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The back entrance to Ashland City's municipal building.

ASHLAND — The Ashland City Law Director is “looking into” a complaint filed against Dennis Miller that claimed the Ward 3 councilman lives in another part of the city.

Questions surrounding Miller’s residency came up last week when Heather Sample, a former candidate for Ashland City Council’s Ward 2 seat, filed a complaint with the Ashland City Law Director’s office.

Dennis Miller

Dennis Miller

“It has been brought to the attention of several people within the city of Ashland, in different wards, that Dennis Miller, councilman for Ward 3, does not live at his residence address of (Hillcrest Drive),” reads Sample’s complaint.

Instead, Sample said, he lives with his new wife on Columbus Circle North, which is located in Ward 1.

Miller, 66, has said he’s lived at the Hillcrest house since 2003 and that he is in the process of searching for a new house in Ward 3 with the help of a realtor.

Miller remarried in February and has since spent time at both houses. His daughter also lives at the Hillcrest house, he said.

“We are in the process of looking for a new home in my ward, and have engaged the services of a realtor,” Miller has said. “Rest assured that if something happened that made me move out of Ward 3, I would not hesitate to step down from council.”

Rob Nichols, a spokesman for the Ohio Secretary of State's office, said "the city law director can investigate if there is a question as to Miller's eligibility to take office." 

Law director Richard Wolfe declined to comment on what happens next in the legal process, if anything. He said only that his office is looking into Sample’s complaint.

Ashland County Board of Elections Director Shannon Johnson said her office has not received a formal complaint. Until that happens, she said, her office will not investigate.

Sample cited Ashland’s charter in her complaint, which states “all members of the council shall be resident electors of the city, and each ward councilman shall be a resident of the ward which he represents. Any member who ceases to possess any one or more of these qualifications shall forthwith forfeit his office.”

Sample lost her bid for a Ward 2 seat on Ashland City Council to Jason Chio. Miller edged Emily Huestis to serve a second term on council. He was first elected 2017.

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