Colleen Cook

Several years ago, there was a viral video going around the internet based on a TED talk by Sir Ken Robinson about the way that our society approaches education. The argument was made that the public education system was established to prepare workers for an industrialist society, not one that relies on creativity and innovation in the way the 21st-century workplace does.

A few months ago, I began to notice a pattern. Each morning of the week, I’d wake up to my alarm on my cell phone, begrudgingly pull myself out of bed and, after taking care of a couple basic needs, would begin to wake and ready my kids for school and childcare. 

My career path has been more of a winding road than a straight line. I got my bachelor’s degree in music education and taught for a few years, before some unanticipated changes put me on the path to non-profit administration, which ultimately led to a career in which I lead a digital marketing agency. 

Did you know that every seven years, every cell in your body regenerates? Essentially, you become a totally new person over the course of every seven years.

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