ASHLAND -- Leadership Ashland, a division of the Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce, is searching for project suggestions from nonprofits or service organizations for their 2021-2022 class.

After obtaining a few suggestions, the class will then choose which undertaking in which to commit.

These community service initiatives must benefit an Ashland County organization and be modest ventures that can be completed amid the class's duration. However, this by no means suggests that these endeavors not be grand in scheme. 

For instance, Leadership Ashland's 2020-2021 class stationed a pavilion at Dale Roy school.

“The playground at Dale Roy has never had any shaded area," Leadership Ashland Director Ginny Telego said. "Last year with COVID, they needed to go outside to do classes and it was difficult because they didn’t have any shaded area.

"They also bought a wheel-chair accessible swing, and then they have picnic tables they’ll put out in the pavilion.”

In the past, Leadership Ashland created a $22,000 endowment fund for the Ashland Church Community Emergency Shelter Services (ACCESS), installed a playground at Ashland County Jobs and Family Services as well as established an outdoor area at Safe Haven.

The deadline to submit a project proposal for this year's class is Tuesday, Aug. 31, 2021. Nonprofits and service organizations need to complete two RFP forms to submit their project for consideration. Click here for Form 1, and click here for Form 2.

Telego emphasized this is a great opportunity for Ashland County organizations to find help to complete a project or vision that requires substantial assistance. Leadership Ashland's 2021-2022 class will consist of 25 individuals who are eager to donate their time and skills.

“Every year since 2014, the class has done a class project," said Telego. "I’d like to let the class decide, but I would love to have at least three options for them to choose from.

"It’s something they discuss, and then they connect with people in the community and come up with that they can do as a whole class to leave their mark on the community.”

Inquiries can be directed to Telego by emailing or by calling 419-651-6854.

Leadership Ashland has provided leadership training to approximately 700 Ashland community members over the past 30 years. Their classes are dedicated to applying their leadership education in benefit of the Ashland community.

“Who wouldn’t want to have an extra 25 hands," Director of Operations at the Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce Amy Daubenspeck said.

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