Ashland students overcame a difficult school year amid COVID-19, and were saluted by the Ashland Teachers Association on Tuesdasy.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Ashland Teacher's Association submitted this letter to Ashland Source to applaud the work of the school district's students during the 2020-21 school year.

As the school year for the Ashland City School District comes to a close, the members of the Ashland City Teachers Association would like to express to our community how proud we are of the students in our care.

As their teachers, counselors, therapists, psychologists, and small group instructors we saw firsthand how difficult it was to be a student during this past year and a half. Compared to any prior years, their adversities had no precedent.

They had to endure multiple transitions from classroom learning to online learning and then back to in-class learning. Making these transitions even more difficult were quarantines and Covid protocols, limitations on extracurricular options and outlets, not to mention the mental and emotional stresses caused by life during a global pandemic.

And while it was not easy, and some days were more successful than others, the students were able to overcome these challenges with grace and courage. For this, we are truly appreciative of all of their hard work and accomplishments. The list of accomplishments from all grade levels this year in particular is simply astounding.

From the various clubs, performances, community outreach activities, artistic endeavors, and athletic accomplishments the students persevered and remained as involved and active as they could during this unprecedented time. Yet beyond those great accomplishments, we are most thankful for their patience and persistence in the classroom.

While we hope the curriculum they learned this year will help them maximize their future potential, this year more than any other the lessons learned go well beyond books and notes; this year’s lesson was of the strength of our community and group perseverance.

This was a lesson we all learned together and is one we will forever be grateful to have learned alongside our students. We are equal parts proud and thankful for who they are and what they have accomplished.

We congratulate them on completing their school year, we hope they enjoy a well-deserved summer break, and we look forward to seeing them again for next school year!

Ashland Teachers' Association

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