Dawn Fryback

DNA Analyst Dawn Fryback explains the day-to-day happenings of the department's crime laboratory.

MANSFIELD -- Every case is a new puzzle for Dawn Fryback, a self-proclaimed DNA geek.

Fryback, a DNA expert and analyst for the Mansfield Police Department, sat down with Chalk Murder to Me hosts, Adam Fox and Noah Jones, to discuss her work in the Oswalt Gibson Jr. case, an inter-state cold case involving two rapes in Richland County. She also discussed her efforts in the 2016 murder of Patsy Hudson, an identity theft case ending with body parts being found across Richland County. Fryback talked about the general practice of sampling evidence to profile its potential of DNA -- and the time she had to test a skin glove removed from a corpse.

Dawn Fryback submitted photo

Dawn Fryback, DNA analyst for Mansfield Police.

Fryback said she became invested in DNA after watching the OJ Simpson trial on T.V. 

"I had no idea about it until the O.J. Simpson trial," she said. "I think O.J. Simpson really brought it to life a little bit. I knew I wanted to get into science. I was in high school at that point, and I thought that is really cool. That's what I want to do."