NANKIN — Each month at Mapleton Elementary School, students learn about and practice positive character traits.

The students who really exemplify these traits are selected as Citizen of the Month and added to the Mapleton Student Council. Alexis Katsaris and Keith Donley are two of about 12 students who were on the Student Council last year.

As members of the Student Council, Keith and Alexis encouraged other students to be the best versions of themselves by sending good messages to people and recognizing individuals who are showing good citizenship.

Student Council members get to make a video featuring each month’s characteristic and create posters to promote those character traits.

The Student Council is also involved in promoting and planning special events and service projects. They recently coordinated donuts and coffee for bus drivers and gave out popcorn for a sports day for the start of baseball season.

Alexis and Keith both feel like the Student Council taught them a lot about teamwork and the value of helping each other, skills that will definitely come in handy throughout their lives.

Alexis loves math because it comes easy to her. She’s involved in gymnastics and plays the trumpet in the school band. When she grows up, she hopes to help out with her family’s dog rescue and her dad’s food truck, making gyros and phillies, among other things.

Alexis’ parents are Christopher and Sabrina Katsaris. She has two siblings, Emily and Evan, and two indoor dogs, Zoe and Zena, both of which are rottweilers. They also have several rescue dogs.

Keith is especially interested in science and would like to one day do something related to space or astronomy, but only if his dreams of being a professional athlete in basketball or football fall through. Keith is an avid sports fan; he plays baseball right now, and football and basketball throughout the rest of the year.

He’s the youngest of Qiana and Justin’s three children — Jasmine is 18 and his other sister, Gretchen, is 15.

This year, both Alexis and Keith moved up to middle school. Alexis was both nervous and excited, but Keith was just excited.

“I’m ready for everything!” he said.

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