With the hot months of summer fast approaching, businesses with indoor workshops should start preparing for the warmer weather. Smaller workshops easily trap heat, especially those that work closely with fire and furnaces.

The summer months can be a brutal period for those working in enclosed shops, but don’t let these conditions sap your motivation. Keep reading to learn tips to keep your workshop cool during the hot months.

Inspect your ventilation system

Maintaining adequate ventilation in your workshop is critical for keeping the indoor temperature down and ensuring your working conditions meet other health and safety conditions. Not only do workshops have to deal with the rising heat, but many shops work in close quarters with dust and fume-producing materials and equipment.

For example, a common beginner mistake for blacksmiths and other metalsmiths is forgetting these basic safety guidelines.

It’s crucial to regularly inspect your workspace’s ventilation system to make sure that the airflow inside is constantly circulating. This safety measure helps regulate both the temperature and the air quality inside your workshop.

Install insulation

Insulation isn’t only important for your home — it can also help keep your workshop, garage, storage sheds, and other buildings cool. A common misconception about insulation is that it only works for keeping your space warm in the cold months, but it can also accomplish the opposite during the warm months.

The heat-resistant properties of insulation materials block excess heat from entering your building through the siding during the spring and summer. If you don’t already have insulation lining your workshop building, now is the time to schedule an installation for the summer.

Block the sun

The sun’s harsh rays baking your building can quickly cause indoor temperatures to skyrocket. Even sunlight shining in through the windows can elevate indoor temperatures. To combat this, try using several different methods to block the sun’s rays. Use window hangings to shut out the extra sunlight during certain times of the day.

You can also install awnings and other shading devices that will help keep the sunlight off the sides of your building. Even planting trees can help obscure direct sunlight.

Utilize various cooling systems

Finally, if the heat is still unbearable, you may have to install a cooling system in your workshop. Air conditioning is worth the installation process and investment if you use your workshop often during the hot months. If the heat isn’t too strong or you don’t spend as much time there, adding a few standing fans may be all you need.

Protect yourself from uncomfortable and dangerous indoor conditions this summer with these tips to keep your workshop cool during the hot months. Don’t risk overheating, especially when working with equipment like a furnace or forge.

Besides, you’ll get more work done in a cooler and more comfortable environment.

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