ASHLAND -- What questions do you have for UH Samaritan Medical Center about patient care amid the COVID-19 pandemic? 

Maybe you’re curious about how the local hospital is reacting to Ohio’s reopening? Perhaps you have questions about how it shares testing, PPE and other resources with the greater UH system? Or you want to know how you can best protect yourself and loved ones?  

Leadership from the Ashland hospital will hold a press conference in the coming weeks and has teamed with local media outlets like Ashland Source to collect reader-submitted questions for the occasion. 

In collaboration with other media outlets including Ashland Times Gazette and Ashland County Pictures, Ashland Source will cover the press conference via Facebook Live and ask as many reader-submitted questions as possible within the limited time. More information will be shared when available via email with anyone who submits a question. 

To submit a question through Ashland Source, see the form below or send an email to tracy@ashlandsource.com.  

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