DANVILLE — It was a cool Saturday afternoon in Danville. Folks from all creeds and ages gathered at Danville Memorial Park for its first Danville Chicken Days.

Amish men, women and children served homemade desserts, breakfast and lunch to Danville residents. Children gathered onto horse-drawn wagons to take a ride across Danville. 

The celebration, in essence, was for the Danville community to truly shine its culture and farm-based roots. It was also a way to cool off after the severe heat wave and storm that hit tens of thousands of Knox County residents, some roughly 4,000 still without power. 

The event was brought together partially by the Knox County Foundation and Main-Market and Beyond. After receiving grant funds from the foundation, Branding Chair Amy McDonald, President Frank DiMarco and board members gathered to create Main-Market and Beyond. 

The objective of the local nonprofit was to bring awareness to businesses in the community and also draw people to the village, McDonald said. 

One idea was the Danville Chicken Days, which was first thought of two years ago, DiMarco said. 

“We’re a farming community,” McDonald said, noting many chicken farmers live in the area.

Another point of pride for Chicken Days is to educate people about the farming community, McDonald said.

“We want to be unique and different,” he said. 

McDonalds hopes to have Chicken Days again next year and see it grow. 

In spite of growing inflation, DiMarco is glad families can gather to support local businesses. 

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