Amanda jones

Amanda Jones was sworn in as the Ashland County Board of Elections new deputy director Thursday, January 2. 

ASHLAND -- Lifelong Ashland County resident, Amanda Jones was sworn in as the Ashland County Board of Election's new deputy director Thursday afternoon.

Jones, 34, replaces former deputy director Kathy Howman, who retired at the end of 2019. Howman had worked at the Board of Elections since 1995.

"Amanda started as a poll worker, she's done machine tech, and she's helped with absentee voting, so this was just a natural progression for her to move up to deputy director," Howman said about Jones. "She's smart, young, catches on easily, and she'll do a great job."

Jones began volunteering at polling stations approximately 12 years ago, following in her grandmother's footsteps. When her grandmother needed to give up volunteering, Jones stepped up to fill her place. 

"I enjoyed seeing the people and talking with the other poll workers," Jones said.

More than a year ago, Jones was hired full-time for the Board of Elections as a clerk. In that time, she's seen close elections and knows the importance of voting. 

"The one election came down to one vote in one of the races," Jones said. "Every vote counts. Just in the short time I've been here, I've witnessed that." 

When learning the deputy director positioned would open, the board chair Andrew Keller saw Jones as a "natural fit."

"She's hardworking and a quick study. She has deep roots in the ashland community, which is important for this type of position," Keller said. "I think she'll be an excellent compliment to Shannon Johnson, who currently serves as our director. She's an excellent Republican representative from our staff."

The director and deputy director switch positions regularly. The director is determined during board meetings held every other year. 

The Central Committee Chair of the Ashland County Republican Party Jane Roland swore Jones into office. 

Jones has been married 10 years to her husband, Steve. The couple has two children, Lincoln and Piper.

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