The Ohio Department of Transportation is planning to build two more roundabouts in Ashland County's Jackson Township in 2024. The intersection pictured is at U.S. Route 42 and State Route 302. 

Credit: Dillon Carr

ASHLAND — Last November, Ashland Source reported the Ohio Department of Transportation planned on bringing two more roundabouts to the area. 

One will be located at the intersection of state routes 89 and 302, and the other is expected to be at the intersection of U.S. Route 42 and State Route 302.

An Ashland Source reader recently asked for an update on those two roundabouts. “Have the plans changed?” he asked. 

The short answer is no — plans have not changed. 

“Both projects are still on schedule to begin Spring 2024,” said Kaitlyn Thompson, a public information officer for ODOT’s District 3.

Thompson said right-of-way acquisition is complete and that the project is now in the “utility relocation” phase.

“That means motorists/residents may see more activity from utility companies in the area beginning now till the start of the project as they work to clear the right of way of any utilities that may obstruct project work,” Thompson said. 

Starting Jan. 11, 2024, ODOT will begin advertising for the sale of the project to one contractor. The estimated sale date, Thompson said, is Feb. 22, 2024.


“By utilizing one contractor to manage both projects we will improve control and flexibility of project phasing and avoid adversely impacting the adjacent roundabout project or property owner access to parcels between the two construction sites,” she said. 

Thompson said the one-contractor approach could also cut down on the cost. The roundabout planned for U.S. 42 and State Route 302 has been estimated to cost $2.5 million. The other, at State routes 89 and 302 could cost $2.7 million.

Once construction starts, traffic will be detoured for around 90 days, Thompson said. She was not able to include detour details.

Ashland welcomed its first and only roundabout last September. It is located at the intersection of U.S. Highway 250, Cottage Street and Faultless Drive in the city of Ashland.

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