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Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose

COLUMBUS — United States Senate candidate Frank LaRose issued the following statement regarding President Trump’s arrest this week in Georgia:

“As the chief elections officer of a major battleground state, I believe all candidates have a right to ensure that every legal vote is cast and counted, and they’re entitled to due process if they think that didn’t happen. The fact that pursuing those basic rights can unleash the full force of the government is nothing short of anti-American.

“What’s happening in Georgia right now should alarm anyone who cares about the integrity of free and fair elections. The radical left is sending a terrifying message that if you dare to question the outcome, they will arrest you, prosecute you and attempt to destroy you. They’ll not only come after you personally but also anyone who comes to your legal defense.

“The real crime here is the egregious double standard that allows Stacy Abrams, Sherrod Brown, Al Gore and plenty of others on the left to deny election outcomes and challenge votes with widespread praise for their patriotism, while Donald Trump gets a mug shot and a rap sheet.

“We tolerate and normalize this behavior at our own peril.”