Real estate transfers

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The following is a list of the latest Ashland County property transfers from the Ashland County Auditor's office. 

City of Ashland

309 Arthur St.; Arthur Street Medical Complex, LLC to Third Street Community Clinic; $215,000.

427 West Liberty St.; Ned C. Sponsler, trustee to Michael S. Van Royen, trustee; $110,000.

1013 Summit Dr.; Dina L. Miller to Michael J. Campbell and Michele L. Thompson; $97,000.

700 Buena Vista Ave.; Chet Claypool and Nicole D. Claypool to Larry B. Viers and Cathy E. Viers; $127,500. 

5555 Cleveland Ave.; Richard Eberhart to The Huntington National Bank; $26,850.

1600 Greenbriar Dr.; Gloria M. Holmes et al. to U.S. Bank Trustees; $150,000. 

853 Avalon Dr.; Michael R. Miller and Janette L. Rogers, co-successor trustees, to Ethel M. Bauer; $110,000. 

284 North Countryside Dr.; Danielle T. Beckett to Christopher R. Chartier and Kimberly A. Chartier; $250,000. 

1201 Overlook Dr.; Nationstar Mortgage LLC dba Champion Mortgage of Ohio to Barry V. Whitt; $66,152. 

1736 Pinebrook Court; The Curley Family Irrevocable Trust to The Sturgeon Preservation Trust; $176,900.

1108 Center St.; Sarah M. Rowan, trustee to Arrow Properties Ltd.; $125,000. 

405 Quarry St.; Jason N. Leninger and Twila L. Leninger to Thomas J. Carver; $75,000. 

404 Hillcrest Dr.; Jerry Dunlap and Terri Dunlap Revocable Living Family Trust to Luis L. Cruz and Donna Jean Cruz; $175,500. 

1824 Cottage St.; Stephen D. Carrick and Jessica Carrick to Stephen D. Carrick; $25,819. 

308, 316, 322 1/3 E. Third St.; Sandra L. Eggeman SuccTrustee to Barry V. Whitt; $21,000. 

729 Hale Ave.; David L. Bell and Lana M. Bell to Daniel M. O'Brien and Kristin J. Foxworth-O'Brien; $135,000. 

Lot 4440 and 4441; AAA Real Estate of Ashland to Michael S. Shambre and Margaret L. Shambre; $60,000. 

833 Oakbrook Dr.; William L. Michael to Evan Weidenhamer; $162,000. 

1701 Cottage St.; David Chapman and Renee A. Lowery to Roy Stover; $149,500. 

642 Katherine Ave.; Dan T. Shepherd to Elizabeth Kathleen Gulon; $93,500. 

1711 Olive Court; Robert F. Sharp Revocable Trust to John R. and Tammy L. Edwards; $83,000. 

770 Sandusky St.; Gabriel S. Miller and Courtney J. Miller to Gary A. Smith Jr.; $122,000. 

316 Prospect St.; U.S. Bank to Go America LLC; $8,117.

1973 Stone Ridge Dr.; Kevin Priest and Michelle Lee Priest to Daniel M. Donatini and Julie A. Donatini; $230,000. 

537 County Road 620; Diana B. Wiley to Dewey J. Meyer and Karen L. Meyer; $67,500. 

636 Smith Road; Shane A. Ritchey to Philip J. Cervantes; $117,900. 

1965 S. Baney Rd.; Edward E. Bowman to Turk Baney Rental, LLC; $250,000. 

942 Avalon Dr.; Clarence D. Bemiller to David J. Foster and Edith M. Foster; $110,000. 

1203 Troy Rd.; Jeanette E. Howell to Alan Sean Fleming; $62,000. 

1207 King Rd.; Happy Plum LLC to Lisa A. Roseborough; $118,350.

7.5 acres, Troy Rd.; Holland Group Real Estate LLC to Compassion Free Will Baptist Church; $70,000. 

59 Samaritan Ave.; David Straub Estate to Michelle A. Bursley; $190,000. 

220 Pearl St.; James R. Lawrentz and Philip Perry to Kasco Development LLC; $50,000. 

1114 Rook Dr.; Ryan Delaney and Deborah Delaney to Terry G. Kopp and Memory A. Kopp; $186,000. 

1139 Claremont Ave.; Ronald D. and Jeannie A. Firestone to Ganesh Properties LLC; $180,000. 

963 Overlook Drive; Arlie R. Lantz to Tenrab LLC; $97,000. 

2007 Claremont Ave.; Enterprise Parkway Leasing LTD to JerDen Real Estate LTD; $248,600. 

1066 Oak Hill Circle; Fred Casciani, executor of the Martha D. Casciani Estate to Courtney Figley-Miller and Gabriel S. Miller; $146,900. 

239 W. 13th St.; Robert A. Wally and Carol Wally to Brooke E. Massie; $72,000. 

531 Edgehill Ave.; William D. Sample to the Salvation Army of New York; $35,000. 

621 Marlo Ave.; Ronald A. Cahill to Michele S. Gray; $67,500. 

694 B Katherine Ave.; The Betty A. Wichkman Living Trust to Peter E. Lentz; $45,000. 

1029 W. Main St.; Jemm Properties LLC and Adiou LTD to Christine Alberty; $139,000. 

1620 King Rd.; Ryan D. Martin and Sandy J. Martin to Katelyn M. Glembot and Cory Glembot; $280,000. 

666 Keen Ave.; Michael Reynolds and Deanna Reynolds to Timothy C. Grant and Rebecca D. Elges; $179,900. 

1236 Quaker Square; Roger Dougherty and Deborah Dougherty to Michael Welch and Regina Welch; $210,000. 

1046 Winthrop Lane; Irene F. Fry to Joyce A. Mansfield; $84,000. 

343 Fairview Ave.; Wonona L. Sackett to Keith Kullman and Laura L. Kullman; $120,000. 

Lot 4434 Shady Lane; AAA Real Estate to Kenneth E. Tock and Mary Y. Tock; $55,000. 

116 Glenwood Dr.; Mandy Kovacs to Joshua M. Stancato; $88,000. 

880 Avalon Dr.; James R. Amstutz and Susan I. Amstutz to Christine M. Cover and Roberta F. Parker; $115,000. 

Village of Hayesville 

70 N. Mechanic St.; Joe Sephus Whitt to Robin L. Beasley and Danny R. Beasley; $45,601. 

Village of Jeromesville

30 Plum St.; Wayne E. Hartman and Diane L. Hartman to Steven D. Funk and Kelsi N. Funk; $96,000. 

Village of Loudonville

403 N. Adams St.; David A. and Melnee B. Benfield to Marissa D. Cox; $78,000. 

Village of Perrysville

State Route 39; DeAnn R. Snodgrass, successor trustee to Harold L. Garnsey and Connie Sue Garnsey, Trustees; $24,000. 

Village of Savannah 

Chambers Street; Sally LeFever to Stephanie LeFever; $47,840.

8 E. Main St.; Nancy Sengstock to Ryan D. L. Mitchell and Katelyn J. Wilder; $124,000. 

12 Chambers St.; Kevin M. Hickey and Kris M. Hickey to Kaylee R. Hickey; $90,000. 

Green Township

838 Ohio 95; Darlow C. Bartram and Beverly J. Bartram to Joseph Bartram; $155,000.

131 W. First St., Perrysville; JP Morgan Acquisition Corp. to Stauffer ALND Holdings Ltd.; $26,500. 

410 North Spring St.; Linda Zuercher to Arien Kemp and Stephanie Kemp; $44,500. 

Hanover Township 

11.161 acres, Parcel No. C10-022-0-0005-00; Jason L. Shellenbarger to Bradley J. Smith and Sarah Smith; $85,000. 

436 S. Market St.; Farmers National Bank of Canfield to JIK Properties of Mohican; $140,000. 

130 S. Water St.; Shirley A. Cline Kaczur to Mason M. Frasher and Billie Jean Frasher; $129,900. 

659 County Road 2920; Marilyn J. Mowery to Tyler H. Mowery and Janet L. Mowery; $75,000. 

Jackson Township 

1284 Laurel Dr.; Andrew M. Smith and Karen P. Smith to Lois L. Martell, Frank G. Howaniak and Josephine A. Howaniak; $154,900.

2134 Tarragon Drive; Darrell A. Hall to Brooks A. Curtis; $1,000.

1271 Tupelo Lane; Leonard Pack Jr. and Barbara J. Pack to Steven P. Seabolt and Shellie J. Seabolt; $225,000. 

2060 Cayenne Place; Andrew Zedella and Stephann Zedella to Steven Collyer; $142,000.

5011 Maderia Drive; Justin Simms to Gary H. Fortney; $500. 

6089 Chevril Dr.; John M. Perry and Gail M. Perry to Megan M. Holly; $129,900. 

723 Township Road 101; Eduardo D. Escudero and Pamela D. Escudero to Jared A. Prim and Kelly Prim; $285,000. 

Mifflin Township

County Road 1908; James R. Maul and Peggy Harpster Maul, co-trustees, to John D. Harmon and Patricia A. Harmon; $5,000. 

318 Schiago Trail; James E. Youngs and Sue E. Youngs to John S. Leedy and Colby L. Burkhart; $275,000. 

2293 Ohio 603; James K. Keiffer to RTS Rentals LLC; $77,000. 

Milton Township 

1300 Ohio 96; Joshua B. Bowman and Abbigail L. Bowman to Albert Elias Sousa; $265,000. 

3.522 Acres, County Road 1353; Susanna L. Goschinski Trust to Joan Hoffert and Bradley E. Hoffert; $40,000. 

1610 Ohio 603; L. Denis Blake and Mary M. Minick-Blake to Jonathan W. Boyd; $75,000. 

1159 Township Road 1106; Daniel R. Keefer and Jennifer A. Keefer to Owen Z. Martin, Ada W. Martin and Alvin Jacob Martin; $156,000. 

Mohican Township

1877 Ohio 89; Joshua Wilkerson and Sommer J. Wilkerson to Kasey Harper; $130,000. 

2057 Ohio 89; Joseph Lehman and Rutheda Lehman to Weldon C. Schultz and Julie A. Schultz; $220,000. 

241 Township Road 2150; Mary E. Bowman to Logan M. Minnich and Jennifer M. Minnich; $165,000. 

17 Plum St.; Jonathan B. Jones to Cody W. Alspach and Brittany N. Bunyak; $115,500. 

344 County Road 2000; Patricia Oberholtzer to Cody Oberholtzer; $74,100. 

Montgomery Township 

1175 Township Road 793; Craig C. Wentworth to Kevin C. Foeman and Remy J. Foeman; $156,000. 

1461 Township Road 973; G & K Rowland Builders Inc. to Charles L. Helbert and Tasha M. Helbert; $267,000. 

1344 Township Road 523; Eric J. Wentworth to Lisa M. Riley; $165,000.

795 Township Road 1600; Richard B. Rudy to Exit 186 Holdings LLC; $205,000. 

1520 County Road 995; Walter Gilmore and Patricia Gilmore to Joshua W. Duewel; $105,000. 

1177 Township Road 793; Thomas and Attilio Lawrence Lattanzi to Craig C. Wentworth; $140,000.  

1433 Township Road 593; Muriel D. Metcalf and Eugene E. Metcalf, trustee to Eric Wentworth and Diana Wentworth; $32,000. 

Orange Township

939 Township Road 773; Larry B. Viers and Cathy E. Viers to John F/ Moody and Kayla D. Moody; $99,000.

808 Ohio 58; Wesley W. Workman and Mary A. Workman to Halle Burke; $55,000. 

522 County Road 620; Jay A. Moss to Jedediah A. Johnson and Renee M. Johnson; $274,900. 

83 acres, Township Road 620; Patricia L. Karn, successor trustee, to Stacey M. Winiarski and Timothy J. Winiarski; $650,400. 

564 County Road 800; Andrew D. Barto and Brooke A. Drouhard to Ted L. Grindstaff; $125,000. 

Perry Township

1121 County Road 175; Mark J. Smith to Shelly R. Gierhart; $137,000.

1376 County Road 251; Todd D. Harpster to Paul P. Sharick; $125,000. 

2.004 acres, County Road 175; James W. Johnson and Lois Maxine Johnson to Logan A. Walter and Jamie L. Walter; $1,800. 

12 Township Road 1400; Daniel Burge and Lindsey Burge to Harley R. Snode and Heidi M. Snode; $215,000. 

Sullivan Township

235 Ohio 58; Rick L. Smalley and Michelle D. Smalley to James M. Christoff and Erin E. Christoff; $112,500. 

92 Township Road 391; Patricia Ellen Harrah to Dennis Boggess Jr.; $415,000. 

74 County Road 281; Robert N. Johnson to Vicki L. Heyman, trustee; $373,000. 

Troy Township

133 Township Road 1031; Jacob W. Tyree to Lindsey J. Walls; $165,000. 

Vermillion Township

2189 Ohio 511; Teresa M. Mills to Roy C. Wilson and Amy L. Wilson; $50,000.

877 County Road 30-A; Kenneth L. Strine to Regina Rocchi-Danyi; $141,000. 

101 N. Mechanic St.; Angelia R. Austin, Christopher Francis Holly J and Robert C. Austin to Robert B. Dickerson and Linda Dickerson; $168,000. 

1066 Township Road 1906; Benjamin D. Hickey and Christine Hickey to Kyle E. Carpenter; $267,500. 

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