Tractor Pull

A tractor following it's pull at the event.

ASHLAND -- On Friday night, the Ashland community was brought together as the Full Pull Showdown, organized by KW Productions and sponsored by Wenco Wendy’s, took place at the Ashland County Fairgrounds.

The tractor and truck pull event featured an abundance of fair food vendors, a performance by Tom’s Kitchen Table and pulls from the OSTPA and Buckeye Power Productions classes. All of the proceeds from the event will be donated to Fostering Family Ministries.

This is the first year that this individual event has taken place and was organized following the cancelation of the tractor pull that was originally part of the Ashland County Fair.

Mindi White, owner of KW Productions, planned the event along with her boyfriend because of their shared love of pulls. With White’s event planning skills and her boyfriend's history with tractor pulls, she knew it was an event that they could take on.

“Everyone’s anxious to get out and do things, so we just wanted people to come out, have a good time, spend time together, and enjoy the pull,” White said.

The President and CEO of Wenco Wendy’s, Zane Gross, assisted White in selecting the foundation where the proceeds would go. The initial goal was to raise $5000, but White is confident that the goal was surpassed.

“We’re not in this to make money whatsoever,” White said. “It’s really just to give back and put a pull on and have something for people to do.”

Attendee Tyler Long said that the tractor pull is his favorite event and being able to see the pulls up close made the experience even better.

“It’s cool to watch the high performance machines in action and how they modify them,” Long said. “I liked walking around and just looking at them while they’re getting ready for their pull.”

White was thrilled by the tremendous support from the public before the event and, assuming there is enough demand, plans on planning another event sometime next year.

“My favorite part of any event is seeing people's faces and seeing the kids get excited about what’s going on,” White said. “Seeing the crowd happy and excited and enjoying it is the best part.”

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