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ASHLAND – The Ohio Department of Public Safety’s Office of Traffic Safety (OTSO) recently awarded the Ashland community with a $35,000 reimbursement grant to encourage safe driving and reduce traffic fatalities in Ashland County.

A coalition of partners from the Ashland County Sheriff’s Department, Ashland City Police Department, Ohio State Highway Patrol Post #3, Ashland City Fire Department, Ashland County EMA, Ashland County Coroner’s Office, ODOT District 3, Ohio State Fire Marshall – Ashland County, Ruth’s Driving Academy, LLC, and Joe Lyons of Ashland County Pictures will work together to implement the Ashland County Safe Communities program in the coming year.

“Our goal is to reduce traffic-related injuries and fatalities within Ashland County,” said Ruth Diehl, Ashland County Safe Communities Project Director. “Ashland County has had 303 youth-related crashes alone so far this year.”

Ashland Area Economic Development will serve as the fiscal agent for the administration of the grant.

“We are honored to play a role in encouraging safe driving habits here in our community,” said AAED Project Coordinator, Cameo Bahr. “We will be looking for area businesses and individuals who would be willing to display yard signs with various safe driving messages.”

If you would be interested in displaying a yard sign with a safe driving message or would like to join the Ashland County Safe Communities Coalition, please contact Ruth Diehl at 419-651-2558 or email her at

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