Steve Goines earned enough votes to be the next mayor of Perrysville, barring changes from an automatic recount scheduled for Nov. 28. Credit: Dillon Carr

Editor's Note:

This story has been updated to include Steve Goine's comments following his discovery of winning the election.

ASHLAND — Steve Goines edged Bob Zakutni for the three-way race in Perrysville that has been tied since Nov. 7. 

The Ashland County Board of Elections met Monday to certify the results of the election, as well as apply provisional ballots to the final results. 

Going into Monday, Goines and Zakutni each earned 84 votes. On Monday, the tally ended 87-86.

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The board of elections will perform a recount, per state law that dictates a recount when the results are within 0.05%. 

The recount has been scheduled to happen at 3:30 p.m. on Nov. 28. The board will then perform an audit of certain ballots on Dec. 11. 

Goines, 66, said he has been surprised by the election.

“Honestly, I thought (Zakutni) would win by 10 to 15 votes in the beginning, or I would win by 10 or 15 votes. I didn’t see this tie coming,” he said.

He said, however, the tie reflects an apparent division in Perrysville that he hopes to heal as mayor. Goines said he eagerly awaits the results of the recount.

He was first elected to Perrysville council in November 2021, serving since January 2022.

He has said he’d like to improve communication between elected officials and the public. 

Other priorities include re-establishing a village police department, which would replace the current reliance on the Ashland County Sheriff’s Office. He said he’d also like to resume efforts to annex Mansfield Plumbing Products’ facility into the village. 

He works as a truck driver for Skybox Packaging in Mansfield.

Goines’ four-year term commences Jan. 1, 2024.

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