Winfield Bed and Breakfast

The former Winfield Bed and Breakfast on Ohio 60 south of Ashland has been sold. 

ASHLAND - The former Winfield Bed and Breakfast on Ohio 60 south of Ashland recently sold for $275,000, according to records from the Ashland County Auditor's Office.

Bill and Sally Davidson owned the property and operated the business from their home at 1568 Ohio 60 for years. They officially sold the property to Brocton and Leslie Zimmerman March 28. 

Prominently located at the intersection of Ohio 60 and County Road 1775-- the area often referred to as Moherman Corners-- the Winfield property is known for its Italianate architecture. The house was built in 1876, according to the Winfield website. 

The Davidsons declined to comment about the sale but posted a message on their website thanking guests for their patronage and announcing the business will be closing.

"We value all of time, love and laughs that we were able to experience with you over the years," the Davidsons wrote. "With heavy hearts and after a great deal of thought on the issue, we have decided to close the doors of the Winfield Bed and Breakfast for the final time."

The Davidsons went on to write that closing the bed and breakfast was a difficult decision and that they will miss the guests they have served over the years. 

Ashland County Property Transfers:

City of Ashland 

242 W. Liberty St.; Leslie Zimmerman to Timothy R. Haglund and Jennifer Ditlevson Haglund; $119,900.

951 Thomas Drive; Brock Thompson and Hannah Thompson to Andrew Ditlevson and Andrea Ditlevson; $164,500.

102 E. Liberty St.; Weylin Burgett to John Palermo; $78,000.

2316 Foxwood Drive; Kenneth Fultz and Carolyn Fultz to Ann Wurster, Trustee; $376,000. 

525 Ohio St.; Teri Ballou-Kehl to Beau Chumley; $71,500.

924 E. Bank St.; Douglas Sitterly and Victoria Sitterly to RHBS Properties LLC; $160,000.

1128 Columbus Circle South; U.S. Bank Trust, N.A., as Trustee for LSF9 Master Participation Trust; $100,100.

1102 Hale Ave.; Nathan Parsons and Jill Parsons to Celia Cureton and Reginald Cureton; $130,000.

418 Pleasant St.; Finley Living Trust to Douglas Book and Michelle Book; $90,000.

743 Ellis Ave.; Margaret Smith to Kevin Oberholtzer; $65,000. 

1.985 acres Commerce Parkway; Loral Ashland Development LLC to Nolletti Properties LLC; $109,175. 

W. 15th St.; Lisa Harmon to Fred Pryor; $5,000.

420 Claremont Ave.; The Wittmer Keystone Inheritance Trust to Hatcher LLC; $145,000. 

1107 Wick Ave.; The Bonnie Keener Trust to PDPRN Properties Ltd.; $46,000. 

216 Steele Ave.; Charleene Y. Bloss to Matthew Wilson and Ashley Wilson; $85,000.

633 Indian Trail; Barbara Hunt to David Dull and Beverly Dull; $148,400.

226 E. 9th St.; The Huntington National Bank to Craig Scott; $25,100.

227 Sherman Ave.; Craig Scott to Bradford Whatman and Michelle Whatman; $89,900.

143 Glenwood Drive; Rosemary Britenbucher to Brandon Miller and Anna Miller; $122,500.

338 Katherine Ave.; Jordon Appleby to William Converse and Tonia Converse; $150,000.

930 Oakbrook Drive; Evelyn Palik Estate to Jean Keener; $185,000. 

228 North Countryside Drive; Terry Gerwig to Robert Beer and Anne Beer; $425,000. 

833 Oakbrook Drive; Todd Camp, Trustee to William Michael; $51,333.

833 Oakbrook Drive; James Camp and Barbara McQuillen to William Michael; $102,666.68.

Lot 3671 Mifflin Ave.; Fixed Up Properties to Catherine Chandler; $30,000. 

705 Smith Road; John Willis and Becky Willis to Doyle Willis, Sr.; $115,000. 

0.022 Acre Lot 3438 Park St.; Sally Schramm to Russell and Leslie Jan Weaver; $3,056.

958 Grove Ave.; Bonnie S. Monahan, Successor Trustee, to Erik Resar; $45,000.

306 E. 9th St.; Otto Herrera to Douglas Miller; $32,900.

880 Avalon Drive; Estate of Richard Peterson to James Amstutz and Susan Amstutz; $80,100.

890 Stone Creek Blvd.; Eric Teague and Sherri Teague to Jason Roblin and Michelle Roblin; $260,000. 

.8 Acres 1008 Commerce Parkway; SDAA LLC to Healthcare Partners LLC; $140,000. 

802 Ohio St.; Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Fixed Up Properties; $30,000.

Village of Bailey Lakes

1246 First Ave.; Calvin Keefer and Lynn Keefer, Trustees of the Keefer Living Trust; $58,500.

Village of Loudonville

202 Stone Meadow Circle; Ronald Kettering and Karen Spreg to Ronald Kettering and Marilyn Kettering; $60,600.

216 N. Adams St.; Frederick Heffelfinger and David Heffelfinger to Wendela Properties LLC; $60,000.

318 Wales Drive; Kyle Picklesimer and Brittany Picklesimer to Leif Shepherd; $160,000. 

403 S. Mount Vernon Ave.; Matthew Burd and Marissa Burd to Emily Henceroth; $89,900. 

Lot 32 Meadow Stone Circle; Schlabach Builders Ltd to rebecca Mott; $28,000.

Village of Mifflin

136 Minnesota St.; Estate of C. David Bright to Brandon Wolf Properties LLC; $4,500.

Village of New London

1345 County Road 16; Gregory and Michelle Anderson to Hali and Warren Ortiz; $244,900.

Clear Creek Township

1431 Township Road 1106; Loren Zimmerman and Rosanna Zimmerman to Justin Burkholder and Roseanne Burkholder; $6,000.

1182 County Road 575; Nancy Holt and Charles Holt to Ellis Zimmerman and Mary Jane Zimmerman; $420,000.

7 Chapel St., Nova; Bruce Richards and Dana Richards to Divvy Homes Warehouse LLC; $105,000.

1305 County Road 500; Daniel Hunter to Jesse Spears and Donna Spears; $5,000. 

50 N. Main St.; Estate of Nancy Householder to J and L Rental Properties Ltd.; $9,000. 

Green Township

2810 Ohio 60; Brandon Miller to Shane Robertson and Virginia Robertson; $95,000.

139 W. 3rd St., Perrysville; Scott Dessenberg to Annette Jones; $0.

2520 Township Road 678; Donald Myers Jr. and Jean Myers, Trustees of the Myers Revocable Living Trust to Tamara Sergent and William Sergent; $500,000. 

528 Township Road 2402; Stacy Schaffer, Trustee to Emery Yoder and Susan Yoder; $150,000.

Hanover Township 

Ohio 3; Mohican River Canoe Livery Inc to Mohican Real Estate Holdings LLC; $1,347,250. 

Jackson Township

Unit 1, Lot 156, Cinnamon Lake Subdivision; Cinnamon Lake Association Inc to Duane and Lori Schrier; $500.

Main Street, Polk; Merlyn Kettering and Una Kettering to Daniel Kettering and Donna Kettering, Trustees; $33,000.

120 County Road 530; James Eglin to Josef Crumley and Justine Crumley; $132,000.

Congress Road, Polk; Larry and Tina Cacey to John P. Miller; $16,000. 

1258 Acuminata Drive and 2171 Tarragon Drive; Joshua Weltz to David Holbrath; $1,600. 

4004 Larch Place; Robert Gibson and Anna Gibson to Sara Potts; $146,464. 

Lot 16 S. Unit 111; James and Laura Hass to Jeffrey and Patricia Geaslen; $2,000. 

4209 Majorna Drive; James and Jeanine Prindle to Anthony and Elisabeth Lisy; $305,000.

2131 Tarragon Drive; Donald Anthony Phillips to Melanie Render; $2,900.

Lake Township

2498 County Road 37; Lakefork United Methodist Church to Matthew Steiner, Sr. and Gail Steiner; $35,000.

Mifflin Township

1199 County Road 2075; Philip Smith and Victoria Smith; $190,000. 

9 Shoreline Drive; Richard Owens III and Katherine Owens to Brian Sturgill and Julie Sturgill; $270,000. 

1881 Ohio 603; Daniel Bailey to Douglas Clark; $250,000.

Ohio 603 and Township Road 1265; Janet Hamilton, Successor Trustee, to Cristy Yoder and Wayne Yoder; $129,000.

Milton Township

1376 Township Road 1656; Cindy Hause, Trustee to Evan Kamenik and Haley Bartholomew; $78,000.

162 Township Road 1153; Gary George and Carly George to Sheryl Budd; $235,000.

21 Acres Township Road 1353; David Bowser to Emanuel and Esther Yoder; $126,984.

1199 Township Road 1293; Michael Johnson to Shane Gault and Michelle Gault; $156,500.

Mohican Township

.806 Acres County Road 1675; Jerome View Farms to Lawrence and Sallie Sue Bair; $12,000.

Various parcels; David Twining to Reece Turner; $7,000.

Montgomery Township

1655 Ohio 60 South; John Resendez to William Long; $230,950.

1568 Ohio 60; William Davidson and Sally Davidson to Brocton Zimmerman and Leslie Zimmerman; $275,000.

1181 Township Road 653; Mark Schneeg and Julianne Schneeg to Weylin Burgett; $199,900.

Township Road 973; G & K Rowland Builders Inc to Jason Oblinger and Heather Oblinger; $35,000.

1644 Township Road 1153; Duane Smeltzer and Linda Smeltzer, Co-Trustees, to Kamenik Real Estate, LLC; $425,000.

1654 County Road 1095; Lorna Charlene Hensel to Lorn Knowlton Jr.; $65,000. 

1570 Ohio 511; Donna Aber to Leslie Stivason; $257,000.

Orange Township

919 Township Road 754; Douglas Clark and Danna Clark to Jordon Appleby and Rhiannon Appleby; $288,000.

736 County Road 801; Robert Lawrentz to Nadine Foster; $181,000. 

1049 U.S. 250; City of Ashland to Martin Wesner and Jennifer Wesner; $1,755,072. 

Perry Township

1463 Ohio 89; Michael Madden and Rita DeMarco-Madden to Mark Schneeg and Julianna Schneeg; $260,000.

168 U.S. 250; Benjamin Parks to E. Robert Boliantz, Susan Boliantz and E. Cory Boliantz; $58,000. 

1100 Township Road 353; John Eglin and Jean Eglin to James Eglin; $170,000.

284 U.S. 250; Heather Osborn to Stephanie Hall; $137,500. 

Ruggles Township

360 County Road 1183; Laura Hykes to James Hunter and Ruth Hunter; $230,000.

179 County Road 1181; Ronald and Roberta White, Co-Trustees to Shelby White; $35,000.

Sullivan Township 

2.07 Acres County Road 681; Morgan Selig to Stephen Amerla and Michelle Amerla; $12,000.

Troy Township 

922 Township Road 150; Ryan and Beth Lesch; $215,000.

Vermillion Township 

1090 Township Road 1906; Erich Diener and Kaye Diener to Duane Smeltzer and Linda Smeltzer; $274,900. 

17 W. Main St.; John and Vicki Teschler to 4 Pugs LLC; $35,000. 

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