ASHLAND — The building that housed the Ashland Times-Gazette newspaper for 90 years sold in late June to Jewl House LLC. 

The company bought the property on June 22 for $217,250, according to real estate records. 

The Ashland Times-Gazette, now owned by Gannett Co., has been headquartered in the building on Second Street 1931.

The following is a complete list of Ashland County property transfers from the Ashland County Auditor's office for June 22 to July 26. 

Property transfers are published monthly by Ashland Source.


40, 53, 59 East Second Street, Ashland; Copley Ohio Newspapers, Inc. to Jewl House, LLC; $217,250. 

161 Sharon Ave., Ashland; Michael D. Doty to Paul G. and Sheila M. Casto; $114,900. 

1333 Woodland Drive, Ashland; Ashland SF Housing LLC to John J. Marquette; $280,000.

930 Luray Drive, Ashland; John J. Marquette to Jacob D. and Amanda Studer; $279,000.

1175 Village Lane, Ashland; S&S Properties LLC to Ashland Village Lane LLC; $90,000.

607 Eastern Ave., Ashland; Bradley G. and Savanah L. Nirosky to Stephen Ross and Abigail Bahr; $120,000.

728 Sandusky St., Ashland; Erin M. and Diego Cedeno to Carla R. and Steven P. Wilkinson; $142,000. 

1100 Myers Ave., Ashland; Donald A. Brinker to Christian J. Shetler; $50,000.

316 Ferrrell Ave., Ashland; Schoonover Rentals LLC to Penton Properties LLC; $55,000.

144 High St., Ashland; Douglas C. Click to Kelly Lynn Click; $75,500. 

350 West Main St. and 208 Pleasant St., Ashland; Jericho Holdings Ltd. to Alexander Investments LLC; $195,000.

150 Sharon Ave., Ashland; Robert B. Crobin and Taylor R. Wright to Cameron and Amanda Middis; $165,000.

42 West Main St., Ashland; JWP Holdings LLC to Midwest Estates LLC; $197,000.

103 Highland Blvd, Ashland; Matthew D. Dravenstott to GSD, LLC; $159,000.

324 East Liberty St., Ashland; Shirley M. Mack to GSD, LLC; $80,000.

870 Woodview Drive, Ashland; Raymond A. and Ann J. Jacobs to Robert B. and Taylor Renee Corbin; $312,500.

656 Cleveland Ave., Ashland; Chistopher C. Wires and William D. and Sandra K. Gibbs; $120,000. 

319 East Liberty St., Ashland; Thomas E. Smoot to Alexander L. Wise; $120,000.

1028 Overlook Drive, Ashland; Robert R. Farnsworth to Cory M and Shandi Webb; $171,500. 

604 Cleveland Ave., Ashland; Keith C. Peggy J. Boales to Tracey Lynn Bock; $95,000.

120 East Walnut St., Ashland; Robert and Leslie Lake to Maci Ann Langston; $90,000.

135 Lilac Lane, Ashland; Dawson and Ashlee N. Bunger to Christy L. Markel; $170,000.

723 and 725 Fairbanks St., Ashland; Tonya L. Heft to Carmenohio Properties LLC; $134,000.

1200 Quaker Square, Ashland; James S. and Kimberly Studeny Calhoon to Steven C. and Theresa M. Watson; $275,000.

119 Sunset Drive, Ashland; Jason R. and Melissa Snow to Jordan K. Yuengert; $132,000.

917 Hillcrest Drive, Ashland; Kimberly Sue Douglas to Joshua M. and Rachael R.M. Benedict; $180,000.

712 Ellis Ave., Ashland; Corey M. and Elizabeth A. Hosfeld to Ryan Matthew McClintock; $99,900. 

438 East 9th St., Ashland; Mandy M. Zediker to Rental Homes of Ashland LLC; $78,500.

612 Heltman Ave., Ashland; Kathy K. Kyser to Bruce and Dana Richards; $40,000.

613 Heltman Ave., Ashland; Mary J. Pestalitz to Jeremiah and Lisa Lang; $70,000.

1640 and 1664 Claremont Ave., Ashland; Chandler Leasing Inc. to R&N Enterprises LLC; $900,000.

402 Ohio St., Ashland; BT&T Ltd to Robert A. Beaty Jr. and Heather R. Beaty; $88,000.

143 Morgan Ave., Ashland; Mark L. Lutz to Roberto A. and Alyssa Reyes; $189,000.

807 Virginia Ave., Ashland; Laura L. Barnhill to Foster Laing; $207,500.

613 Heltman Ave., Ashland; Jeremiah and Lisa Lang to Mike Nelson; $95,000.

1041 South Parkview Circle, Ashland; Wanda Newcomb to TJ Jones Real Estate LLC; $45,000.

237 Samaritan Ave., Mark and Melinda Rubin to Katie Conwell; $165,000.

1033 Winthrop Lane, Ashland; Jordan Stroub to Christopher L. Tesso and Miranda L. Williamson; $124,000.

1004 Priscilla Lane, Ashland; Carly A. Oswalt to Ashley M. Anderson; $170,000.

193 Lee Ave., Ashland; Zachary J.M. and Evangeline Standridge to Alexander Investments LLC; $100,000.

220 East 10th St., Ashland; U.S. Bank Trust National Association to Matthew and Jennifer Beattie; $65,200.

1010 Shady Lane, Ashland; Jacalyn N. Iceman to Tyler Lee and Ashleigh Marie Groscost; $201,000.

1011 Eastern Ave., Ashland; James L. Gilbert to Nicholas C. Hickey and Beth A. Cadwallader; $80,000.

237 Morgan Ave., Ashland; Thomas J. Budd III to Thomas J. Budd II; $100,000.

Vacant land on State Route 511, vacant land on Eastlake Drive, Ashland; Franklin H. Keener to D&D Keener Real Estate Holdings LLC; $528,000.

2709 Ashwood Court, Ashland; James R. McMillen to Susan A. McMillen; $326,500.

2346 Woodview Court, Ashland; The Martinelli Revocable Living Trust Agreement to Michael and Nedra Martinelli; $253,000.

1310 Meadow Lane, Ashland; William R. Jeffries to Weylin R. Burgett; $160,000.

852 Hoover Drive, Ashland; Robert M. and Anne F. Beer to Donna Marie Coe; $231,500.

852 Beechwood Drive, Ashland; Carolyn A. Johnson to John E. and Karen A. Drabenstott; $250,000.

416 Arthur St., Ashland; Board of Education of Ashland City School District to Schwab Development LLC; $10,000.

708 Ashland Ave., Ashland; Tina M. Young to Harold L. Bright; $37,579.07.

307 Diamon St., Ashland; Casey and Kelly Cooke, Tyler and Jamie Jarvis to Samantha E. Gross and Samuel W. Strahsburg; $140,000.

614 Edgehill Ave., Ashland; Nancy Martin to Joshua Plank and Ciara Kitts; $141,000.

857 Ohio St., Ashland; Jaime L. Sabourin to Tyler S. and Destiny D. Tilton; $106,000.

Clear Creek Township 

1382 County Road 658, Nova; David F. Gardner to Amos W. Nolt Jr. and Norma Z. Nolt; $475,000.

580 State Route 60, Greenwich; Rick Dennison and Mark J. Sheeks to Marissa Cavinee; $134,000.

1221 Township Road 856, Ashland; E. Douglas Lewis Jr. and April Lewis to Adam McClain; $262,000.

603 Township Road 1151, Ashland; Arlene V. Lott to Bradley Fennewald; $410,000.

Green Township 

914 State Route 95, Perrysville; Estate of Helga I. Albrecht to Douglas H. Baker II and Alyson J. Baker; $290,000. 

29 Edgewood Road, Perrysville; Kenneth M. and Charlotte Pryor to Leonard W. and Donna J. Nowacki; $365,000.

113 East Pleasant St., Perrysville; Cathleen D. Thiemens to Morgen S. McElwain; $45,000.

Hanover Township

2983 Township Road 759, Loudonville; The Clara J. Conrad Living Trust to Victor P. Strausbaugh; $445,695.42.

948 Pam Place, Loudonville; Calvin F. Lowe III to Gray and Lowe Holdings LLC.; $18,300.

2995 County Road 529, Loudonville; Ruby A. Weber to Richard Thomas; $145,000. 

3210 State Route 3, Loudonville; Raymond E. Frank Sr. and Karen L. Frank to Jesse E. and Kathrin L. Brubaker; $550,000.

147 South Mount Vernon Ave., Loudonville; Shirley M. Miller to Blaze J. and Julie DM Turner; $115,000.

3355 Township Road 629, Loudonville; Charles R. Timberlake to Chad D. and Cory A. Elliott; $299,000.

2959 County Road 529, Loudonville; Stephen R. and Carol Lycans; $160,000.

3371 Township Road 1089, Butler; Frances C. Taylor to James and Nettie Miller; $220,000.

1093 Township Road 2916, Perrysville; John T. and Rebecca J. Bumgartner to Robert D. Close II and Rhonda L. Close; $160,000.


74 West Main St., Hayesville; Julie L. and Craig P. Kiley to Stephanie A. Morris; $185,000.

Jackson Township 

1421 Minosa Lane, West Salem; Tami Dreher to Barbara Jedlicka; $2,800. 

Unit 1 Lot 287, Cinnamon Lake Subdivision; Cinnamon Lake Association, Inc. to Adam and Diana Rhodes; $2,000.

Unit 6 Lot 56 and 57, Cinnamon Lake Subdivision; Cinnamon Lake Association, Inc. to James and Julie Barnosky; $6,000.

1276 Tupelo Lane, West Salem; Jeffrey A. Ross to Debra A. Rees; $95,000.

Unit 3 Lot 266; Allen C. and Joan J. Blodgett to Matthew Ridgway; $1,500. 

Vacant land on County Road 500, West Salem; Gary L. France to Sam A. and Sarah J. Weaver; $19,151. 

Unit 3 Lot 353 A Cuminata Drive; Albert Lippucci to Daniel Lippucci; $2,800.

3029 Cinnamon Drive, West Salem; Richard C. and Chery Haas to Alicia Anne Foss; $4,500.

1306 Laurel Drive, West Salem; Michelle Sotherland to Jessica Cole; $2,760.

411 County Road 500, West Salem; Terry McConnell and Barbara Grim to 2M Farms LLC; $367,924.

1266 Tupelo Lane, West Salem; Gary R. Petrime to Charles A. and Suzan L. Mertes; $325,000.

2150 Tarragon Drive, West Salem; Mark S. Worstall Jr. to Melissa Renee O'Toole; $155,000.

302 South Main St., Polk; Craig T. Wiley to J&J Housing II LLC; $60,000.

6053 Live Oak Court, West Salem; Dennis R. and Cynthia Long to Jason Marshall; $186,489.

Unit 1 Lot 247 of Cinnamon Lake Subdivision; Russell Sydney and Patricia Johnson to Terese Komorowski; $3,500.


28 North St., Jeromesville; Richard Allen and Melinda Dawn Howard to Thomas Petro; $120,000.

115 West Main St., Jeromesville; Robbie Workman and Malinda Zahnizer to Michael W. Tanner; $24,630. 

15 and 15 1/2 West Main St., Jeromesville; Stephen W. and Kimberly J. Buzzard to Colleen Adams; $55,000.


216 North Adams St., Loudonville; Wendela Properties LLC. to Tyler and Hope Reynolds; $107,000.

216 South Wood St., Loudonville; KC Aubel to Marcus A. and Emma S. Miller; $150,000.

2646 County Road 175, Loudonville; John M. and Eleanor M. Leininger to Jedidiah L. Hendershott; $43,673.

721 East Main St., Loudonville; Colton B. Cronebach to Nicole L. Hawley; $110,000. 

333 East Campbell Street, Loudonville; Thomas E. Motz and Caonnie Sue Beechy to 2 Rivers Holdings LLC; $139,900.

127 North Water St., Loudonville; David and Robert Buzzard to Scott A. and Elaine B. Van Horn; $50,000.

Lake Township

2568 County Road 37, Lakeville; Drew G. Shaarda to Brian Young; $98,850.

County Road 37 split (new parcel), Lakeville; Frances Puster to Elizabeth and David Lackey; $5,000.

Mifflin Township

1150 Township Road 2156, Ashland; Daniel G. Howard to Nathan R. and Joy N. Rumble; $175,000. 

Vacant land on Minnesota Street, Mifflin; John F. Keogh IV and Carolyn A. Keogh to Ricky and Cathie Dudte; $2,500.

1812 County Road 1095, Ashland; J. Michael and Elizabeth Vunderink to Erik S. and Carly A. Oswalt; $360,000.

1185 County Road 30A Unit A, Ashland; Adam L. Twitchell to Justine A. and Garrett Scott Stoops; $168,300.

1118 Township Road 1875, Ashland; Todd A. Smith and Dawn R. Weber to Ryan J. Higgins and Jessica A. Rynski; $585,000.

Milton Township

1237 Township Road 1106, Ashland; David I. and Edna A. Yoder to Cleason N. and Karen B. Zimmerman; $802,150.

1623 Township Road 1323, Ashland; William E. Fast to Jennifer T. Jordan; $152,500.

Land on Township Road 1153, Ashland; Ishwar Upadhaya and Parul Patel to Cody M. and Brittani L. Hunt; $50,000.

1118 Township Road 1704, Ashland; Roger K. and Jamie C. Burton to Josiah D. and Cassidy M. Custer; $335,500.

1216 Township Road 1506, Ashland; James H. and Laurie A. Mooney and Alba Longa LLC to The 1890 Farm LLC; $891,000.

1216 Township Road 1506, Ashland; James H. Mooney to The 1890 Farm LLC; $609,000.

1193 Township Road 1506, Ashland; Charles A. Loftis Jr. and Laura L. Loftis to Keith W. McQuillen; $120,000.

1399 County Road 1356, Ashland; Carmella A. and Gary F. Haley to Kevin John and Shelly Piller; $255,000.

1382 State Route 603, Ashland; Clara Kay Pummell to Zachariah Comer; $75,000.

1626 Township Road 1455, Ashland; James R. and Kathy A. Wolfe to Black Fork Preserve LLC; $1,830,000.

1402 County Road 1475, Ashland; Shade Properties LLC to Susan H. Cusato; $285,000.

Mohican Township 

1931 Township Road 405, Jeromesville; David A. Mullen Sr. to Davin T. and Renee S. Coblentz; $100,000.

73 East Main St., Jeromesville; Shane M. Adkins and Katie J. Johnson to Joseph Lee Franklin Shaffer; $160,000.

2157 State Route 179, Jeromesville; Tom R. Long to Joshua D. and Allison A. Henderson; $160,000.

2182 Township Road 405, Jeromesville; David R. and Shasta L. Cable to Joel L. and Christy A. Hulse; $315,000.

10 Main St., Jeromesville; Joan R. Botdorf to Shad T. and Robin D. Remaley; $7,000.

79 Plum St., Jeromesville; The Estate of Cassandra B. Tilton to Joanne Albright; $105,000.

Montgomery Township 

1126 State Route 511, Ashland; Brandon and Ashley Warrick to Lester E. and Susan J. Howman; $140,000.

784 U.S. Route 42, Ashland; Larry G. Gilbert to Chad N. and Macenzie Watson; $140,000.

1610 County Road 995, Ashland; Estate of William L. Aten to Wyatt and Miranda R. Clemens; $475,000.

1530 State Route 60, Ashland; Richard O. and Linda S. Turske to Andrew Lacy and Samantha Sonoma Miller; $244,000.

929 Township Road 1514, Ashland; G&K Rowland Homes Inc. to Timothy J. and Traci Little; $339,900.

1181 Township Road 653, Ashland; Weylin R. Burgett to Alfred Maurice and Caitlyn Ailene Sullivan; $272,000.

Orange Township 

789 State Route 302, Ashland; Beth Ann Jones to Kayla M. Pleban; $149,900.

675 State Route 302; Ashland; Mark H. Baldauf to April L. Parks and Beth Ann Jones; $190,000.

857 Township Road 851, Ashland; Marissa Cavinee to Kelly Ray Stroub and Jordan Michael Stroub; $250,000.

828 Township Road 974, Ashland; Scott Thompson to Jeffrey C. Thompson; $90,000.

900 County Road 801, Ashland; Brian L. Weaver to Shane Curtis Clutter and Traci Ann McCormick; $216,500.

Perry Township 

1604 Township Road 395, Jeromesville; Barbara R. Gray to Timothy W. and Amy S. Placie; $23,000. 

1576 State Route 89, Jeromesville; C&J Consultants LLC to Wesley and Connie Daniels; $281,000. 

127 U.S. Route 250, Jeromesville; Debra L. Armstrong to Brian D. Sparks; $312,000.

1262 Township Road 13, West Salem; Davey and Kathy Combs to Michael L. and Rachael R. Adamson; $100,000.

1274 Township Road 13, West Salem; Estate of M. Melvin Mark to Grace S. Unzicker; $80,000.

177 U.S. 205E, Polk; CBS Holdings Ltd. to Richard and Carolyn Hutto; $50,000.

411 Township Road 1600, Jeromesville; Ben R. and Cheryl A. Thompson to Katie and Shane Adkins; $240,000.

113 North Bridge St., Perrysville; Tanya M. Kirkpatrick to Heather D. Ritchie; $80,000.

Polk Village

242 East Congress St., Polk; Steven J. and Jennifer A. Chereson to Tyler W. Etling and Rachel A. Mikalacki; $285,000.

Congress Street, Polk; Jon-Michael Leibolt to Jon J. Yoder; $3,500.

Ruggles Township

85 Township Road 1601, Greenwich; Edward M. Martovitz Jr. to Anthony Paul Efaw; $170,000.

1354 Township Road 126, New London; Mark C. Uszak to Anthony J. Candace; $205,000.

Vacant land on Township Road 388, Greenwich; Mary Jane Roberts to Spencer David Myers; $185,000.

Savannah Village

25 Bailey St., Ashland; Fred E. and Norma J. Dotson to Tommy Lee Duposki; $139,000.

Sullivan Township

240 Township Road 501; Sullivan; James R. and Debra M. Wine to Hunter K. and Christa L. Overstreet; $91,500. 

419 County Road 281, Sullivan; Travis S. Lachendro to Joel J. Lukacik; $180,000.

Vacant land on Township Road 350, Sullivan; Aaron L. and Monique D. Sherban to Bosko and Dragoslav Karac; $24,000. 

12 County Road 281; Sullivan; John K. Rock and JoAnne Bidinger to Juston and Jaclyn Burton; $310,000.

230 State Route 58, Sullivan; Betty L. Haas to Elizabeth Butts; $155,000.

Troy Township

Vacant land on Township Road 150, Sullivan; Carol D. Damron to Emily A. Mosher and Hunter W. Robb; $80,000.

24 State Route 511, Nova; Kenneth and Lisa Hembree to Don Lefik and Rebecca Hobbs; $340,000.

Vermillion Township

1058 Township Road 1906, Ashland; Steven Carl and Theresa Michelle Watson; $365,000.

2200 Township Road 505, Loudonville; Robert K. and Joni M. Obrecht to Cody Michael Ullman; $80,000.

1079 County Road 2075, Ashland; Benjamin A. Ferguson to Delvy Workman; $1,000. 

1007 Township Road 2156, Ashland; Alice F. Shambaugh to Jerry Teel II and Kimberly Teel; $60,000.

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