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The following is a list of the latest Ashland County property transfers from the Ashland County Auditor's office. 

City of Ashland 

241 W. Liberty St.; R-House-4U Ltd. to Matthew Gorrell and Connie Gorrell; $120,000. 

66 Morgan Ave.; Richard H. Riley Jr. to Dean Goon and Valeta Goon; $160,500.

802 Ohio St.; Margaret VanWinkle to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company; $47,000. 

1028 Claremont Ave.; Jeffrey R. Thiel and Alyssa Guthrie to Kevin Barnet and Kathleen M. Marnet; $134,900. 

432 E. Walnut St.; John W. Donley and Candace A. Donley to Xin Kang and Yun Feng; $37,000. 

1199 Hillcrest Drive; Penton Properties LLC to Michele Puster; $103,000. 

1019 Oak St.; Todd Mowry and Devon Mowry to Chelsea E. Boyd; $81,500. 

735 E. 8th St.; Logan Burkhert to Raymond Moore; $10,000. 

331 West Walnut St.; John D. Lemaster and Kristie P. Lemaster to Francis Mateo and Tanya Mateo; $90,000.

1223 Smith Road; Gerald K. Spring, Co-Trustee of the Gerald K. Spring Revocable Trust, to Caleb M. Kipp; $149,450. 

128 W. 12th St.; William Shaw to Trisha A. Krstinovski; $64,000. 

773 King Ridge Drive; Phillip B. Smith and Amanda M. Smith to Allen J. Wright Jr. and Candus J. Wright; $177,000.

1632 Edgewood Court; Paul B. Linton to William Chandler III; $125,000. 

136 Sharon Ave.; Hallie L. Babin to Kelsey V. Peckham; $136,000.

522 Edgehill Drive; Michael L. Snyder to Andrew M. Snyder; $29,000. 

220 Cleveland Ave.; Stepp III Real Estate, LLC to Not To Us, LLC; $240,000. 

424 Buckeye St.; Carol J. Icenhour to William T. Cox; $12,000. 

1113 Jackson Drive; Megan E. Daniel to Samuel Thomas Miller; $134,000.

1413 Troy Road; Craig Scott to Michael G. and Carolyn S. Snyder; $8,300. 

1116 Orange St.; Richard E. Rush and Traci L. Rush to Charles Grimwood; $4,000. 

2706 Mifflin Avenue; Fixed Up Properties LLC to John A. McKinney II; $166,822. 

854 Ohio St.; Boyd Perry Hill and Jeff Haldeman; $92,500. 

228 Broad St.; Karen A. Tracy, Executor of the Estate of Ralph Wamack to Dakota D. Gantz and Anna E. Gantz; $89,000. 

52 Delafield Ave.; Andrew D. Porter to Nicholas Haselow; $62,000. 

1175 Columbus Circle North; Kimberly S. Kipp to John D. Lemaster; $158,000. 

246 Lincoln Ave.; Tashona M. Chlam to Union Home Mortgage Company; $38,767.

302 Parkside Dr.; Sally K. Valentine et al co-trustees to Rhett A. Corbin; $120,000. 

305 E. 3rd St.; Jerry F. Rice to Carrie Winkler; $30,000. 

Village of Loudonville 

0 State Route 3 South (Rear Lot); Nicole Ulrich, Trustee of The Schultenover Keystone Preservation Trust, to Jeffrey D. Marotta and Angela J. Marotta; $45,000. 

229 N. Water St.; Robert M. Walker to Kauffman Properties LLC; $5,000. 

532 Snyder Drive; Tiffany R. Shutt and Marcus R. Glassford; $123,000.

429 N. Wood St.; Suzanne L. Briggs to Brian and Jennifer Wade; $42,800.

Village of Jeromesville 

6 W. Main St.; Debra Krieg to S&P Property Management LLC; $74,000.

Green Township

County Road 1075 (0.57 acres); Thomas A. Reed and Sherry J. Reed to Marion L. Zaugg; $0. 

Hanover Township

224 W. Washington St.; Robert M. Walker to Kauffman Properties LLC.; $25,000.

Jackson Township

Unit II, Lot 276, Cinnamon Lake; Meredith Schuler to Michael Sas and Alicia Konicek; $1. 

1487 Carum Place; M. Sidote Capital LLC to Richard C. Darr and Norma L. Darr; $31,200.

5011 Maderia Drive; Justin Simms et al. to Gary H. Fortney; $99,000. 

Lake Township 

53B County Road 2575; Brendan B. and Kayla Martin to Donald Hendershott; $90,000. 

Milton Township

1217 Township Road 1153; Frohn Ltd. to SMG Ashland Properties; $354,000.

0 State Route 96; Susanna L. Goschinski, Trustee of the Susanna L. Goschinski Living Trust to Mark S. Smith and Maureen R. Smith; $85,000. 

1302 County Road 1153; James E. Strickling, Successor Trustee to Charles Lawson and Rachelle Lawson; $142,000.

1616 Ohio 603; 65B35G LLC to Daniel M. Johnson and Tara L. Johnson; $25,000.

Ashland County (16.5 acres); Barbara Kohler to Robert T. Kamerik  and Alexa R. Kamerik; $62,000. 

Mohican Township

Township Road 405; Kay E. Stauffer, Trustee, to Stauffer 30 Rock Farms LLC; $205,000.

U.S. 30 and Township Road 405 (five acres); Stauffer 30 Rock Farms LLC to 2715 Wise Ave. Ltd.; $265,000. 

Montgomery Township 

784 U.S. 42; Toby W. Adkins to Larry G. Gilbert; $107,000.

1202 Township Road 1175; Terry Finley to Aaron Merle; $30,000. 

963 Township Road 1514; G&K Rowland Builders Inc. to Hallie L. Babin; $237,500. 

County Road 1775 (6.76 acres); The Messner Keystone Inheritance Trust to Radshaw Farms LLC; $72,500.

1570 County Road 1575; Jeremiah D. Betson to Robert Pickering; $110,000. 

815 Orange St.; Thomas E. Carson and Linda A. Carson to William J. Wentworth and Cassandra Wentworth; $30,600. 

123 Glenwood Drive; Weiler Holdings LLC to Cynthia F. Godfrey; $76,000. 

134 Sloan Ave.; Jack L. and Patricia J. Dovey to Arrow Properties, Ltd.; $85,000. 

Orange Township 

849 Ohio 511; Heidi Lynn Braden to Logan E. Matson; $90,000. 

Perry Township 

334 Township Road 1150; Bayview Loan Servicing to Kenny Howman and Brock Bixler; $82,000. 

1215 Ohio 89; Brian L. Budd to Gary H. Fortney; $110,100. 

Ruggles Township 

Township Road 1461 (117 acres); Ervin A. Miller and Ada E. Miller to Curvin Zimmerman Allen and Diane Zimmerman; $550,000. 

Sullivan Township

249 Township Road 481; Gordon Ray Dilley Jr. to Jonathan J. Hendrix; $2,500. 

1353 U.S. 42; Scott J. Steele, Executor of Estate for Janice K. Steele; $90,500.

560 U.S. 224; Shirley M. Linden and The Unknown Heirs or Real Estate Beneficiaries of Craig R. Linden to U.S. Bank National Association; $105,871.09. 

Troy Township 

2 Ohio 511; Robert E. Sink Jr. to Craig S. Wrobleski and Nicole M. Wrobleski; $519,000.

Vermillion Township

1041-C County Road 30-A; Michael Purvis et al to Dale Cable; $375,000. 

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