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Tonight, I received the call no one believes they will ever get. My father has contracted Covid-19. Now what?

Life or death? Where was it contracted? Who else has it now? Mom?

Who has the answers? Who can tell us what to do now? Do we just wait? Whose fault is it?

Whose side is God on? Mask or no mask? Health or economy? R or D?

When did money override our compassion? Why can't we be still?

Does fear blind us? Will the stimulus check cover funeral costs? What figure is enough for human life? $1200?

What do we do now? What happened to truth? Is lying accepted...even approved of? Will we ever have faith in our "leadership" again?

How do we heal...ourselves, humanity, the environment, all other life?

Do our choices matter? Do we value human life? Do we value any life?

What is normal? Why do we fear change? Does greed blind us? When will we ever have enough? What are we willing to do to get more? Does more being true happiness, peace, or joy?

What would Jesus do? Would He open the economy?

Are humans a virus? Have we brought this upon ourselves? When will the fever break?

Will my father live? Who's next? Does anyone really care? When will we ever learn?

Theresa Clark

Loudonvile, Ohio

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