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ASHLAND -- The following is a list of the latest Ashland County property transfers from the Ashland County Auditor's office for Nov. 27 through Dec. 24, 2019.


108 Highland Boulevard., Ashland; Jerry Aber, Trustee to Trey L. and Megan E. Bright; $108,000

514 Ohio Street, Ashland; Josiah L. Mason to Kestner Properties LLC.; $26,000

408 Edgehill Avenue, Ashland; Jon Scott A. Allen to Kenny and Coral Howman; $50,000

121 Vernon Avenue, Ashland; Douglas Paullin Jr. to Ashland Marie and Skylar Haines; $111,000 

2231 Ridgewood Court, Ashland; Rebecca Cameron, Trustee to James R. and Kelsey Keener; $165,000

207 Samaritan Avenue, Ashland; Robert D. Kitts to John Nation and Jennifer K. Shultz; $81,000

1195 Hunters Walk Building Number 4, Unit C., Ashland Ohio; Richard Steury to Linda L. Spoerr; $135,000

1158 S. Columbus Circle, Ashland; Gregory B. and Jodi L. Holt to Gary L. George Jr. and Carly George; $190,000

734 Country Club Lane, Ashland; Nancy L. Noble to Larry W. and Helen A. Kerr; $220,000

1239 Broad Street, Ashland; James S. and Diane S. Park to Valerie Snyder; $165,000

1730 Upland Drive, Ashland; William D. Chandler III and Erin L. Chandler to Gregory B. and Jodi L. Holt; $564,900

743 Ellis Avenue, Ashland; Kevin D. Oberholtzer to Jacob D. Oberholtzer; $65,000

206 Applewood Court, Ashland; Robert E. and Patricia A. Triolo to James M. Carney; $235,000

1032 Summit Drive, Ashland; Todd J. Cole to William D. and Maria E. Sulzer; $91,400

320 and 320 1/2 Ohio Street, Ashland; Carl and Laura Richert to HBI Investments, LLC.; $25,000

1740 Circle Drive West, Ashland; James R. and Kathy A. Wolfe to William D. Chandler III and Erin L. Chandler; $500,000

223 Samaritan Avenue, Ashland; Scott T. Long to Timothy C. and Cherylann E. Grieve; $137,500

651 Buena Vista, Ashland; Jaime L. Thomas to Deanna Lynn Reynolds; $134,900

864 Country Club Lane, Ashland; Timothy W. Mast, Garry A. Mast and J. Randall Mast to Regen Properties, LLC.; $161,700

1710 West Woodhill Drive, Ashland; George F. Wenzel to Mark McFadden; $80,000

1223 Pleasant Run Lane, Ashland; Gary D. Jarrell and Lois J. Rodgers to Amy M. Kenyon; $156,900

236 East Washington Street, Ashland; Equity First Funding, LLC. to American Note Capital, LLC.; $25,021.42

819 Scott Street, Ashland; Ashland Faith Family Church to Richard A. and Tassie K. Cole; $55,000

1013 Union Street, Ashland; Kathleen M. Moffett to Lorisa D. Cowhick; $43,000

827 Orange Street, Ashland; Take Two Real Estate to Douglas L. Paullin Jr. and Aleesa Leonhardt; $98,500

1057 Mifflin Avenue, Ashland; Todd Sahl, Trustee to Robert E. and Kathy L. Gospodarek, Trustees; $200,000

1609 Harding Avenue, Ashland; Heather R. Kanzig to The Huntington National Bank; $40,000

317 Ohio Street, Ashland; Alice I. Roseberry to NRZ REO VI-B LLC.; $13,200

840 Sandusky Street, Ashland; Aaron and Amanda J. Wolfe to Amber J. and Justin D. Taylor; $140,000

521 Arthur Street, Ashland; Arrow Properties to RJW Property LLC.; $9,000

635 Sherman Avenue, Ashland; RCK Property Investments LLC. to Patrick A. Shriver; $70,000

30 Belle Avenue, Ashland; James A. and Carolyn G. Lucas to David L. and Juanita Finley, Trustees; $45,000

135 Holbrook Avenue, Ashland; Estate of Debra E. Sloan to Nichole R. Moore; $77,000

402 West Main Street, Ashland; Lawrence M. Ames to Derek Harper; $57,000

1906 Mifflin Avenue, Ashland; James D. Brown to William Forbes; $165,000 

266 East Main Street, Ashland; Jehangir K. and Jessica L. Pundole to City of Ashland; $85,000

263 Ashland Avenue, Ashland; Estate of Melvin J. Nestich to Sue Ellen McHugh; $80,000

719 Fairbanks Street, Ashland; Ernest E. Clark to Corey L. Smith; $109,000

317 Cleveland Avenue, Ashland; Let's Call it Home, LLC. to City of Ashland; $32,000

325 Phillips Avenue, Ashland; Alice J. Rickett to Robert Anthony Rickett; $80,000

Clear Creek Township

1221 Township Road 856, Ashland; Nathan A. and Ashley A. Pirc to E. Douglas Lewis Jr. and April Lewis; $192,000

568 Township Road 1101, Nova; Richard C. Morgan to Joshua T. and Danielle F. Ward; $112,000

854 US Highway 250 North, Ashland; Conrad Kenneth and Brytni Allyssa Leonard to Roger E. Carpenter; $125,000

V/L US 250 and Ashland County Road 658; Elmer M. and Fannie J. Miller to Mark Z. and Marian W. Martin; $382,185.50

Green Township

112 East Second Street, Perrysville; Pamela J. Underwood to Jeremy L. and Stephanie M. Hoffman, J. & S.; $5,000

942 Township Road 2606, Perrysville; Matthew J. Bizub to Dennis P. and Ina J. Fleeter; $130,000

944 Mill Road, Loudonville; Helen M. Christine to Jacob F. Fanta; $98,000

V/L Green Township; Elizabeth Easterday to Steven J. and Jean L. Arnold; $6,000

262 Stone Meadow Circle, Loudonville; Barbara J. Beck to Sue E. Beck; $210,000

557 Slyer Drive, Loudonville; Jarrod J. Heffelfinger to Jesse W. Johnson III; $180,000

2443 State Route 511, Perrysville; Ashland County Sheriff/Farmers and Savings Bank to First Knox National Bank, Division of the Park National Bank; $61,000

1062A Township Road 2375, Perrysville; Cody A. Davis and Emily A. Pew to Andrew L. and Jennifer Huffman 

104 West Pleasant Street, Perrysville; Pamela Sue Ruckman to Zachary J. Eggerton; $25,000

Hanover Township

917 Township Road 2946, Perrysville; Randy and Pamela Burson to Kayla L. Chandler; $110,000

668 Township Road 3044, Loudonville; Estate of Robert Thompson to Mohican Real Estate Holdings, LLC.; $40,000

502 Youngs Terrance, Loudonville; Stephen C. and Charolette W. Glasgo, Trustees to Kevin D. and Mary B. Rickly; $220,000

321 Wales Drive, Loudonville; Christopher F. Zickefoose to Amanda Renee Burgess; $132,500

821 East Main St., Loudonville; Brendan J. Millott to Heidi M. Plant; $100,000

V/L Market Street, Loudonville (1.132 acres); Sai Krupa Inc., an Ohio Corporation to Dairylicious & More, LLC.; $115,000

131 North Mount Vernon Avenue, Loudonville; James A. Madura to Daniel I. McClure; $99,000

107 North Wood Street, Loudonville; Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Tristan John Plues; $23,043

V/L Township Road 629, Loudonville; David R. and Sara J. Swartzentruber to Henry J. and Laura A. Yoder; $25,800

Jackson Township

1414 Minosa Lane, West Salem; Douglas C. and Judith E. Ely to Jason L. Keener; $145,000

V/L County Road 500, West Salem; Vernon Lee and Lynette Martina Snoddy to Thomas Earl Smith II and Jennifer Smith; $21,500

4210 Majorna Drive, West Salem; Crystal Howard to Ann M. Monhollen; $126,500

V/L County Road 175, West Salem; Vernon Lee and Lynette Martina Snoddy to Seth A. and Jennifer M. Beaver; $29,350

3028 Cinnamon Drive West, West Salem; Sarah Winchell to Sabrina and Adam Bible; $119,900

4058 Cinnamon Drive North, West Salem; Michelle L. and Craig A. Miller to JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association; $57,551

Lake Township

2310 State Route 179, Loudonville; John D. Mott to Jason A. Croskey; $137,000

Southwest Quarter Section 2, T20N, R15W, Lake Township; Thomas D. and Dawn Kelly Esselbum, Co-Trustees to Justin T. and Emily E. Esselbum; $290,399.22

2531 County Road 175, Loudonville; Steven M. James to Weber Land and Cattle LLC.; $30,000


338 North Adams Street, Loudonville; James C. and Loretta Gilbert to Melissa J. Portz and Michelle L. Buzzard; $21,000

Mifflin Township

5537 Clever Road, Bellville; Stephen J. Johnson to Susan K. Schaffer, Trustee; $15,000

1153 County Road 30A, Ashland; Eric C. and Karen S. Oswalt to Derek L. Spotts; $132,000

Milton Township

1355 Township Road 1503, Ashland; Derek A. and Emily A. Hynek to Cortisones A. and Nita A. Olson; $165,900

Mohican Township

99 Township Road 75, Jeromesville; Lakefork United Methodist Church to Clarence D. Grassman; $82,000

57 West Main Street, Jeromesville; Donald H. Weiler IV and Chelsea L. Weiler to SWL Property Management; $90,000

Montgomery Township

1654 State Route 60, Ashland; Daniel N. and Julia E. Kamburoff to Karen L. Brown, Chad E. Swanstrom and Kimberly R. Swanstrom; $385,000

1574 County Road 1575, Ashland; Jeanette M. Rogers, Trustee of the Ellen Hoverstock Trust to McNaull Real Estate, LLC; $770,000

1464 Township Road 523, Ashland; Jeanette M. Rogers, Trustee of the Ellen Hoverstock Trust to Greg McNaull Real Estate, LLC; $538,425.81

V/L US Route 250, Ashland; South Bloomfield General, LLC. to TB Ashland, LLC.; $130,000 

1257 Township Road 593, Ashland; Mary L. Cooper to Joshua E. and Erin M. Byler; $179,900

1464 Township Road 523, Ashland; Jeanette M. Rogers, Trustee of the Ellen Hoverstock Trust to Brian and Sonda H. Weave; $125,000

Orange Township

1043 State Route 302, Ashland; Richard E. Bright to Robert A. and Barbara J. Bright; $20,000

648 Township Road 302, Ashland; Floyd Bowersock to Holt Property Investments, LLC.; $23,000

947 Township Road 773, Ashland; Tyler C. Bates to Joshua and Samantha Branham; $115,500

848 State Route 511 North, Ashland; Arthur E. Smith Jr., Trustee to Collins Complexes LLC.; $520,000

1057 Township Road 803, Ashland; Gene A. and Linda L. Spoerr to Scott T. Long; $161,000

1058 Township Road 553, Ashland; Pamela Jo Burson and Catherine Lynn Craig to Joshua and Jenae L. Craig; $150,000

Perry Township 

398 Township Road 1275, Polk; Andre L. and Amanda Smith to Dylan R. Banfield; $119,900

1667 State Route 89, Jeromesville; Lori Miller to Jamie Sue Krebs and Timothy Lee Miller; $30,000

V/A Township Road 395, Jeromesville; William and Carol Yost to Darrell L. and Kristy L. Grimwood; $180,000

369 US Highway 250 East, Ashland; Frank H. Weilerr to Jared M. and Tasha N. Williamson; $169,900

310 County Road 1675, Jeromesville; Tiffany M. and Cody L. Gibbons to James D. Brown; $235,000


138 East Church St., Perrysville; Blayn W.J. Lemke, Successor and Trustee to Nathan L. and Shelly A. Dininger; $104,500

134 East Church Street, Perrysville; Ashland County Sheriff/Michael W. Kanzig to Casey M. Young; $1.00

Sullivan Township

268 County Road 681, Sullivan; Paul A. Trager to Eric S. Sherpita; $168,000

321 Township Road 350, Sullivan; Thomas D. and Rebecca B. Maund to Charles Scott T. and Mary E. Spitzer; $319,000

V/L Township Road 581, Sullivan; Gene W. Burrow and Gena N. Stillwell to Aaron W. Wick; $32,000

574 County Road 500, Ashland; Kathy A. Hamlin and Marilyn Kamola to Andrew A. and Jodie R. Crabtree; $235,000

Troy Township 

954 County Road 40, Nova; The Huntington National Bank to Emery P. Miller; $28,000

Vermillion Township

V/L State Route 511, Perrysville; Melody A. Simmons to Ronald L. And Ann M. Doss; $98,000

17 West Main Street, Hayesville; 4 PUGS LLC to James E. and Patricia A. Kenyon; $95,000

924 Township Road 1243, Ashland; Tommie A. Johnson, Executor to Wilmer H. and Miriam E. Nolt; $555,000

V/L Township Road 855, Ashland (20.68 acres); Raymond D. and Susan P. Anderson to Matthew E. and Heather M. Lahmers; $205,000

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