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ASHLAND -- The following is the complete list of Ashland County property transfers from the Ashland County Auditor's office for September 30 through October 27. 

Property transfers are published monthly by Ashland Source.


2605 Mifflin Avenue, Ashland; RA & C. Properties to David L. Hochstetler and Lisa A. Bailey; $180,000

312 Vesper Street, Ashland; Madelyn M. Becht to Craig Nolletti; $67,500

224 Vine Street, Ashland; E. Wayne Risner to Jericho Holdings LTD; $28,250

731 Ohio Street, Ashland; Logan Tanner to Wendy Y. Maust; $71,000

806 Sandusky Street, Ashland; Shirley Bookmyer to Kyle and Brianna M. Galco; $165,000

612 Vine Street, Ashland; Matthew and Amanda Hess to Trevor Mosher; $105,000

1005 Mohican Drive, Ashland; Ronny and Gayle J. Akkerman to Zachary R. and Megan E. Koenig; $193,000

1026 Deer Crossing, Ashland; Todd S. and Tisha K. Smith to Ron and Gayle Akkerman; $182,000

1534 Olde Post Road, Ashland; Charles Riggs and Sarah Roberts-Riggs to Anthony R. and Mandy Hershiser; $255,000

2351 Deer Trail Lane, Ashland; Rochelle E. Shambaugh, trustee to John H. and Marlene Raike; $395,000

2030 Stone Brook Court, Ashland; Iris Catillo to Dolly E. Smith and Brock A. Tackett; $265,000

1027 East Main Street, Ashland; PDPRN Properties LLC to Kingston Rentals LLC; $275,000

1157 Masters Avenue, Ashland; Holt Property Investments to Jone Leasing; $100,000

47 Belle Avenue, Ashland; Rebecca S. Whitmore to Devin M. and Rebecca J. Leiby; $93,000

298 Cleveland Avenue, Ashland; Daniel Arnholt to Zachary and Samantha L. Phillips; $102,000

1402 and 1402 1/2 Troy Road, Ashland; Laura Jane Baker to GSD LLC; $79,900

121 College Avenue, Ashland; Randall L. and Janna L. Kline to Jessie Shawm; $145,900

1209 King Road, Ashland; Jordan M. and Morgan E. Blair to Jeffery Peterman; $160,000

1156 Smith Road, Ashland; John F. and Marilyn J. Williams to Maria A. Bon and Anthony J. Buettnce; $155,000

1223 Smith Road, Ashland; Caleb M. Kipp to Morgan Lanham; $174,999

319 West Walnut Street, Ashland; Kyle O. Robey to Zachary E. Watson and Jillian Blair Watson; $188,000

844 County Club Lane, Ashland; Zachary E. and Jillian Blair Watson to Norman F. and Donna J. Hills; $205,000

1265 Smith Road, Ashland; James L. Purtell to Marrha Suzanne Bihar; $70,000

Cleveland Avenue, Ashland; Dolores Higgins to City of Ashland; $10,000

208 Miller Street, Ashland; Dolores Higgins to City of Ashland; $90,000

50 Morgan Avenue, Ashland; Douglas A. and Marilyn H. Thompson to Holli and Lane E. Titus; $165,000

1717 Upland Drive, Ashland; Dan R. and Cathy M. Wyand to Antonio Carlos Vilela De Moraes and Sandra De Oliveira Costa De Moraes; $430,000

1100 South Columbus Circle, Ashland; Irma F> Boes, trustee to Kristi L. Ward; $180,000

11.90 Acres on U.S. Route 250, Ashland; Ashland Development Company to Vision Acquisitions; $1,428,000

322 Jennings Avenue, Ashland; Richard D. Gray to James L. Spoerr; $80,000

631 Ward Drive, Ashland; K-Jay Properties to Michelle S. Iddings; $130,000

1710 Woodhill Drive, Ashland; Mark4 Properties LLC to Thomas J. Truax Jr. and Logan E. Truax; $305,000

333 Hilcrest Drive, Ashlan; Jason and Sarah Kieper to Dustin Maneese and Brittany N. Thompson; $159,900

1420 Eastbrook Drive, Ashland; Sharon D. Harper to Robert and Vicki Becker; $138,000

421 Sander Avenue, Ashland; Lisa A. Bailey to Jennifer Lynn Myers; $85,000

214 Dorchester Street, Ashland; K & K. Smith to Alyssa M. Jacobs; $90,000

914 Union Street, Ashland; Bradley K. and Whitney N. Brinker to Casey Watson; $92,000

231 and 231 1/2 East 9th Street, Ashland; David R. Miller to Rick A. Pierce and Ishwar Upadhaya; $28,000

258 South Countryside Drive, Ashland; Donald D. and Mona L. Tharp to Aaron T. and Elizabeth A. Rowsey; $385,000

28 Delafield Avenue, Ashland; Gary L. Hofer to Barry Whitt; $28,500

1251 Center Street, Ashland; Matthew Dilgard to Michael Morris Keegan; $172,000

302 Cleveland Avenue, Ashland; Heather L. Wickham to Kevin and Michelle Humrichouser; $100,000

127 Morgan Avenue, Ashland; David J. Truesdell to Leigh Ann Peck and John W. Peck II, trustees; $160,000

705 Keen Avenue, Ashland; Nicholas C. Cordes to Top Flight Real Estate; $50,000

1020 West Main Street, Ashland; Shirley Stephens to Christopher Harding; $17,900

1561 Edgewood Drive, Ashland; Aaron E. Harrison to Jason and Cherisee Booth; $192,000

271 Sherman Road, Ashland; Michael S. and Bridget S. Meier to Amanda C. Medley; $59,500

1131 and 1231 Cleveland Avenue, Ashland; MCX to Mile Zero Properties; $425,000

41 West Main Street, Ashland; Tradecraft Business Solutions to Aland Investments; $135,000

1024 Cottage Street, Ashland; Jarvis C. Wahl to Richard D. Bisher III and Rebecca R. Espy; $92,000

206 Sherman Avenue, Ashland; Larry D. and Ursula L. Devore to Joe F. Weatherford Jr.; $96,500

Lot 3882 Southwood Drive, Ashland; Patricia A. Schaffer to William S. and Robin L. Harvey; $28,500

Bailey Lakes

859 Center Road, Ashland; Mark Alexander to Robert and Jessica Metzger; $30,000 

807 Lake Drive, Ashland; Jeffery K. and Kim S. Powell to Joy A. Bond, trustee; $200,000

Clear Creek Township

Lake Drive, Ashland; Julie A. Ringler to John J. Wagenhals; $1,520

Township Road 956, Ashland; Susan K. Ruhlen to Zachary and Susanna Spencer; $30,000

Green Township 

315 Baker Court, Loudonville; Ella Miller and Carolina Miller to Theresa A. Sabens; $80,000

18 Edgewood Drive, Perrysville; Constance S. Wood to John Edward and Emily Lynn Ebright, co-trustees of The Ebright Family Living Trust dated Nov. 20, 2013;  $80,000 

Vacant Land on Township Road 937, Perrysville; John L. and JoAnne Oswalt to Michelle Bash; $1,500

812 County Road 2404, Loudonville; John J. and Mindel C. Mills to Joseph and Katie Gray; $175,000

412 Stone Meadow Circle, Loudonville; Robert H. Cowen, successor trustee to Brandon T. Biddinger and Danielle M. Aronhalt; $40,000

794 County Road 2404, Loudonville; John J. and Mindel C. Mills to Joshua R. and Hannah D. Moffett; $225,000

518 Vincent Drive, Loudonville; Joseph Lee and Kristen Marie Petty to Lori A. and Michael L. Oswald; $249,000

107 Mann Alley, Perrysville; Signe J. Johnson to John D. and Tamera Polen; $20,000

Hanover Township

330 South Water Street, Loudonville; Jack Burgess Jr. to Isaac F. Cultice; $105,000

3336 Township Road 625, Loudonville; Mary L., Terry L. and Rachelle L. Shockley to Mose Miller; $68,575

3349 Township Road 799, Loudonville; Julian Heinrich, as trustee of the Loudonville Farm Trust to Michele and Robin Kreider; $1,115,000

Township Road 799, Loudonville; Conrad D. and Lois A. Miller to Pine Run Creek; $356,636.50

3177 Township Road 1099, Perrsysville; Dale Franklin and Karen L. Repp to Lefi D. and Linda O. Hostetler; $750,000

603 Youngs Terrace, Loudonville; Brandon T. Biddinger to Randy William Murray Jr.; $184,000


11 Kimber Lane, Ashland; Leslie and Stewart Zody to Joseph Hristovski; $155,000

Jackson Township

Unit 3 Lots 158, 159 & 160 Cinnamon Lake Subdivision, West Salem; Cinnamon Lake Association to Lynn Jones; $7,500

3094 Cinnamon Drive West, West Salem; Gary Fortney to Cody L. Best; $165,000

1270 Tupelo Lane, West Salem; Jerome Bennett to Daniel M. and Elizabeth K. Kavouras; $170,000

Laurel Drive, West Salem; Dwight Kauf, trustee to William Shank; $450

1461 Laurel Drive, West Salem; Stephen G. Klinect to Roberta and Gregory McKinney; $147,000

6066 Chervil Drive, West Salem; Jackie Lynn Ludwig to NEO Panama Holdings; $2,000

5.089 Acres Township Road 133, Polk; Roger W. and Tanya M. Reed to Joshua T. and Shannon L. Baker; $58,000

Unit 1 Lot 467 Cinnamon Lake Subdivision, West Salem; Cinnamon Lake Subdivision Association to Megan M. Snow; $1,000

1296 Laurel Drive, West Salem; Gerald W. Fortney to Mark L. Johnson and Mary L. Runkle-Johnson; $197,000

1395 Saffron Drive, West Salem; Estate of James W. Gatlin to Georgine and James Ostrowsky; $135,000

960 Township Road 251, Polk; Rachel Forest Hellman to Dana A. and Stella L. Hatten; $200,500

361 Township Road 1080, Polk; Phillip A. and Joy L. Johnson to John Janssen and Emily Janssen; $268,000

5086 Burgundy Court, West Salem; Wayne S. and Kate N. Rock-Hopek to Samantha R. von Bauer; $149,900

Lake Township

2554 County Road 377, Loudonville; Donald R. Nickles to David R. Nickles and Alma Stoskopf Nickles, trustees; $300,000

2302 State Route 179, Loudonville; Janet M. Martin to Vernon M. and Rebekah L. Beachy; $48,000


323 North Wood Street, Loudonville; Michael A. and Jill J. Galbraith to Dakora J. and Lacey L. Mosher; $135,000

227 South Jefferson Street, Loudonville; Thomas J. Truax II to William E. and Deborah R. Buzzard; $160,000

Mifflin Township

1784 Township Road 1255, Ashland; Old Smoky Properties to Doris F. Price, Jeremy Spreng and Valerie Spreng; $290,000

1824 Township Road 1255, Ashland; Estate of Robert Mahlon Saltzgaber Jr. by Garland John Gates Executor to Saltz-Hill Farms LLC; $76,000

419 Bounty Way, Avon Lake; Lauren K. Fauber to Kenneth A. and Wendy S. Mather; $23,660

1128 County Road 30A, Ashland; Robert J. Browning and Patricia D. Browning to John V. and Kellie Caporini; $189,000

1861 Township Road 1215, Ashland; Joshua M. Bradley to Cameron Alexander Clark; $155,000

Township Road 1095, Ashland; Ronda S. Werner to Christopher C. and Mary B. Johnson; $3,000

Milton Township 

1390 County Road 1475, Ashland; Roger L. and Mary Jane Amos to James W. and Elisa L. Bryant; $375,000

1191 County Road 1356, Ashland; Tyler N. Daniels to Corbin Mager and Kimberly Mager; $143,200

1426 Township Road 1286, Ashland; Russell T. and Dawn E. Beljan to Tony and Rochelle Shambaugh and Roger L. and Patricia A. Long; $550,000

12555 County Road 1475, Ashland; Phillop And Laura Rafeld to Kimberly K. Norris; $55,000

1313 State Route 603, Ashland; Chriss E. and Delila A. Stiteler to Joshua D. and Sara E. Parrish; $100,000

1.4278 Acres, lot split, 1566 Baney Road, Ashland; David C. and Lynsey A. Mager to American Transmission Systems; $200,000

1217 Township Road 1453, Ashland; Katsi and Bruce P. Keller to Iris K. Castillo and Brett A. Adair; $369,900

Mohican Township

93 Plum Street, Ashland; Melanie Tallmadge to Brian T. and Malloru L. Schaad; $129,000

County Road 2000, Ashland; Kay E. Stauffer to Stauffer 30 Rock Farms; $5,000

Montgomery Township

1551 County Road 1575, Ashland; Will Caudy to Brenda L. Caudy; $64,000

977 A Township Road 1514, Ashland; Rodney D. and Shirley A. Chambers to Barbara Jean Reid; $131,000

1486 Township Road 853, Ashland; Leigh Ann and John W. Peck II, trustees to Thomas C. and Kelly S. Zimmerman; $1,037,500

Acreage on Township Road 593, Ashland; Radshaw Farms LLC to John G. Barr; $139,854

1545 County Road 995, Ashland; Donald C. Fratz to Jordan M. and Morgan E. Blair; $225,000

1439 Township Road 593, Ashland; James R. Bowes and Patricia K. Bowes to Nicholas A. and Heather L. Wickman; $180,000

1258 Township Road 593, Ashland; Aaron T. and Elizabeth A. Rowsey to Amiel G. and Angelia F. Jarstfer; $320,000

990 Township Road 1546, Ashland; Stephen M. and Barbara J. Swartz to Bradley K. and Whitney N. Brinker; $209,900

1462 Township Road 973, Ashland; G & K Rowland Homes to Shawn D. Oliver and Chesley M. Hensley; $42,500

Orange Township

1045 County Road 1175, Ashland; Cynthia Miller to Logan T. and Dana S. Tanner; $140,800

Vacant land on Township Road 1041, Nova; Rex D. Ramsay to Raymond Scott and Cindy S. Jerousek; $160,000

Perry Township

1550 County Road 175, Jeromesville; Polk Homes LLC to Moses P. and Stacey J. Miller; $103,000

1360 Township Road 13, West Salem; Paul E. and Vivian H. Gray, trustees to Matthew B. Nash; $170,000

1365 1/2 County Road 251, Polk; Taylor L. Krause and Brandon Weiler to Samuel A. and Rachel J. Shetler; $15,000

1650 State Route 89, Jeromesville; Avian Acres Farm to Marjorie Emma Roush and Garrett Edward Schroeder; $379,900

1650 B State Route 89, Jeromesville; Avian Acres Farm to Michael S. and Megan E. Boyd; $159,900


114 East Thrid Street, Perrysville; Ruby A. Weber, trustee to Andrew W. Roberts Jr. and Amber S. Roberts; $130,000

Ruggles Township

1128 Township Road 346, Nova; Robert L. Queen Sr. to James W. and Rebecca L. Beattle; $123,000

404 U.S. Route 250, Greenwich; Helen K. Cowin to Kevin L. and Janet F. Baird; $215,000

Sullivan Township

50 Township Road 581, Sullivan; Vernon L. and Marilyn G. Thompson to Lisa A. Earle and Scott A. Reisinger; $295,000

180 County Road 681, Sullivan; Teresa D. Sabol, trustee to Phillip B. Stevenson; $220,000

684 County Road 500, Ashland; Andrew P. and Levina A. Hershberger to Rhonda L. Rinehart; $163,500

457 County Road 40, Nova; Kenneth N. Beard to Equity Trust Company, Custodian FBO Russell John Heintz IRA; $55,000

Troy Township

Vacant Land on U.S. Route 224, Nova; Richard Pace, Theodore Von Pace and Allan D. Pace to William A. Delosh and Adam C. Chonko; $16,500

Vermillion Township

23 South Mechanic Street, Hayesville; Gloria J. Stoops to John J. and Miriam E. Kiem; $20,000

2172 Township Road 585, Loudonville; Clifford W. and Pamela S. Butler to Travis Michael Sigler; $148,000

1763 County Road 1095, Ashland; Perry Tanner Jr. and Cheryl Tanner to Christopher C. Yeager; $265,000

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