Recycle Bins

There are five recycle bins at 1270 Middle Rowsburg Road in Ashland. 

ASHLAND — Dropping off recyclables in the village of Savannah is now possible as three bins have been moved to the village's baseball fields. 

The village becomes the 15th location in Ashland County where residents can drop off plastic, paper and cardboard, glass and aluminum. 

Bins, each designated for different recyclable items, were placed at 14 different locations throughout the county in late June.

The countywide program is through a five-year contract with Dover-based Kimble Recycling & Disposal Inc. Ashland County pays $11,447 per month for the program. 

The service replaces the Ashland County Recycling Center, which closed in December. 

The three bins in Savannah will be placed at the Savannah Ball Park, located along State Route 545. The bins were moved from existing drop-off locations, said Ashland County Commissioners President Denny Bittle.

"There will be some changes as we go along (with the program)," Bittle said.

For a list of the other drop-off locations, click here.

Julie Monroy, a spokeswoman for Kimble, said Thursday the program has been going well. But the company is still finding plastic bags in the bins. 

"When you take your clean and dry recyclables to the recycling bins, just be sure to break open the plastic bags, take your plastic bags home with you," Monroy said. "We do not want them in the recycling stream because they get wrapped around the gears and the equipment over in our recycling center, which causes a breakdown every few hours."

She said operators use box cutters to remove the plastic bags from the machine's gears.

County commissioners have been reminding residents to remove recyclables from plastic bags for weeks. 

"It is a little different for our county, when we made the major change," Bittle said, adding he and other commissioners will continue to remind people of the change. 

Kimble has also urged residents to clean and dry the materials before taking them out to the bins.

For further information on what is acceptable in the bins, click here

Kimble has agreed to transport materials one to three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, depending on the location.

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