Workplace injuries are a significant issue for all businesses.

ASHLAND -- Even though organizations implement safety procedures and protocols, accidents can still happen.

And as a manager or owner, it can be stressful figuring out how to care for your employee while navigating through the documentation for workers’ compensation.

Here are some important steps for addressing workplace injuries.

Medical treatment

Obtaining medical treatment for the injured employee is the first and most vital step.

If the injury is minor, treat it with supplies from your first aid kit. But if the injury is life-threatening, call 911 to be sure the employee receives treatment immediately. For severe injuries that are not life-threatening, take the employee to an urgent care center or local emergency room.

Report the injury

Once the employee has received treatment, you’ll need to report the injury. Doing this immediately is essential; here’s why:

 Treatment — Contacting a medical professional, calling 911 or speaking with someone more experienced in your organization can help you determine the injury’s severity and ensure the person receives the appropriate care.

 Investigation — Reporting an injury ensures that your organization begins to investigate the cause immediately. A prompt investigation will prevent a similar accident from occurring in the future and can help the employee get the compensation they deserve faster. It can also help to catch any fraud.

 Communication — You can immediately alleviate any concerns the employee might have about losing their job. Stay in contact with the injured person, and reassure them that they’ll have a job once they’ve recuperated. After the employee has received treatment, be sure they ask their doctor what their limitations are and offer accommodations so that they can return to their position when they’re able.


After the employee has received treatment and you’ve reported the incident, it’s time to consider how to implement safety updates to ensure another accident doesn’t occur. Preventing another incident not only protects employees but also helps to keep related costs lower.

While keeping costs low is beneficial, these important steps for addressing workplace injuries are there for a reason — to protect your employees.

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