Big Lyons Falls at Mohican

A 16-year-old boy fell at Big Lyons Falls in Mohican on Monday. He was transported to an Akron-area hospital.

PERRYSVILLE -- A teenage boy was life-flighted to an Akron trauma center Monday evening after plummeting an estimated 50 feet from a waterfall in Mohican State Park.

According to a press release from the Ashland County Sheriff's Office, the 16-year-old was a runaway from the Mohican Young Star Academy at 1012 ODNR Mohican Rd. 51.

He had escaped the juvenile treatment facility around 4 p.m. Monday and made his way through Mohican State Park, where he fell at Big Lyons Falls.

The youngster was located and rescued from the falls later that evening, assessed and transported to the Mohican Memorial Shrine on State Route 97, where Cleveland Metro Life Flight was standing by. He was taken to an Akron facility.

At this time, the extent of his injuries are unknown. 

In addition to the sheriff's office presence, emergency personnel from Loudonville Fire and EMS, Perrysville Fire, ODNR rangers, Muskingum Watershed rangers responded to the scene. 

This case is still under investigation.

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