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Most days, I can’t even believe how lucky I am. I seriously love my job and it’s largely because of the people in Ashland. I live in a wonderful community in a time when exciting things are happening, seemingly every day. Thank you, Ashland area readers, for valuing local news and for trusting me to tell your stories.

Laser focused on our city and our neighbors

It’s because of your support that Ashland Source has continued to grow, despite challenges that have plagued the local news industry in recent years. You probably didn’t know this, but out-of-state chains own most dedicated news organizations in Ashland, Richland, Knox, Morrow, and Crawford counties.

Ashland Source and our sister sites, Richland Source and Knox Pages are some of the few exceptions.

Despite that climate, we’ve significantly expanded our news coverage. Ashland Source has grown from a single page on the Richland Source website to its own website focused solely on Ashland County.

We’ve hired some extra help to bolster the Ashland newsroom, added features like an Ashland events calendar and a local jobs board, and launched a curated email newsletter.

My colleagues and I are laser-focused on local news and committed to telling the whole story of our cities and towns.

Could we drive more web traffic if we pushed out national headlines or covered more “bad news?” Sure. But that wouldn’t serve our readers, and it wouldn’t be an accurate reflection of Ashland County. So we don’t do it. 

Let’s do this journalism thing together.

The truth is that quality community journalism costs money, and we can’t do it without your help.

How do we do that? Join forces with us as we launch our membership program.

We will offer three affordable membership tiers with monthly and annual options. Every dollar from your membership will go directly to support the news gathering operations that serve you now.

Becoming a member isn’t just a feel-good thing, though. Your membership makes you eligible for great benefits at literally dozens of locally owned businesses throughout our coverage area. You’ll also be invited to member meet-ups, where you can talk face-to-face with our reporters about issues that concern you. 

We aren’t adding a paywall or a per-month article limit. Our content will remain free for both members and non-members.

If you agree that accurate, independent local journalism is vital to a community, then please consider purchasing a Source Membership and support our work.

Let’s Party on June 20th!

We would love to have you attend our membership launch event on June 20 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. the Convocation Center at Ashland University. You’ll meet the team, enjoy food and drinks and learn more about our program and its benefits. The event is free, just reserve a spot!

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Our content is free and always will be - but we rely on your support to sustain it.