Gertz Culinary & Company has a variety of delectable dishes for your next event.

Whether it’s nourishing company employees at a Christmas party or satisfying sports teams after a big win, Gertz Culinary & Catering has all your culinary needs covered.

Founded by Will Skinner, a seasoned chef with over a decade of experience, Gertz Culinary is a Mansfield-based catering company that has become synonymous with exquisite farm-to-table dining experiences. The company offers a wide range of services to corporate luncheons, business meetings, family reunions, holiday parties, anniversaries, wedding receptions and more.

The name, “Gertz,” pays homage to Skinner’s beloved grandmother, Gertrude, who left a lasting impression on him.

Skinner’s culinary journey began when he found himself at a crossroads in life and did not have a clear path he wanted to follow.
“Working in the culinary industry changed my life,” he said. “I started reading culinary books and fell in love with food. I had no experience, so I began as a dishwasher and worked my way up.”

With his culinary expertise and local products, Skinner is sure to make food to ‘wow’ you and your guests.

His dedication and the guidance of a mentor, Darrin Shelley, helped him develop a profound understanding of the importance of local products and cooking from scratch.

“The quality of the ingredients matters, and when using local farms, you can get a way better result out of the dishes you are making,” Skinner said.

Gertz Culinary purchases ingredients from a variety of regional growers such as Fulfillment Micro Farms, Grow Fourth Urban Farm, High Desert Greens and Richland Grow-Op.

Assistant Athletic Director at Ashland University Elizabeth Hogue, has nothing but positive reviews from using Gertz Culinary after games for AU sports teams. When the university was seeking a local caterer, Gertz Culinary’s menu options and easy to reach communication stood out.

“We will always give Gertz Culinary a good review, the students really enjoy the food and they are very good about getting the meals out on time,” Hogue said.

The company also made sure to include fresh vegetables and adhere to certain restrictions such as keeping the pasta and chicken in separate dishes to accommodate those who may not eat meat.

When Shanna Stapleton Events was looking for a caterer that offered bold flavors and was visually appealing, Gertz Culinary was her very first recommendation. From their initial call, Owner Shanna Stapleton knew Skinner was just what she was looking for.
Since their initial collaboration, Gertz Culinary has become a go-to choice for Shanna Stapleton Events.

“Along with his open communication during the planning process, Will goes above & beyond during the event,” Stapleton said. “He is constantly striving to improve and continues to expand his knowledge in the culinary industry.”

The support of the local community has been instrumental in Gertz Culinary’s success. From small businesses to wedding venues, Skinner feels grateful for the opportunity to prepare meals for many in the community.

“I feel without community support, a business cannot truly be successful. I love that in the area we see so much support for each other because that is one way we can help create a stronger community and make an impact locally,” Skinner said.

Gertz Culinary & Catering is currently booking for the holiday season and events in 2024. To learn more, visit their website or call 440-308-5716.

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