ASHLAND — Ashland Source's Dillon Carr joined WRDL The Early Bird's Word hosts Nicholas Stupka and Brandon Gunder on Thursday to talk about the latest local news. 

In this week's show, Carr highlighted the Ohio Department of Transportation's plans to construct a roundabout at the intersection of Cottage Street, U.S. Route 250 and Faultless Drive.

He also spoke about the latest Neighbor Spotlight, which featured Mistie Poorbaugh-Hray, the owner of Grandpa's Cheesebarn in Ashland. 

He also plugged Talk the Vote, an event aimed at getting voters together in one room to talk about issues they hope candidates focus on during the election cycle. 

Carr moderated the first of two sessions on Wednesday. The discussion centered on Ashland City Council candidates for wards 2 and 3. The second session is scheduled from 6 to 7 p.m. Oct. 14 at Uniontown Brewing Company in Ashland. Register for the event here.

An Ashland Source staff member features top stories from the last week every Thursday morning on WRDL's The Early Bird's Word.

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