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The following is a list of the latest Ashland County property transfers from the Ashland County Auditor's office. 

City of Ashland 

339 Katherine Ave.; Michael and Jill A. Miller to Steven A. and Jill A. Baldridge; $184,900.

607 Parkside Drive; Donald R. Pamer and Donna A. Pamer to RDPRN Properties, Ltd.; $80,000. 

27 W. Main St.; ECR Rush LLC to Reebates LLC; $110,000. 

1021 Cottage St.; Carolyn S. Rishel to Kathleen Marie Koval; $62,000. 

1157 Masters Ave.; Paula A. Thompson to Holt Property Investments LLC; $50,000.

713 Bruce Ave.; Elliot Enterprises LLC to Trevor A. Snoddy; $83,900.

21 E. 9th St.; Timothy Austen and Jacqueline Austen to U.S. Bank National Association; $33,000. 

842 W. Main St.; Randy L. Shank and Monia L. Lefever Shank by Sheriff E. Wayne Risner to Miriam E. Keim and John J. Keim Jr.; $23,000. 

902 Elm St.; Jerry L. Shearer and Janet Marie Shearer to Linian Properties LLC; $11,000. 

336 Fourth St.; Ryan G. Courtright to Jane E. Miller, Trustee; $91,201.

1727 Olive Ct.; Paul B. Johnson to William E. Clouser and Linda M. Clouser; $77,750.

928 Avalon Dr. Bldg. 6 Unit B; Duane R. Fishpaw partial interest transfer to Lori M. Kinter; $38,666.67.

928 Avalon Dr. Bldg. 6 Unit B; Gerald Fishpaw partial interest transfer to Lori M. Kinter; $38,666.67.

928 Avalon Dr. Bldg. 6 Unit B; John A. Fishpaw and Kimberly T. Krohn, Trustees partial interest transfer to Lori M. Kinter; $38,666.67.

Lot 710, Ashland, Ohio; Perry Rentals LLC to Cox Holding Company LLC; $3,000. 

1632 Edgewood Court; Regen Properties LLC to Stephen M. Altrogge and Jennifer M. Altrogge; $237,000. 

1150 Wick Ave.; Keith Eugene Kane to Brian E. Hicks; $8,500. 

765 Smith Road; Vincent M. Bugara and Jennifer L. Bugara to Barbara K. Fisher; $98,000. 

419 W. Liberty St.; Jess L. Hamilton and Janet G. Hamilton, Trustees to Pat's Apartments LLC; $25,000. 

747 Smith Road; Jessica M. Sweet to Christopher L. Brown and Meganne D. Dewitt; $91,000. 

1045 Mifflin Ave.; Harvey C. Hudkins and Jean W. Hudkins to Grant M. Coffman; $189,250.

39 Belle Ave.; Calvin L. Keefer and Lynn A. Keefer, Trustees to Robert J. Plues; $72,500. 

1202 Overlook Dr.; The Unknown Heirs or Real Estate Beneficiaries of Jane A. F. Flannigan to Nationstar Mortgage LLC; $85,683.85.

326 Ohio St.; ECR Rush LLC to Ashley N. Hanning and Jerrod M. Stewart; $61,800. 

1325 Cottage St.; Kerstin B. Amezquita to Logan P. Moats; $77,500.

233 Morgan Ave.; Brandon D. Wells and Sarah M. Wells to Sadie R. Zegarac; $118,000. 

Lot 4439 Shady Lane; AAA Real Estate LLC to Matthew W. Rafeld and Lauren F. Rafeld; $42,500.

826 Sandusky St.; Renee Beck to Courtney M. Farver; $110,000. 

1555 Edgewood Dr.; John L. Nathers to Kevin R. McBride; $145,000. 

844 Williamsburg Ct.; William James III to Brian L. Keiser and Joey L. Keiser; $307,000. 

933 Woodview Dr.; Lois M. Schneider Revocable Trust to Natalie M. Hauenstein and Kyle A. Hauenstein; $170,000.

1473 Center Lane Dr.; Michael A. Glasser to Michael P. Kruman and Lacosta L. Kruman; $174,900.

1405 Crestview Dr.; Sheryl A. Budd to David E. Langdon and Dawn L. Langdon; $175,100. 

292 Cleveland Ave.; Fannie Mae to Mike Nelson and Parker Jow Nelson; $25,000.

637 Smith Road; Eileen L. MacLean to Timothy R. Ridge and Barbara J. Ridge; $120,000. 

316 Quarry St.; Brock A. Overstreet and Ann M. Overstreet to Daniel J. Lance and MeLissa L. Lance; $69,000. 

1204 Lamplighter Loop; David T. McCumber to John A. Sarelis and Cassandra A. Sarelis; $220,000. 

203 Ferrell Ave.; David J. Foster and Edith M. Foster to Brian T. Ronk and Loree A. Ronk; $92,000. 

828 Oakbrook Dr.; Estate of David J. Strub to Terri L. Campbell; $179,000. 

Lot 4430 Green Ash Ct.; Jenner Properties LLC to Willis L. and Janet L. Albright; $40,000. 

910 Stone Creek Blvd.; Brandon A. and Kristen M. Steele to Joshua B. and Abbigail L. Brown; $272,500.

1125 Country Club Lane; Michelle A. Bursley to Rachel M. Spoerr; $274,000. 

Village of Hayesville

23 E. Main St.; Mark D. Carr and Melynda K. Kelly to Rashel A. Cathers and Corey R. Cathers; $45,000.

Village of Jeromesville 

145 Adams St.; Timothy D. McNair and Lynn L. McNair to Trevor D. Cline; $131,313.

14 N. Main St.; Sherri A. Nelson to Bryan Bodager, Duane Bodager and Ronnie Bodager Co-trustees; $70,000.

Village of Loudonville 

229 N. Union St.; Gardner Rental Homes LLc to Heidi Monica Plant; $100,000. 

Village of New London

1283 County Road 16; John O. Maurer to Robert G. Sutherland and Tamika N. Sutherland; $178,000. 

705 N. Spring St.; Colton Bowling to Bailey A. Berger and Joshua L. Billings; $84,000. 

Clear Creek Township 

581 Ohio 60; C. Julie Martin, Executor of Estate of Buford D. Copley to John O. Maurer; $76,000. 

Township Road 856, 2.525 acres; Lee A. Grey to Jennifer Collinsworth; $21,500. 

843 Lake Drive; Calvin L. Keefer and Lynn A. Keefer, Co-trustees to Paige N. Coffee; $77,000. 

1406 County Road 1008; John E. Weitzel to Jose G. Ortiz, Jr. and Shelby Ortiz; $389,514.

Green Township 

947 Township Road 2466; Howard D. Miller and Kendra G. Miller to Keith E. Wise and Gina B. Wise; $775,000. 

County Road 917, 99.103 acres; Barron Ltd. to Alan L. and Lois M. Miller; $539,000.

914 Ohio 39; 3Smiths Inc. to Mohican River Canoe Livery Inc.; $200,000. 

592 Township Road 2474; Kenneth M. Flenner to Chad Callahan and Tiffany Callahan; $158,000. 

716 Pearl Dr.; Brooke Dessenberg to Jay Restoring LLC; $35,000. 

2392 Township Road 707; Bruce E. Glenn and Gayle M. Glenn to Jason Henderson and Laurie Henderson; $220,000. 

26 Edgewood Dr.; Thomas E. and Sheila H. Carter; $148,500. 

130 W. Pleasant St.; Joshua D. Skok and Amanda M. Skok to Melissa M. Whelan; $87,000.

790 Township Road 2850; Jon H. Cooperider II and Milton E. Spreng, Co-Trustees to Thomas W. Spreng and Lara J. Spreng; $240,000.

Hanover Township

301 N. Jefferson St.; A&J Car Wash, LLC to Daniel Wygand and Cathy Wygand; $70,000.

Township Road 3232; James E. Schalmo and Mary Schalmo to Leslie A. Yoder and Linda A. Yoder; $204,000. 

516 E. Main St.; L. Wayne Dessenburg et al to Robert S. and Billie J. Haudenschild; $64,000.

3389 Township Road 629; Memory Landoll Kopp and Terry Kopp to David R. Swartzentruber and Sara J. Swartzentruber; $37,800.

Township Road 629, 20.175 acres; Marta L. Carter to David R. Swartzentruber and Sara J. Swartzentruber; $5,272.40. 

201 N. Mt. Vernon Ave.; Timothy R. Frey to Jeremy D. Edmondson; $75,000. 

Jackson Township 

1397 Brandy Lane; Patrick L. Pummell to Donna Way and Sandra Way; $93,000.

Township Road 113, 5.089 acres; Judy Lipscomb to Roger W. Reed and Tanya M. Reed; $32,500. 

5116 Sangria Dr.; Carol A. Cooke to James A. Brandenburg and Lindsay A. Brandenburg; $162,000.

County Road 700; Drew Hillyer to Henry J. Hostetler and Elizabeth Hostetler; $87,500. 

2221 Allium Place; Pauline Shranko to Tristan M. Olive and Anastasia L. Olive; $115,000. 

4192 Cinnamon Dr. N.; Patrick T. Mullen and Ann Hryshko Mullen to Kevin M. Mullen and Dawn M. Mullen; $20,000.

456 U.S. 42; Dennis R. Riffel and Carol S. Riffel to Casey A. Hudak and Caitlin M. Hudak; $353,500.

656 County Road 175; Timothy S. Serodes and Beth M. Derodes to Ryan E. Eichel; $162,000.

898 Co. Rd. 175; Bud O. Spies to John E. Spies and Michelle M. Spies; $65,000.

Lake Township

2365 Township Road 505; Jeffrey E. Quay to Kenny Flenner and Logan D. Taylor; $240,000. 

Mifflin Township 

1918 Township Road 1095; David R. Leedy and Sue A. Leedy to Rose E. and Jennifer McCloskey; $257,000. 

215 Yacht Point Dr.; Bernard L. Kasten Jr. and James D. Kasten Co-trustees, and Mary June Kasten; TY C. Ward and Lisa M. Ward; $125,000.

1937 Township Road 1215; Kathryn A. Cline to Cody Cline; $170,000.

2144 County Road 1217; Pamela S. Taylor to Christopher J. Pycraft and Tricia L. Pycraft, Trustees; $125,000.

Milton Township 

1350 County Road 1356; Raymond N. Keim and Amanda E. Keim to Gideon Miller, Paul Yoder and Rebecca Yoder; $90,000.

1199 Township Road 1253; Kenneth W. Icenhour to Kenneth J. Icenhour and Darlene L. Icenhour; $35,000.

1687 Township Road 1419 Lot 12; Lester Barber to Garrett Sutton; $134,900. 

1183 Township Road 1186; Timothy J. Eagle and Tracey Eagle to Joel Sesco and Erica Sesco; $305,000. 

1253 U.S. 42; The U.S. 42 Trust #1 to Automotive Services Properties LLC; $140,000. 

1227 Ohio 96; Dana A. Hatten and Stella L. Hatten to Nathan R. Behrendsen and Kristen L. Behrendsen; $129,900.

1623 A Township Road 1323; Kerry N. Hall and Carol A. Hall to Brian St. Clair Benshoff and Sonya Lynette Benshoff; $175,500. 

Mohican Township

313 County Road 2000; Rebecca S. Morehouse to Thomas M. Mowry; $165,000.

Montgomery Township

County Road 1775, 0.494 acres; Jeffrey D. Messner and Jaqueline D. McCauley, Co-Trustees, to Brandon D. Campbell and Samantha J. Campbell; $6,500. 

1212 Township Road 1175.; Robert L. Hochstetlor and Evelyn L. Hochstetlor to William Chandler III; $82,000.

1106 Township Road 793; Thomas E. Gibbons II to Luke Glunz and Lauren Glunz; $228,000.  

1264 Township Road 653; Christopher D. and Kelsey L. Snyder to Michael and Jill A. Miller; $242,000.

656 O.S. 42; Mark A. Heilman and Tami Heilman to Kyle F. Wiser and Brianna N. Wiser; $169,000. 

Orange Township 

850 Township Road 851; Larry Michael Stroub and Wendy J. Stroub to J.P. Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Corp.; $109,440. 

606 County Road 801; RQH Inc. to S. S. Performance Horses Inc.; $350,000. 

Perry Township 

1219 Ohio 89; Nicholas L. Barnett and Lisa M. Barnett to Lakeview Loan Services LLC; $60,734.

N. Main St.; Ronald Haley and Lisa Haley to Clay M. Funk, $500.

1504 County Road 251; Robert Harbaugh and Barbara Harbaugh to Nathan Brown and Tenaya Brown; $125,000.

1216 Township Road 13; Matthew A. Vernotzv and Trista L. Vernotzv to Tanner B. Topp and Shannon H. Topp; $232,000. 

Ruggles Township 

Corner of Ohio 60 and U.S. 224; Robert E. Fleming and Barbara P. Fleming by Sheriff E. Wayne Risner to HAW Properties; $2,000. 

192 Township Road 1461; Jon-Gerard Woost and Carrie Jennifer Woost to Steven L. Asbury and Jessica I. Asbury; $315,000. 

287 Ohio 60; John F. Knue Jr. to James L. Spoerr and Brenda L. Spoerr; $367,500.

Sullivan Township

224 Township Road 150; Charles H. Frye and Nancy S. Hull to Sierra N. McAllister and Korey P. McAllister; $250,000.

734 U.S. 224; Douglas Roberts and Kathy Roberts to Farmers Savings Bank; $157,000. 

526 U.S. 224; Carl S. Schoen and Connie L. Schoen to Sum Beach Properties LLC; $98,611.45.

397 County Road 40; Joseph J. Hargreaves to Andy and Stacey Mitchell; $150,000. 

County Road 40, 2.066 acres; Lonnie J. Blackburn and Donna F. Blackburn to Robert W. Schubert and Rosanna M. Schubert; $21,500. 

0 U.S. 224; Alex J. Kasubienski and Catherine Kasubienski to Deborah and Bryan Klingenberg; $180,000.

565 Township Road 462; Rosalie H. Hiesser and Susan E. Erhart Co-Successor Trustees to Robert C. and Tracey A. Stasick; $400,000. 

723 U.S. 224; Terrie Sizemore to wayne A. Christopher and Jessica L. Christopher; $195,000.

Troy Township

914 U. S. Route 224; William G. Nichols to Freedom Mortgage Corp.; $60,800. 

1020 Township Road 462; Estate of Donald E. Jensen to Aaron Eugene Morrow and Ruth Marie Morrow; $112,000. 

954 County Road 40; Karen S. Hout to The Huntington National Bank; $41,600. 

948 U.S. 224; Iva M. Hall, Trustee to Matthew E. Sullivan and Jane C. Sullivan; $174,000.

991 Township Road 350; Paul J. Sviatko and Michelle A. Sviatko to Phillip L. Stone; $500,000. 

Vermillion Township

Lot 234 Harclay Court; Keith R. and Susan M. Winn to Patrick Shriver; $20,000. 

25 Harclay Ct.; Keith R. Winn and Susan M. Winn to Mark Sundberg and Darbie Sundberg; $182,000.

819 County Road 30A; Daniel F. Ferguson and Lisa J. Ferguson to Brandon W. Nardo and Lindsey E. Sutt; $219,500.

1905 County Road 795; Boyd L. Flener Sr. and Sharon L. Flener to Penton Properties, LLC; $89,000.

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