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During Tuesday evening's city council meeting, Mayor Matt Miller showcased photos of manhole covers located near the corner of Mifflin Avenue towards Oak Hill Circle.

ASHLAND -- Ashland mayor Matt Miller showcased photos of manhole covers located near the corner of Mifflin Avenue towards Oak Hill Circle during Tuesday night's city council meeting.

The photos noted the erosion trouble occurring around the creek running nearby Oak Hill Circle, which resulted in the exposure of the neighboring infrastructure. 

"A lot of erosion has taken place over the years, and with some of larger torrential rains we have had in the recent summers and springs," Miller said. "It's happening probably at an even faster place in some of these areas."

As a result, city council approved the hiring of Driven Excavating derived from Shelby to handle the project. Driven Excavating will install gabion baskets on the walls of the creek beds to prevent further erosion.

Gabion baskets are deigned for either erosion control or retention bedding. The targeted creek is located behind a property owned by Ashland University near the construction site of the new field house facility development.

“This is kind of a band aid approach for what will eventually be a larger project that will involve removing all of that system out of that creek area and redirecting it either down another street or down another direction," Miller said.

The estimated price of the project is $37,601 and will provide the creek with approximately 50 to 60 feet of erosion control. If this project weren't approved, there are legitimate concerns whether flowing debris may damage the installed system.

Installation of the gabion baskets looks to begin as soon as possible as the creek handles storm water for the area.

During heavy rainfall, nearby residential areas close to Mifflin Avenue have been flooded, resulting in troublesome culverts for homeowners in the area.

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