Michigan's Lavert Hill and Johnnie DixonJPG

Michigan's Lavert Hill (24) and Ohio State's Johnnie Dixon collide on the goal line at Ohio Stadium in 2018.

MANSFIELD -- Ever wonder what a group of sportswriters sounds like during an Ohio State-Michigan game?

We're going to bring you as close to that experience as possible Saturday at Idea Works with a Facebook livestream during The Game from our West Fourth Street office in downtown Mansfield.

Actually, this will be better, because it's generally a muted atmosphere in the press box to observe the long-standing professional tradition of no cheering in a working environment.

Larry Phillips mug shot

Richland Source managing editor Larry Phillips has led the Source newsrooms since 2016. He has followed the OSU football team his entire life.

Well, we're not in a press box and our work is to react. This week we're fans, just like you. And we want you to join us on Facebook live as we celebrate the rivalry -- and Small Business Saturday.

Richland Source employees Curt Conrad, Carl Hunnell, Zac Hiser, myself and at least one very special, but well-known, mystery guest are going to swap stories, gorge on pizza, guzzle assorted beverages, and respond, just like you will, while the Buckeyes play (and pound the hell out of) Michigan after a one-year hiatus in the series.

Suffice to say we will offer you more than a collective century-plus of OSU football knowledge.

I might be a show unto myself depending on the course of the game. My wife has made me apologize to house guests in advance for my inexcusable behavior when they've joined us for the Ohio-State Michigan game. I tip my Buckeyes to Richland Source for the courage to put that exhibition on display Saturday. Fair warning, this is a PG-13 event that could slip into the R-rated language version should things go south fast for the Buckeyes.

To entice you to join us, we'll also choose a commenter from our Facebook feed to award a special prize from a local business during each quarter. We picked up the prizes this week at T & T's Gifts 4U at The Richland Mall, part of the Shop Small and Small Business Saturday extravaganza.

Last year these two teams didn't meet as the Wolverines quit, er a, cancelled the game in Columbus over COVID-19 concerns (their very fragile story).

Undefeated and playing at home in 2020, coach Ryan Day's squad was robbed of a near-certain, third-straight blowout of Michigan.

Is two years of pent-up energy about to explode in Ann Arbor?

Will Jim Harbaugh's 10-1 team finally get that big win over his nemesis?

We can't wait to find out and revel in sheer euphoria or wallow in utter dejection -- with you.

Join us at timeouts, quarter stops, halftime or best of all during the game itself while surfing the net. Turn the sound down on TV and we will supply the live commentary on Facebook. Comment to us on the Livestream to give yourself a shot at the prizes available during each quarter.

See a big play, a boneheaded call, a coaching blunder?

Feel like tossing a football at the TV when things turn sour?

Wonder what others think as it's happening?

Just like our journalism, we want to do The Game WITH you.

This is your chance to log on, find out, and of course, Go Bucks!

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