ASHLAND — The following is a complete list of Ashland County property transfers from the Ashland County Auditor’s office from Aug. 31 to Sept. 27.

Property transfers are published monthly by Ashland Source.


316 Farrell Ave., Ashland; Exit 185 Holdings LLC to HSI Investments LLC; $140,000.

20 South Countryside Drive, Ashland; Douglas J. Marrah Sr. and Jennifer M. Marrah to Luis L. and Donna J. Cruz; $475,000.

2300 and 2310 Claremont Ave., Ashland; Chesterland Productions LLC to DBR Commercial Realty LLC; $1,100,000.

427 Snader Ave., Ashland; M&L Properties LLC to McCoy Family Rentals LLC; $120,000.

450 South Countryside Drive, Ashland; David M. and Suzanne L. Staury to Dan and Cathy Wyand; $440,000.

844 Williamsburg Court, Ashland; Brian L. and Joey L. Keiser to Heather L. Spellman and Jason Goon; $402,500.

48 West Main St., Ashland; Shanrock Properties LLC to Diamond Shine Nails LLC; $140,000.

331 West Main St., Ashland; Jacob D. Gallion to Nathan D. and Sarah McKinney; $103,900.

69 Delafield Ave., Ashland; Clint D. Hackney and Melisa Jo Wynn to Olivia Stout; $85,000.

1271 Hillcrest Drive, Ashland; Scott D. and Rhonda L. Mowry to Aaron E. and Melanie L. Spies; $266,000.

1010 Priscilla Lane, Ashland; Jenna L. Purvis to Reece S. Scurlock; $142,000.

1003 Union St., Ashland; Virginia O. Green to LP Management LLC; $55,000.

1105 South Columbus Circle, Ashland; Suellen Arter and Donald E. McBurney to Bradley A. and Kari L. Pickens; $268,000.

1118 Wilson Court, Ashland; Guy Ernest Weller IV and Shawn M. Weller to Daniel E. and Susan M. Myher; $215,000.

306 Dorchester Street, Ashland; James E. and Tonda J. McGuire to Waymark LLC; $35,000.

605 Vine St., Ashland; Hannah N. Grissinger to Michael and Courtney White; $105,000.

125 East Walnut St., Ashland; Christopher N. and Hannah Marie Ritchie; $167,000.

868 King Ridge Drive, Ashland; Helen A. Lent to Cynthia M. Zocchi and Craig R. Harding; $208,000.

1632 Arrow Drive, Ashland; AVLD LLC to Jeremy and DaRhonda Gates; $233,300.

832 King Ridge Drive, Ashland; Becky Lynn Thomas to Robert T. and Michelle M. Collins; $199,900.

128 Sunset Drive, Ashland; Glenn D. and H. Pauline Benner to Jessica Butcher; $165,000.

1814 Cottage St., Ashland; Robert C. and Alice M. Gregg to Roger A. Gregg and Debbie A. Grim; $75,000.

318 Quarry St., Ashland; DNR Rentals LLC to Exit 186 Holdings LLC; $185,000.

1185 E. Main St., Ashland; Rensko Properties Ashland LLC to 160 W. Town Square Way Wisconsin LLC; $1,818,000.

1565 Arrow Drive, Ashland; AVLD LLC to Janelle Friesen; $241,900.

511 Pleasant St., Ashland; Elizabeth and Antonio Sanchez to Lisa L. Doss; $135,000.

2484 Foxwood Drive, Ashland; Donald J. and Diana M. Webber to Walter Kobisky Jr. and Cheryl A. Kobisky; $315,000.

437 East Fourth St., Ashland; Lindale Holdings LLC to Christa Little; $89,000.

702 Sandusky St., Ashland; Roxanne Bowles to Cynthia R. Sproull and Gary L. Britton; $162,500.

514 East Liberty St., Ashland; Adam B. Pees to Jennette Barcus; $125,000.

1329 Carriage Hill Court, Ashland; Jack E. Irvine to John A. Sarelis; $300,000.

509 Ohio St., Ashland; Christina Sue Calhoun to Devona and William Factor; $48,000.

1332 Center Lane Drive, Ashland; Douglas C. Mullenix to Tara Brown; $257,000.

844 Oakbrook Drive, Ashland; Glenna J. Longwell to James L. and Joyce I. Espich; $225,000.

707 West 18th St., Ashland; Corey W. Watson to Brian S. Watson; $80,000.

216 Vine St., Ashland; Pansy D. and Elijah J. Easterling to Heather N. Fairchild; $23,800.

Clear Creek Township 

81 North Main St., Greenwich; Richard L. Frary to Brookelyn M. Johnson; $96,000.

Green Township

620 State Route 95, Loudonville; John P. Marotta to Beth L. Harris and Jason M. Prigozen; $1,054,830.

149 West Third St., Perrysville; Holdings of J&S LLC to Jeffrey Lyon; $150,000.

2547 County Road 1075, Perrysville; Carlene S. Beck to Ross Kamenik; $80,000.

536 North Union St., Loudonville; Ted A. and Patricia A. Byerly to James and Candle Martin; $395,900.

2443 State Route 60, Loudonville; HHCO Leasing LLC to Lubomyr Lotut Sr. and Liubov Romanenko; $429,500.

150 West Third St., Perrysville; David L. and Patricia Artrip to Carolyn Hughes; $168,900.

Hanover Township

129 North Wood St., Loudonville; Kyle B. and Autumn Winters to Thomas D. and Marie E. White; $175,000.

662 Township Road 3075, Loudonville; Roger D. Lowe Revocable Living Trust and Judith A. Sabo to Dakota D. Lowe; $187,500.

3185 County Road 3175, Loudonville; Mohican River Retreat House LLC to Brian and Lori Miller; $380,000.

1098 Township Road 2916, Perrysville; The Deborah Hamilton Revocable Trust to Healing Hearts Properties LLC; $250,000.

122 Pine Ave., Loudonville; Kathy A. Cates to Tyler C. Schonauer; $85,000.


110 North Mechanic St., Ashland; Lisa V. Vinsack to Julie Coblentz; $410,000.

Jackson Township 

4049 Cinnamon Drive, West Salem; Shawn H. and Kristy L. Norton to Theodore Gustin and Christin Vega; $184,500.

Vacant land along 2115 Tarragon Drive, West Salem; Matthew C. and Christelle E. O’Donnell to Ahmed El Mahjoubu; $4,500.

6003 East Cinnamon Drive, West Salem; Michael and Vickie Jean Lowe to Craig and Rhonda Menzemer; $182,000.

838 Township Road 251, Polk; Isaac H. Perscheim to Jacob J. and Caroline Peterscheim; $79,960.

1548 Juniper Court, West Salem; Zachary Durbin to Kelly D. Beatty; $129,900.

2095 Tarragon Drive, West Salem; The Walter A. Miller and Roberta K. Miller Joint Revocable Trust to Eric and Gale Hamman; $345,000.

1063 Township Road 251, Polk; Deborah A. Wutrich to Zachary True and Tabitha Lynn Condren; $400,000.

5054 Sangria Drive, West Salem; Sandra J. Davisson to Aaron Hoover; $191,000.

1279 Tupelo Lane, West Salem; Crispina A. Mayes to Andrew J. Cortese; $75,000.

Lake Township

238 Township Road 2602, Loudonville; Johnny A. and Cinda D. Miller to Craig A. Cline; $410,000.

2353 County Road 257, Jeromesville; Kipp A. Weidrick to Devin H. and Dusk R. Jessop; $200,000.


705 North Spring St., Loudonville; Bailey A. and Joshua L. Billings to Melissa D. Wiebe; $105,000.

Mifflin Township

505 Wayside Drive, Ashland; Erin C. Bowser to Karen T. Jennings; $215,500. 

1193 County Road 2075, Ashland; Brenda Lane to Rodney Hicks; $170,000.

Milton Township

1439 U.S. Route 42, Mansfield; Ocie V. Miller to Edward J. May and Kahti Kay Trine; $143,000.

1700 State Route 603, Mansfield; Berea Missionary Baptist Church to Jeffrey Hale; $72,000.

1164 Township Road 1426, Ashland; Estate of Richard D. Patterson to Guy E. Weiler IV and Shawn M. Weiler; $242,000.

1542 Township Road 1153, Ashland; Norma J. McVey to Michael James and Michelle Dawn Chill; $295,000.

1321 State Route 603, Ashland; Donald E. Crist Jr. and Mark P. Crist to Mary Yoder; $390,445.

Mohican Township 

31 North St., Jeromesville; Melissa K. Austin to Dallas and Breanna Hammond; $165,000.

2272 State Route 179, Jeromesville; Nathaneal H. and Mary S. Troyer to Anthony E. Harrington; $106,000.

2182 County Road 175, Jeromesville; David L. and Rosibel M. Raubenolt to Bryan A. Raubenolt; $40,000.

342 County Road 1975, Jeromesville; Connie M. Weidrick to Kipp A. and Kristin Weidrick; $300,000.

Montgomery Township 

1514 State Route 60, Ashland; Zachary and Rebekah A. Mortensen to Keaser Properties LLC; $205,000.

620 U.S. Highway 42, Ashland; Kyle R. and Kimberly D. Gerhart to Brian L. and Joey L. Keiser; $615,000.

1557 County Road 995, Ashland; J. Grant and Jennifer N. Fish to J. Grant Fish, Jennifer N. Fish and John F. and Louise Decker; $143,420.

1557 County Road 995, Ashland; J. Grant Fish, Jennifer N. Fish, John F. Decker and Louise Decker to Richard and Rae Schnuerer; $354,000.

Orange Township  

673 County Road 601, Polk; Pamela A. Delancy to Thomas Burrer Jr. and Erica Gill; $150,000.

1097 County Road 500, Nova; Bonnie D. and David E. Banks to Kim R. Mills; $329,900.

1054 State Route 302, Ashland; Helen M. Ewbank to James L. and Linda L. Fulk; $414,000.

1072 Township Road 803, Ashland; Susan M. Raschke and Jessica L. Elliot to Mackenzie C. and Garrett W. Canfield; $45,000.

956 State Route 58, Ashland; Nicholas E. Harding to Sarah C. Miko; $220,000.

961 State Route 511, Ashland; Linda M. Hill to James and Rebecca Beattie; $86,000.

804 County Road 620, Ashland; William B. and Deborah L. Dunn to Joshua M. and Jennifer L. Miller; $269,000.

Perry Township 

Half interest in 80.22 acres along U.S. Highway 250, Ashland; Shaw Rader to Todd Harpster; $360,999.

45.88 acres along U.S. Highway 250, Ashland; DDD Real Estate Ltd. to Todd D. Harpster; $412,740.

340 Township Road 1150, Polk; Shelli A. Brownfield to Kenneth H. and Bonnie J. Nolt; $165,000.

Vacant land along Township Road 251, Jeromesville; Ronnie, Duane and Bryan Bodager to KayeDrew Vision LLC; $1,112,500.50.

Ruggles Township

Vacant land along Township Road 1281, New London; Lori A. Duman to Colton Hickey; $100,000.

Sullivan Township

163 County Road 681, Sullivan; Joe N. Peak to Miller Real Estate II LTD; $200,300.

728 U.S. Route 224, Nova; Curtis E. and Krista K. Roupe to Todd Ward Trucking LLC; $450,000.

279 County Road 281, Sullivan; William J. and Linda L. Kahelin; $235,500.

Vacant land along County Road 681, Sullivan; Gary Jones to Nancy and Brian Thompson; $56,000.

265 County Road 281, Sullivan; Linda L. Kahelin to Robert and Judy Bort; $226,000.

576 Township Road 462, Sullivan; James and Lucinda B. Sas to Lauren Walker; $239,900.

349 Township Road 350, Sullivan; Richard R. and Tammy Barnes to Philip and Whitney Scarbrough; $245,500.

260 Township Road 350, Sullivan; Eric J. and Rebecca L. Tomko to Justin Alferio; $195,000.


Vermillion Township

782 County Road 30A, Ashland; The Earnest L. Clint Family Trust to Phillip S. and Megan M. Young; $275,000.

1827 County Road 1035, Ashland; Tod R. and Natalie L. Barr to Alisa and Clark Smetzer; $285,000.

2195 Township Road 1097, Ashland; The Estate of Steven C. Pryor to Sonnenschein Kinder LLC; $130,000.

2079 Township Road 855, Ashland; Joann Bradford to Justin Bradford; $344,600.

1041 Township Road 1806, Ashland; The M. Artz Trust to Adrian and Bethanie Woods; $325,000. 

645B Township Road 2104, Loudonville; Robert N. and Patricia A. Young to Carlo R. Tafur-Pardo Sr. and Amy L. Tafur-Pardo; $525,000.

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