New Sinkhole

A sinkhole developed on May 9 on this property along Main Street in Ashland after the area received heavy rain.

ASHLAND — Ashland City council has purchased property totaling $190,000 along Main Street to fix a growing sinkhole problem. 

All four parcels are occupied by two businesses: JR’s Custom Exhaust and Chad’s Collision. JR’s will get $75,000 and Chad’s will get $115,000. 

The move comes about a month after heavy rains formed a sinkhole near the properties and renewed talks about finding a solution. The plan, according to Mayor Matt Miller, is to reconstruct a culvert that runs under the properties. The culvert serves Town Run.

At least one of the buildings, Chad’s Collision, has a city sewer line running behind it, Miller said. Therefore, if some day the building should collapse because of an unstable foundation, the city’s sewer line would be at risk of being damaged.

“So that could be a big issue for the city, even beyond backing up water in the rest of the town,” Miller said.

Acquiring the properties there would allow the city to revamp the city’s entryway into its historic downtown corridor, he said. 

According to the mayor, an additional property will still need to be acquired to complete the project. He said it's owned by the McQuate family, who has said they will donate however much is needed for the city to do what it needs. 

The property is located next to JR’s and houses a two-story building used as a garage to store items. The building, Miller said, will need to come down. 

“Their only request is that, by the time the project is complete, we give them whatever land is left. So that’s a pretty good deal,” he said, adding his gratitude to the family.

Miller does not yet know how much the overall project, reconstructing the culvert and revamping the entryway to downtown, will cost. 

Niether Chad Harrison, owner of Chad’s Collision, nor Lloyd Gibbons, owner of JR’s, were immediately available to comment. 

Harrison has said he will relocate the business to a piece of property he owns along County Road 1475.

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