95,000. 

Village of Jeromesville

20 Huron St.; Debra S. Stephens to Timothy S. Purdum; $79,000. 

15 Huron St.; Heather J. Branam to The Huntington National Bank; $23,200. 

Clearcreek Township

1285 Township Road 608; J.P. Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Corp. to Richard Ziebro; $41,000.

771 Main Street; Nicholas J. Hoffman to Joseph Walls; $162,000. 

1209 County Road 956; Sonya L. Bensoff to Isaac Mullet; $188,000. 

.75 acres split; Larry W. Biddinger to Kevin M. and Kris M. Hickey; $7,500. 

Green Township 

710 Wooster Road and 2441 Ohio 60; H & H Custom Homes LLC to HHCO Leasing LLC; $590,000. 

35.244 Acres vacant land Ohio 60; Doris E. Weaver, successor trustee, to Walter Zimmerman and Joanna L. Zimmerman, trustees; $236,816. 

168 East Third Street; CES Credit Union Inc. to Arnold Eugene Frontz; $32,000.

560 Snyder Dr.; Norma L. Snyder, trustee to Saundra S. Rhamey; $169,000. 

161 E. Third St.; The Cates Family Revocable Trust to Andrew J. Easterday and Cecilia Easterday; $111,000. 

128 E. Third St.; Ashland county Sheriff/Arthur S. Wisenbarger and Angela J. Wisenbarger to John J. Keim Jr. and Miriam E. Keim; $14,800. 

429 North Wood St.; Brian Wade and Jennifer Wade to Donna L. Wiseman; $131,000. 

665 Ohio 39; Arthur L. and Norma S. Butts to Jay I. Kern and Molly A. Kern; $160,000. 

Hanover Township

525 E. Main St.; Helen Y. Hans and Marilyn J. Kettering, Co-Trustees to Oren C. Reynolds; $95,000.

1098 Township Road 2916; Lori As, executrix to Dewayne Lee and Maja-Lisa Anderson; $29,740.

984 County Road 3006; Terry Michael Yuschak to Craig and Robin Bee; $52,900.

2.447 acres County Road 529; Charles L. Ziegler and Sandra L. Ziegler to Charles R. Ogle; $35,000. 

124 N. Pleasant Dr.; Jerrica N. Young to Cathy L. Bowen and Bethany I. Steward; $85,000. 

123 E. Butler St.; Larry A. and Sarah S. Marlin to Gregory W. Foote; $69,000. 

3317 Township Road 1079; Henry N. Miller and Elizabeth J. Miller to SIVAD Construction Inc.; $215,000. 

224 Samaritan Ave.; Shane M. Bemiller and Tiffany N. Thomas-Bemiller to Raymond M. Leek and Jacqui M. Leek; $110,500.

123 and 129 N. Market St.; Walter H. Lindsey III and Kimberly M. Lindsey to Ohio Funeral Support Services Ltd.; $475,000. 

Jackson Township

Unit 6 Lot 23 Cinnamon Lake subdivision; Donald C. Jr and Nancy E. Gibson to Donald C. Jr and Nancy E. Gibson, Robert E. and Anna R. Gibson; $1. 

218 E. Congress St.; Billy J. and Melanie G. Workman to Adam J. Botson and Michaeleah S. Mason; $65,500.

128 W. Congress St.; Larry Dean Chacey and Tina Sue Chacey to Stephen W. Schaad and Beth A. Schaad; $73,000.

5011 Maderia Dr.; Cary H. Fortney to Angelique Foss; $159,000. 

1276 Tupelo Lane; Jeffrey S. Nixon to Jeffrey A. Ross; $89,000. 

2.01 acres County Road 620; Brian Marcum and Mosanna M. Marcum to Bryan Stover; $20,000. 

Unit 2 Lot 24 Cinnamon Lake; Cinnamon Lake Association to Kendra Hank; $2,750. 

Unit 2 Lot 25 Cinnamon Lake; Cinnamon Lake Association to Kendra Hank; $2,750.

21 E. 9th St.; Adlou Ltd. to Lilu Properties; $21,300. 

5056 Sangria Dr.; Arden Eugene Louk trustee to Curtis Lynn Anderson and Mary S. Anderson; $92,000. 

Mifflin Township

1738 County Road 1095; Ryan Stroup and Mary Stroup to Kimberly Christine Bunn and Matthew Christopher Bunn; $150,000. 

2251 Township Road 1256; Brenda K. Rowe to Edward M. Helwagon; $7,000. 

1175 Township Road 1996; Shelley J. Shaum to Byron P. Larsen; $137,000.

Milton Township

1391 County Road 1153; Shade Properties LLC to Ricky, Mary and Monica Bailey; $221,000.

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1302 County Road 1356; Brian K. Martin and Stephanie Martin to Mark Robertson and Yvonne M. Robertson; $201,000. 

1330 U.S. 42; Estate of James B. Landis to Jordan Kyle Hoffman and Teresa J. Hoffman; $81,000. 

1402 County Road 1475; Robin Burson to Shade properties LLC; $20,000. 

1539 Township Road 1153; Jeremy M. Brinker Sr. and Staci R. Brinker to Timothy and Carolyn McClure; $165,000. 

Mohican Township 

10.486 acre vacant lot on Township Road 2250; Daniel M. Mosher to John P. Abele and Karla J. Abele; $90,000.

2.909 acres; Dan H. Troyer, Mattie Troyer and Eli D. Troyer to David A. Troyer and Atlee Troyer; $12,000. 

Montgomery Township 

1212 Township Road 1175; Regen Properties LLC to Adam C. Brock and Amber N. Brock; $150,000. 

608 Township Road 1500; Ryan A. Buzzard to Hayley S. Gibson; $112,000.

889 County Road 1600; Terry H. Warlde and Cheryl L. Wardle to Castanea Ltd.; $300,000.

1159 Township Road 793; Scott D. Miller and Tamara J. Miller to Phillip A. LeClaire; $102,000.

952 Township Road 1514; G & K Rowland Builders Inc. to Mark J. Smith Jr. and Amber H. Smith; $247,900. 

1432 County Road 1575; Daniel C. Meyer, trustee and Terri S. Meyer, trustee to Mark L. Grimes; $600,000. 

954 Township Road 1514; G & K Rowland Builders Inc. to Dennis R. and Kim M. Witherspoon; $242,500. 

663 Township Road 1524; Johnathan F. Bova and Yvette Bova to JasonW. Boggs and Jennifer A. Boggs; $272,500. 

Orange Township

7.5 acres State Route 58; Jean R. Keener to Daniel H. Martin and Jane L. Martin; $449,460. 

913 Ohio 58; Jean R. Keener to Kyle W. Walker and Miranda L. Walker; $209,000. 

956 County Road 601; Christine Malott to David Toth and Tracey Toth; $245,000. 

Perry Township

1423 County Road 175; Robert L. Mahaney Jr. and Molly E. Mahaney to Michael C. West and Carrie Anne West; $233,000.

1463-B Perry Township Road 35; Roger N. Kamp and Lisa J. Kamp to Robert Heil and Justine Heil; $82,690. 

1436 Township Road 13; Estate of Jerry Tipton to Daniel L. Luke and Cathy L. Case; $157,500. 

1422 County Road 251; U.S. Bank Trust N.A. as trustee for LSF10 Master Participation Trust to Robin E. Bolinger; $110,000. 

1109 County Road 175; The Estate of Paul E. Reed to Jason M. Pentheny and Abbi M. Pentheny; $95,000. 

3.523 acres Ohio 302 Section 11 A-1-7; Marlene K. Barkheimer to Jennie L. Akers; $45,000. 

443 Township Road 1500; David G. Franklin and Kathy L. Franklin to Patrick F. Wilson Jr. and Amy Wilson; $159,000. 

212 U.S. Route 250; Samuel A. And Rachel J. Shetler to Taylor L. Krause and Brandon Weiler; $15,000. 

19 State Route 302; Darren S. Eickleberry and Jessica B. Eikleberry to Sara E. Sprowl and Michael W. Norton; $169,500. 

1144 Township Road 353; Robert M. and Ellen M. Cutlip by Nancy Ellen Howard to Chad and Jesse Gruver; $90,000. 

1344 King Road; Carol H. Williams, trustee to Karla K. Kerr; $110,000. 

466 Township Road 1275; David B. Caldwell and Mary J. Caldwell to Lisa B. Murphy; $194,000. 

Ruggles Township

101.232 acres on Ohio 60; Paradisefound LLC to Andrew H. Wyszowski; $660,000. 

21 Ohio 60; Terri L. Campbell to James E. Ferber and Cara Ferber; $127,600.

.27 acres on Ohio 60; Kasey Edwards and Michele L. Edwards to Ramon Amidi; $800. 

1338 County Road 500 RD 2; Larry L. Searl and Savana Kim Searl to John Mikalacki and Donna M. Mikalacki; $330,000. 

59 Ohio 60; Paradisefound LLC to Brandon Hanshaw and Morgan Thompson; $159,000. 

Five lots and retail building; Mark Hinkley to Melody Pinson; $35,000.  

.27 acres; Ramon Amidi to Paul D. Jaskulski Jr.; $2,000. 

1119 County Rod 16; Nathaniel and Katrina Lanzer to Joshua R. and Krystal N. Lugli; $235,000. 

Sullivan Township

48 County Road 281; River Pointe Development to Bradley T. Copen; $225,000.

597 Township Road 150; Adam T. Hyer and Felicia R. Hyer to Raymond T. Briggs and Saundra L. Briggs; $172,000.

583 Township Road 350; Brian Lee and Julie A. Lee to Robert D. Catalano; $116,500.

111 Township Road 581; Steven Wilson and Helen Wilson to Nicholas John Harrison and Laurel M. Harrison; $290,000. 

449 County Road 40; Kenneth N. Beard to Catherin G. Stroud; $50,000. 

345 Township Road 350; Robert M. Kilbane and Juanita Kilbane to Justin Constable; $14,500. 

Troy Township 

40a Township Road 1031; Olen Bittinger and Nancy Bittinger to William Shane Eckerle; $205,000. 

31 Ohio 511; Justin L. Baker and Jamie L. Baker to Tyler J. Hayes and Phylicia Hayes; $163,200. 

Vermillion Township

1711 Ohio 603; Bryan P. Stover to Brian Martin and Stephanie Martin; $242,900.

2261 County Road 2175; Steven R. Casdorph et al. to Village Capital & Investment LLC; $110,000. 

28 Harclay Ct.; Mary Jo Horn, trustee to Mark Kelley and LaCinda S. Kelly; $137,750. 

2027 Township Road 585; Ronald P. Dickerhoof and Becky Dickerhoof to Beth A. Wangerin and Shane A. Wangerin; $322,500. 

Lot 234 Harclay Ct.; Patrick A. Shriver to Michael G. and Carolyn S. Snyder; $25,000. 

Lot 69 W. Main St.; John H. and Vicki L. Teschler to Gregory D. and Karen J. Shaner; $4,000.