Central Park

Central Park in Loudonville

LOUDONVILLE -- Parks in Loudonville could be a bit brighter next year. 

Ashland County commissioners unanimously approved a $140,000 allocation last week to partially cover the village’s installation of lighting at Central and Riverside parks using federal money through the Community Development Block Grant program. 

The project involves installing 16 decorative light poles, with underground wiring, at Central Park and field lights for Riverside’s four baseball fields. 

Riverside Park

Riverside Park in Loudonville

Loudonville estimates the project to cost $184,360, meaning the village will need to pay $44,360. 

“We’ve talked about doing this for at least a year, or so,” said Curt Young, Loudonville’s administrator. “The lighting for Central Park, that’s primarily a safety issue — that’s the primary purpose for lighting there.”

He said the park, located in the village’s downtown area, is not necessarily a hotbed for criminal activity, but the lights will discourage nefarious behavior. 

The county was eligible to receive $150,000 in CDBG funds this cycle, said Nikki Hiller, deputy clerk for the Ashland County Commissioners.

 An additional $10,000, on top of the $140,000 allocation to Loudonville, was set aside for the paying of fees associated with administering the funds, Hiller said.

The $140,000 will become available around September, but the project will not go out for bidding until spring of 2022, Hiller said.

Ashland County receives CDBG money every two years. The next round of funding will be announced in 2023. She said Loudonville had not received CDBG funds for a few years, which helped commissioners choose the village for this project.

"We try to alternate what area of the county gets the grant each time," she said.

Other projects around the county that did not get chosen for CDBG allocations this year included: 

• $60,000 for Hayesville’s sidewalk improvements, signage, lights and a demolition.

• $121,852 for Bailey Lakes’ street paving project.

• $220,000 for Bailey Lakes’ sewer updates project. 

• $55,177 for Savannah’s sidewalk improvements project 

• $220,000 for Loudonville’s street paving project 

The commissioners also gave Hiller the green light to apply for a $500,000 Critical Infrastructure grant through the CDBG program. If granted, the money will be used for a water treatment plant project in Hayesville Village.

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