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Schoonover Industries is located at 1440 Simonton Road in Ashland.

ASHLAND -- A longtime Ashland manufacturer has announced plans to begin a $1,250,000 expansion in August. 

Schoonover Industries intends to expand its existing facility at 1440 Simanton Rd. by an additional 9,650 square feet, a project that will allow the metal fabricator to serve more customers. 

"We're in a spot that we can't produce any more product in the space we have. To grow, we need more space," owner and CEO Mike Hauenstein said. 

The $1.2 million price tag also includes new machinery and equipment for the new space. 

The project was briefly delayed due to the pandemic, but the project will move forward because business has remained steady for years -- even in recent months.

"We waited to see what would happen with all this, and we've come through it OK to this point," Hauenstein said.

The business isn't tied to any specific industry, he continued. This diverse customer base helps him proceed with confidence amid the uncertain times. 

Schoonover Industries, Inc. was started as R.S. Industries by Robert Schoonover in 1983. The business operated out of a barn briefly. 

Since then, the business has grown and expanded multiple times and now operates at 1440 Simonton Road. 

This upcoming expansion is supported by a 10-year, 75-percent tax abatement on the improved value of the property. The city of Ashland approved the incentive Tuesday, and the Ashland County Commissioners followed suit Thursday. 

"This is another locally grown company that is very solid, and they’ve shown their commitment to the city for sure," Mayor Matt Miller said. 

Schnoonover Industries employs 26 individuals. The business has committed to adding at least one more job and increasing payroll by $35,000 at the least.

"To take on debt in that big of an amount, any cost reduction helps out, especially as you start out," Hauenstein said about the tax incentive. 

He hopes to complete the expansion by the end of the year.  

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