Brandon Campo

Brandon Campo says goodbye to his wife, Madeline as he is is taken into custody to serve 180 days in the Ashland County Jail. 

ASHLAND -- Ashland Municipal Court Judge John Good on Friday handed Brandon Campo the maximum possible sentence -- six months in jail -- on drug-related charges. 

The judge also revealed new details about the case and outlined Campo's extensive criminal history. 

"I think anything less than the maximum sentence would be demeaning to the seriousness of your conduct," Good told Campo. "I'm not sure a maximum sentence isn't demeaning to the seriousness of your conduct, but it's all I've got."

Campo will serve 180 days in the Ashland County Jail on charges of schedule four drug possession and endangering children, both misdemeanors to which Campo pleaded guilty in December. He will also be required to pay a $500 fine and court costs. 

The son of Ashland University President Carlos Campo, Brandon Campo was himself an administrator at AU until his arrest last June. 

After reviewing the pre-sentence investigation report in the case, Good said evidence shows Campo purchased drugs from an Ashland University student and also arranged for drug deals to be conducted at his residence, which is his father's home. Campo's phone records also showed he purchased black tar heroin from out of state, Good said. 

"You have a duty as an administrator at that university to get drug dealers off that campus," Good said. "Instead of doing that, you were financially supporting a drug dealer on that campus by doing business with him.

"This was a student at the university that you were buying drugs from. Instead of turning him in to the police, which was your job, you gave him money."

Judge Good

Judge John Good speaks to Brandon and Madeline Campo during sentencing hearing Friday. 

In addition to arranging drug deals and possessing drugs in the presence of Campo's young son, Good said Campo and his wife, Madeline, further endangered their child by making videos of the two of them engaged in sexual activity with the child visible in the background. The couple then posted the videos on the internet for money. 

Good went on to question Ashland University's hiring policies and procedures. 

"Who does the background checks when they hire administrators at Ashland University?" Good said. "Because this is not a one-off event. You have a criminal record that is extremely extensive."

Good listed a variety of charges against Campo from other states, dating to 2007. Some of the charges resulted in convictions while others were dismissed.

Campo's past charges included burglary, multiple OVI offenses, public intoxication, theft, identity theft, forgery, obstruction of justice, purchase of alcohol for underage consumption, multiple probation violations, trespassing, defrauding hotels or motels, drug possession and drug trafficking.

Campo has served prison time and has two active warrants for his arrest, according to Good. 

Brandon Campo 2

Brandon Campo wipes tears from his eyes during his sentencing hearing Friday, Jan 19. 

"You have two active warrants for your arrest in the state of Virginia. You are a fugitive, and you know that ... Yet somehow you get a job at Ashland University as an administrator?" Good said. "If I were a parent of a student at that university, I would be absolutely outraged that someone like you was working there in a position of trust."

Brandon Campo was remanded into the custody of the Ashland County Sheriff's Office to serve his jail sentence. 

Madeline Campo, who pleaded guilty to drug paraphernalia and marijuana possession charges, was ordered to pay $300 in fines and court costs. She also will have her driver's license suspended for one year but may be granted driving privileges for work, school or counseling if she can pass a drug test. 

Good said Madeline Campo had no prior criminal history. 

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