Mayor Matt Miller

Mayor Matt Miller (Jan. 19, 2021)

ASHLAND --  Cleanup at the former Pump House property on Fourth Street should be finished today (Jan. 20).

The last remnants of the former structure -- contaminated materials and soil under a tarp -- were removed late last week and soil was hauled in to fill the space. The soil is expected to be graded by mid-day Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Ashland City Council approved spending up to $260,000 to complete environmental remediation and waste disposal at the property.  

"The truth of the matter is, even though we're asking you to authorize us to enter this agreement today, the work will be done tomorrow." Ashland mayor Matt Miller said. "They asked if they could move forward two weeks ago, because it was more cost effective when they had their crews together and their equipment here."

The legislation passed Tuesday stated Council did not seek competitive bidding, as "the condition of the subject property constitutes a real and present emergency." 

The City of Ashland used Reclaim Consulting Services LLC and Complete Property Services LLC to complete the work.

The hired services were present to complete work at an adjoining property, the former Hess and Clark building. The city of Ashland is under contract to sell the former Hess and Clark building to Abacus Industrial Development LLC after the developer demolishes the structure. 

According to Miller, the EPA already signed off on the cleanup and there was less contamination than initially anticipated.

"Tomorrow by noon, all the debris remaining will be gone, once and for all," Miller said. 

Later in the meeting, the mayor estimated that demolition at the former Hess and Clark building will begin by late next week. At last meeting, he anticipated it would begin sooner. 

He noted Tuesday that there will now be an attempt to remove a few items of historical prominence -- a fireplace, corner stones and a few other items -- before demolition begins. 

Additionally, the developer has shifted its plans to build a data center to "a bigger investment," Miller said.

He asked the community to stay tuned for further information. 

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