John Husted

Ohio Lt. Governor John Husted spoke Tuesday at the Ashbrook Center in Ashland.

ASHLAND -- Ohio Lt. Governor Jon Husted spoke on “Remembering What Made America Great” in front of hundreds of college students, high school students and community members on Tuesday in the John C. Meyers Convocation Center on the campus of Ashland University.

The event was held as part of Ashland University Ashbrook Program’s Fall 2019 “Major Issue Lecture Series.”

Husted presented a 25-minute speech that touched on values important to him and what he thinks made America great today.

“It’s such a hot topic today because Donald Trump uses it as his slogan and everyone has their different take about it,” Husted said. “There is foundational evidence to lead us to believe certain things were important in making America great.”

Husted noted that everyone has their own idea of what made America great, but he presented his main themes to the audience, including:

Hard Work -- “My life lessons taught me that if you want something, you have to work for it. I think that is at the core of what the American dream is about.”

Personal Responsibility -- “I always tell my kids if you have a problem in life and you want to solve it, the best person to talk to is the one you see in the mirror in the morning. That person is usually the cause of your problems and that person is usually the source of your solutions.”

Family -- “Family is one of those things that is the greatest instrument of education, the greatest instrument of teaching values and the greatest instrument of human development that ever existed. Having strong family is the idea that you’re built around your family, you look out for each other. It’s the smallest unit of community.”

Faith -- “I don’t know how society can operate without faith. I don’t think that most people I know in life really find happiness without faith and realizing that there’s that bigger purpose that unites us.”

Freedom -- “Education in a global world is freedom. To go out and live your American dream and what’s great is everybody got to pursue it, they came from all over the world to be here for the idea of living free. Since that idea of America began to spread there are many more places around the world that are like that.”

These values were the bulk of Husted’s speech as he challenged the audience to examine what they believe in, and asked if they would be willing to make a sacrifice to defend that notion.

Husted was elected Lt. Gov. of Ohio on Nov. 6, 2018 and previously served as Ohio’s Secretary of State from 2011-2019, a member of the Ohio Senate from 2009-2011 and Speaker of the Ohio House from 2005-2009.

As the Lt. Gov., he has a great deal of responsibility in economic development and workforce development. Husted also oversees the Ohio Common Sense Initiative (CSI) and serves as the Director of both the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation and InnovateOhio.

Husted wrapped up with his speech by localizing it towards the Ashland community.

“Keeping the ideal in line of what you’re really all about and bringing people together to solve those problems, that’s what a community is,” Husted said. “Ashland’s a great community, it’s a great place because you work together to solve problems.”

“It is up to all of us every single day in everything we do to be the instrument of democracy, instrument of hope and the instrument of peace that God intended this nation to be.”

Husted’s full speech can be viewed online at

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