ASHLAND — The following is a complete list of Ashland County property transfers from the Ashland County Auditor’s office from April 22 to May 23.

Property transfers are published monthly by Ashland Source.


134 Lilac Lane, Ashland; Marla J. Risner to Dillon and Ashley VanBuskirk; $165,000.

849 Oakwood Drive, Ashland; Deborah Goodwin, David Barr, Douglas Barr and Diane Moretz to Emily A. Allison; $235,000.

741 U.S. 250, Ashland; Aum Shuvay Namah Inc. to Shiv Vishnu LLC; $2,640,000.

932 Woodview Drive, Ashland; McKenzie and James Nemeth to Janet M. Burns and Kelly M. Lauck; $232,000.

108 Highland Blvd., Ashland; Trey and Megan Bright to Jacob Moss and Ellen Freeborn; $155,000.

1554 Arrow Drive, Ashland; AVLD LLC to Aaron D. Kline; $229,150. 

437 East Fourth St., Ashland; Cheryl Cleland to Lindale Holidings LLC; $45,000.

311 Diamond St., Ashland; Rondal L. Bostic to Richard K. and Kimberly K. Weber; $60,000.

1274 Partridge Way, Ashland; Cara L. Schuster and Steven B. Cochie to Michael J. and Tamara L. Hall; $180,000.

221 Morgan Ave., Ashland; Garrett J. Dudte to Erika M. Dudte and Derreck R. Ernsberger; $210,000.

216 East Liberty St., Ashland; Michael A. Roepke to Van Stee Ventures LLC; $30,000.

825 Duff Drive, Ashland; Howell Trust to Robert D. Martin II; $210,000.

678 Katherine Ave., Ashland; Gary H. and Barbara J. Gardner to Chris Bouck; $64,400. 

310 Lindale Ave., Ashland; Benjamin J. Simpson to Perry F. Tanner Jr. and Cheryl L. Tanner; $75,000.

1020 West Main St., Ashland; Christopher Harding to Joe and Christine N. Grubbs; $21,000. 

317 West 10th St., Ashland; Taylor R. Brinker and Natalya J. Kaiser and Aubreigh R. Ayers; $85,000.

1177 Cliffton Ave., Ashland; Byron Mayo and Brittany Wressell to G. Vaughn and Diane R. Mayo; $5,760.

1203 Hillcrest Drive, Ashland; Ann K. Dunn to Sharon Grim; $114,900.

2035 Stone Gate Court, Ashland; Matthew P. and Julie M. White to Jordan D. and Tiana L. Repp; $345,000.

1243 Crestview Drive, Ashland; Jordan D. and Tiana L. Repp to Benjamin A D and Allyson L. Key; $256,000.

855-857 West Main St., Ashland; Constance Properties LLC to Mountain Gateway LLC; $150,000.

231 East 11th St., Ashland; Michael E. and Tracy S. Henthorn to Brent J. Laird; $85,000. 

946 Edgehill Ave., Ashland; Ashland County Residential Services Inc. to Jed McFadden; $169,000. 

905 King Ridge Drive, Ashland; Tara Jordan to Nancy Statler; $175,000.

1027 East Bank St., Ashland; Cody M. Hunt to Dawn Walter; $218,000. 

239 West 13th St., Ashland; Brooke E. Massie to Christopher C. Barbeisch; $105,000.

1651 Arrow Drive, Ashland; AVLD LLC to Brianna N. Buckley; $230,150.

1505 Claremont Ave., Ashland; Premier Housing Ltd. to Pie Launchers Properties LLC; $180,000. 

54 Vernon Ave., Ashland; Kyle T. and Emily A. Gordon to Kyle A. and Natalie M. Hauenstein; $269,000.

417 Buckeye St., Ashland; Anatolji and Carlena Obrynba to James R. Tobias; $49,000.

420 East Liberty St., Ashland; Benjamin W. Keener to Derek Wuthrich; $115,000.

866 Ridge Road, Ashland; Paula J. Hamilton to Seth A. Reed and Taylor R. Brinker; $210,000. 

1158 Wick Ave., Lot 1962; Ashland; Thomas W. Schaffer II to David A. Hauger; $5,000.

924 Chestnut St., Ashland; Penton Properties LLC to Beau and Abby Carpenter; $160,000.

390 Sandusky St., Ashland; Catherine P. Kearns to Shawn Patrick Allen and Chad Rex Merriman; $130,000.

630 Cottage St., Ashland; Speedway LLC to Robert Clark; $7,500.

911 Thomas Court, Ashland; Judy A. Faciana to SKOR Properties LLC; $60,000.

601 East Eighth St., Ashland; Heidi R. Kauntz to Bucket List LLC; $37,500.

1034 South Parkview Circle, Ashland; Lucille J. Harding to GSD LLC; $85,000.

200 East Walnut St., Ashland; Darrell E. and Cynthia L. Hanke to ALF Properties LLC; $185,000.

70 Delafield Ave., Ashland; Donna Christine Finley and Karen A. Scurlock to Jenny S. Coubal; $82,541. 

18 East Ninth St., Ashland; William D. Johnson to Tabitha Renee Johnson; $14,050. 

Clear Creek Township 

30 South Main St., Savannah; Th Estate of Donald J. Cline to Lauren Saner; $50,000.

913 State Route 545, Ashland; Marvin Zimmerman to Leroy S. and Marietta Zimmerman; $760,000.

544 State Route 60, Greenwich; Laura A. George to Sydney Rene and Tyler Nicholas George; $200,000.

1241 County Road 956, Ashland; Howard F. and Diana Klingler to Jeffrey W. and ShaNa M. Benner; $160,000.

Green Township

915 Township Road 2606, Perrysville; Bronson T. and Molly Bernard to James L. and Alison N. Todd; $125,000.

2747 State Route 39, Perrysville; Rhonda L. Houck to Kevin L. Smith; $215,000.

734 County Road 2654, Loudonville; Brian and Leslie Stitzlein to Zachary B. and Kaylee M. Stitzlein; $26,000.

Vacant land along State Route 511, Perrysville; Richard M. and Kathleen M. Bryson to Clemens Bros Farms LLC; $459,000.

597 Snyder Drive, Loudonville; Scott D. and Debra L. Henderson to Kenneth W. and Joann M. Utterback; $184,600.

Hanover Township

229 North Union St., Loudonville; Heidi Monica Plant to Nicole A. Gayheart and Austin J. Renner; $145,000.

603 Township Road 3132, Loudonville; Marilyn L. Jackson to Zimmerman Land Company Ltd.; $489,900.

1027 Township Road 3475, Perrysville; Michael J. Michalovich to Julie and Benjamin Fisher; $135,000.

235 South Wood St., Loudonville; Bryon W. Stevens to Brady and Courtney Conn; $54,000.


Vacant land on Mechanic Street, Hayesville; David E. Roepke to Robin L. and Danny R. Beasley; $5,000.

53 South Mechanic St., Hayesville; Soundra R. Baxter to Robin L. and Danny R. Beasley; $4,000.

Jackson Township 

4193 Cinnamon Drive North, West Salem; Timothy A. and Bonnie Secrist to Jane M. and Michael R. Slee; $360,000.

3111 Curry Lane, West Salem; Susan F. Hilfer to Josepah A. Lattanzio; $131,000.

3256 Caruso Drive, West Salem; Logan M. Banfield to Joseph and Felicia Rutledge; $165,000.

1228 Chincipin Court, West Salem; Christopher W. Gore to Bryce Rush and Shari Wagner; $180,000. 

Unit 2, Lot 118 Cinnamon Lake Subdivision; Cinnamon Lake Association Inc. to Devin, Rachel, Mark and Ann Tanner; $3,000.

4150 Cedar Lane, West Salem; Teddy O. Hamilton to Kevin L. Shelton; $215,000.

1511 Carum Place, West Salem; Kimberly J. and David R. Shank to Gary Shank; $50,000.

3025-3026 Cinnamon Drive, West Salem; Samuel R. and Glenda S. McMaster to Jonah Ours; $13,000.

3319 Acuminata Drive, West Salem; Mark W. and Lydia A. Walters and Christine Green to Michael A. and Mary Ann Mennell; $325,000.

Vacant land along Tarragon Drive, Lot 154, West Salem; Mary A. Dismuke to Ryan J. Thomas; $2,500.


84 East Main St., Jeromesville; Cheryl E. Wojcik to Thomas Edwin Connell; $154,000.

Lake Township

14 County Road 2350, Lakeville; John K. Mosher to Daniel M. Mosher; $492,000.

140 Township Road 2650, Lakeville; Diana L. Taylor to Errick V. Flinner; $350,000.


130-134 Humm Ave., Loudonville; G&S Property Management LLC to Top Branch Properties LLC; $177,000.

Mifflin Township

1721 Township Road 1153, Ashland; Tom E. Puskar and Heather A. Beasley to Tadd E. and Angela D. Elliott; $218,000.

27 Maine St., Ashland; Ricky Layne Jr. to Holly E. Curry; $46,000.

1266 County Road 1956, Ashland; Scott E. Wilson to Brian and Sandra Henderson; $205,000.

Vacant land along Township Road 1806, Ashland; Valley Farms of Ashland LLC to Kevin R. and Melinda A. Turk; $15,317.50.

1172 County Road 2075, Ashland; Glenn and Kathryn Rowland to Richard D. and Melissa A. Zeigler; $329,900. 

Vacant land along Township Road 1255, Ashland; Jeremy Fagan to Adam Jackson; $8,000.

2253 State Route 603, Lucas; Jones Family Trust to Webb Bernhardt and Cynthia L. Fort; $565,000.

Milton Township

1398 State Route 96, Ashland; Sarah S. Brenneman to Eli and Rosie Miller; $385,000.

1182 Township Road 1186, Ashland; David M. and Liza Z. Lee to Charles E. and Marcina M. Lee; $72,426.

1425 Township Road 1688, Ashland; Top Flight Real Estate LLC to Martin Ward Markham III; $240,000.

1185 Township Road 1426, Ashland; Kevin and Sally Mohrman to Richard A. Fox; $317,500.

1396 County Road 1475, Ashland; Alessandra and Thomas Cole to Jay and Paula Littlefield; $390,000.

Mohican Township 

78 County Road 30-A, Jeromesville; Kathryn M. Layne to Nicholas Hopek; $204,000.

265 State Route 95, Jeromesville; Estate of Douglas F. Blair to Livermore Farm LLC; $5,250,000. 

Montgomery Township 

1490 County Road 995, Ashland; Chris A. Jacobs to Louie E. Lambert III and Shannon M. Lambert; $195,000.

1350 Township Road 853, Ashland; Mark A., David L., Daniel R., and Sherrie A. Gerwig to Smetz’s Leasing Inc.; $22,000. 

1592 State Route 60, Ashland; Larry E. Buzzard to Ian B. Schlegel and Alexys A. McQuillen; $278,000.

1505 County Road 1575, Ashland; Jason Lamp and Nona P. Porter to Paul F. Meyer; $150,000.

Vacant land along Township Road 1104, Ashland; Janet A. Ewald to Floyd A. and Erin A. Stokes; $6,061.26.

Orange Township  

715 State Route 58, Ashland; Valerie Stewart to Larry R. Widdowson; $120,000.

1041 County Road 1175, Ashland; Ohio Valley Bedding Co. Ltd. to James R. and Tracy A. Arthur; $125,560. 

999 Township Road 876, Ashland; Estate of James Hammond to John and Ella Hershberger; $75,000.

15 acres along County Road 620, Ashland; Elizabeth A. Ramsay to Jeffery S. and Vicki S. Moody; $120,000.

797 State Route 302, Nankin; Rebecca Beattie to Riley L. Beattie; $160,000.

972 State Route 58, Ashland; Lisa A. Jordan to Mike and Amy Nelson; $76,000.


Perrysville Village

131 East Church St., Perrysville; Paul W. and Kennetta L. Sampsel to Christi M. Campbell; $93,000. 

168 South Bridge St., Perrysville; Sherry L. Sage to Christopher A. and Anne M. Lee; $105,000.

111 West First St., Perrysville; Teri Lynn Ratliff to Ty A. Trumpower; $100,000.

110 Old Town Alley, Perrysville; William and Carol Herman to Jason D. Herman; $80,000. 

Ruggles Township

229 Township Road 1461, Greenwich; Mary J. Roberts to Craig A. and Kathryn Keysor; $390,000. 

Sullivan Township

Vacant land along U.S. Route 224, Seville; Johnny R. and Teresa L. Stout to Sean and Kimberly Hreha; $15,000.

Vacant land along Township Road 462, Sullivan; Billy J. Burnside and Dreama D. Mecklenburg to Dawn, Kevin and Brandon W. Kleiman; $104,000. 

319 County Road 681, Sullivan; Larry R. and Connie M. Hollandsworth; $75,000.

481 Township Road 391, Sullivan; David and Wendy Kiewel to James Paul and McKenzie Lee Nemeth; $430,000.

714 Township Road 462, Sullivan; Billy J. Burnside and Dreama D. Mechlenburg to Earl Jay and Sarah E. Martin; $182,500.


Vermillion Township

2176 Township Road 505, Loudonville; Dannie and Katie Miller to Josh M. Doss and April K. King; $285,000.

Vacant land in the township’s section 11, Michael J. Kelly to Korey E. and Lisa R. Bernard; $5,000.

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