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ASHLAND -- A Florida man could face up to three years in prison after being found guilty of attacking first responders in March at an Ashland bar. 

Edsel W. Kiser, 45, was convicted of two felony counts of assault by a jury on May 21, after a three-day trial in front of Ashland County judge Ronald Forsthoefel.

Police responded to a call at Riley’s Bar on March 5 about an “intoxicated patron that would not leave,” said Christopher Tunnell, Ashland County Prosecuting Attorney, in a news release.

“When officers arrived, they found (Kiser) … lying on the floor of the bar,” he said.

Kiser became agitated when officers approached him. Tunnell said Kiser tried to hit Leah Zeisler, an Ashland police officer. Kiser was eventually pepper sprayed and the Ashland Fire Department was called to the scene, per protocol. 

When Gabe Campbell, Assistant Fire Chief, tried to help Kiser, the drunken man bit him. 

Kiser was later taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation and then held at the Ashland County Jail. He was charged with two counts of assault three days later, court records show.

Victor Perez, assistant prosecuting attorney, said in a statement that Ashland County won’t tolerate violence against its own. 

“This case is a perfect example of the difficulties our first responders face every day. Ashland County won’t tolerate anyone making that job harder for them,” he said.

Kiser’s attorney, John O’Donnell III, was not immediately available to comment. 

Sentencing for Kiser is slated for June 28. Tunnell said the maximum penalty is three years in prison.

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